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Chapter 2136: Kill Hong Yifeng

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“Yes, I was planning to admit that I was the one who killed Miao Jingjing and her husband for this night-luminescent pearl, but this is the case.

I was indeed the one who killed them.

Since someone has told you, it cant be wrong You learned from other people that its me instead of someone else!” Since Jing Yunyao had seen through him, he didnt need to hide it and admitted it right away.

In that case, it would be more convincing.

“Why did you deny it just then” Jing Yunyao asked.

“You know, if the people of Tiandaozong find out, Ill be punished.

You could have been sent by Tiandaozong! I cant easily risk my life!” Hong Yifeng said.

“You admit it for this night-luminescent pearl right now.

Arent you afraid that I was really sent here by Tiandaozong” Jing Yunyao asked.

“I observed your reactions during our conversation, so I dont think you were sent here by them!” Hong Yifeng said.

It was impossible for him to be fully convinced, but he still half believed it.

Anyway, for the night-luminescent pearl, he could take a risk.

If it was fake, then he would deny it.

Jing Yunyao had no evidence after all.

“Ha-ha!” Jing Yunyao suddenly sneered, and showed obvious disdain.

“It seems that my acting is pretty good.

You almost believed it.”

Hearing that, Hong Yifengs expression suddenly changed.

His eyes were ablaze with fury, and he said fiercely, “You lied to me”

Jing Yunyaos words told him everything, but he was surprised by her acting.

He was fooled!

“If I hadnt done that, I wouldnt have successfully made you admit it.

I was sure its you, but I needed your admission before paying you back,” said Jing Yunyao, then she attacked Hong Yifeng without delay.

In fear, Hong Yifeng began to fight against her.

However, there was a huge gap between their levels, and Hong Yifeng was no match for Jing Yunyao.

He was controlled by her in seconds.

Hong Yifeng knew she was very good, but was still surprised by her abilities.

He used to think that he would be able to run away even if he couldnt defeat her, but now he had no chance to escape.

After Jing Yunyao beat Hong Yifeng down, she didnt stop, instead she continued till he had no strength to fight back.

“W-Who are you” Hong Yifeng glared at Jing Yunyao.

“You dont need to know,” said Jing Yunyao.

“What exactly do you want to do” Hong Yifeng asked, but he actually had the answer.

She must be trying to take revenge for Miao Jingjing and her husband, or she wouldnt have tried to make him admit that he was the murderer.

Thinking of that, Hong Yifeng despaired.

Even if Jing Yunyao was going to kill him, he had to accept it.

“Youll know soon,” said Jing Yunyao, refusing to tell him right now.

When Jing Yunyao stopped, she immediately sent the location to Miao Jingjing.

Although the location wasnt very accurate, it was easy for Miao Jingjing to find them as long as she knew they were in this mountain.

“If you kill me, Tiandaozong wont let you get away with it.” Hong Yifeng threatened, but it was also the truth.

Even though Hong Yifeng was guilty, without evidence, Jing Yunyao would be punished if she killed him right now.

“Dont worry, there is no grudge between us.

Someone else will do it instead,” Jing Yunyao said.

“Wholl kill me” Hong Yifeng asked.

Although he knew the person would take revenge for Miao Jingjing and her husband, he had no idea it would be Miao Jingjing because he thought Miao Jingjing was already dead.

“Youll know in a while,” Jing Yunyao said.

Since Jing Yunyao was unwilling to tell him, Hong Yifeng could only wait.

In about twenty minutes, Miao Jingjing came.

Seeing Hong Yifeng lying on the ground without any strength to struggle, Miao Jingjing suddenly became tense, excited, angry and bloodthirsty, and her face became distorted as a result.

Then she burst into a frantic laugh, and flashed to Hong Yifeng.

“Hong Yifeng, what a surprise! Look at you now! Ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha!”

Seeing Miao Jingjing, Hong Yifeng was greatly surprised.

To his astonishment, Miao Jingjing was still alive and had become an evil cultivator.

At this moment, Hong Yifeng knew he had nowhere to escape.

Because Hong Yifeng understood how much Miao Jingjing hated him and it was impossible for her to let him go, he didnt bother to beg.

It was useless.

“Hong Yifeng, finally, were here today! Ill kill you!” Miao Jingjing wasted no time talking with Hong Yifeng and rushed to attack him without delay.

Hong Yifeng was unwilling to die, so he tried to fight back, but he was out of strength.

Miao Jingjing heavily hit Hong Yifengs energy center, and it exploded soon after.

His abilities as a cultivator were all ruined.

His energy center was broken, but he wasnt dead yet, so Miao Jingjing kept on beating him.

She didnt kill him instantly, and instead tortured him slowly till he died.

Hong Yifeng was dead, but Miao Jingjing felt it wasnt enough.

She didnt stop till Hong Yifengs body was broken.

After releasing her long-repressed hatred, she laughed out loud.

At this moment, she suddenly felt very relieved and had no worries at all.

“Youve taken revenge, and you should carry out your promise now.”

Once Miao Jingjing finished laughing, Jing Yunyao said that to her.

She didnt want to be a wet blanket, but it was what they had agreed on.

“Sure.” Miao Jingjing didnt feel offended.

After taking revenge, she quickly calmed down.

After that, Miao Jingjing followed Jing Yunyao to the siheyuan.

Miao Jingjing had no more obsessions after taking revenge, but it didnt mean she didnt want to live.

Although Lin Dongyangs death made her very sad, after so many years, the sadness of losing her husband was also lightened and she didnt have the idea of committing suicide for her dead husband.

Therefore, she chose to give up all her abilities as a cultivator, then cultivate again, instead of choosing to die.

Although it required a high standard of perseverance and her life could be dangerous, she would survive.

As long as her perseverance was strong enough, it would be fine after it was over.

After nearly an hour of painful torture, Miao Jingjing almost couldnt bear it several times.

She even thought of giving up her life, but in the end, she survived with little strength.

Gu Ning immediately put some magical power into her body, so she looked slightly better.

After her breath stabilized, she fell deeply asleep.

Miao Jingjing had already taken revenge and her abilities as a cultivator were gone..

She would decide whether to stay or not.


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