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Chapter 2135: Trap Hong Yifeng

However, even if Hong Yifeng knew someone deliberately brought him here, because of his greed for magical power, he still followed them.

Although he couldnt feel the air of the person, it didnt mean the persons level was higher than his.

Maybe the person was too far away from him, so he couldnt feel the persons air, or maybe the persons aura was covered by the magical power, so he couldnt feel it.

It was also possible that the person was just a mortal.

No matter what, nothing good came without risk.

Finally, Hong Yifeng followed the magical power into a mountain with no people around.

After that, the magical power stopped moving.

Hong Yifeng continued to walk towards the magical power.

After walking for a while, he finally saw a person, a woman.

The magical power turned out to come from that womans hand, that was to say, the treasure with magical power was in her hand.

It seemed to be a night-luminescent pearl with thick magical power.

In an instant, Hong Yifeng showed greed.

If he got this night-luminescent pearl, it would definitely be of great help to his cultivation!

Jing Yunyao witnessed Hong Yifengs greedy expression, so she disdained him in her heart.

Although her purpose was to attract Hong Yifeng here, she couldnt help despising him when she saw that he really came.

Hong Yifeng walked towards Jing Yunyao step by step.

When he was within five meters of her, he felt the air of cultivators on her body, then immediately used his senses to detect her cultivation level.

Jing Yunyao didnt bother to interrupt him and let him see her level.

Hong Yifeng failed, and realized that Jing Yunyaos level was higher than his, so he became alert.

“Who are you Why did you lead me here” Hong Yifeng asked.

“Why are you so sure that I was the one who led you over, not that you felt the magical power and chased me” Jing Yunyao asked rhetorically.

There was obvious mocking in her tone.

Hong Yifeng frowned slightly.

He was indeed not sure it was Jing Yunyao who led him here.

“However, I did deliberately lead you over,” Jing Yunyao said again.

Hong Yifeng squinted, became more vigilant, and asked, “Why did you lead me here”

Although he could take risks for the night-luminescent pearl, he cherished his life more when he ran into a strong enemy.

“Just want to ask you about something,” Jing Yunyao said.

“What is it” Hong Yifeng asked.

“Does the death of Miao Jingjing and her husband have something to do with you” Jing Yunyao asked.

As far as Hong Yifeng was concerned, Miao Jingjing was already dead, so when Jing Yunyao asked that question, she directly said Miao Jingjing and her husband.

Hearing that, Hong Yifengs pupils shrank slightly, and he was surprised for a moment.

He was surprised that this woman actually knew that the death of Miao Jingjing and her husband was related to him.

How did she know Also, besides her, who else knew

However, Hong Yifeng wouldnt admit it.

“How can it be related to me If its really related to me, can I still be here I would have been punished by Tiandaozong a long time ago.”

Although Hong Yifeng denied it, Jing Yunyao had already learned from his reaction that it was indeed related to him.

“If so, forget it.

Anyway, Miao Jingjing and her husband are already dead.

They deserve it.

It doesnt matter who killed them…” Jing Yunyao said, showing great hatred, as if she really hated Miao Jingjing and her husband.

“Do you hold grudges against Miao Jingjing and her husband” Hearing that, Hong Yifeng wasnt fully convinced.

“Yes, originally, I was a childhood sweetheart with Lin Dongyang, but after he met Miao Jingjing, he left me.

I hate them.

I couldnt wait to kill them.

For so many years, Ive been cultivating continuously, just in order to kill them.

I didnt expect to hear the news that they were dead when I came back,” Jing Yunyao said, with a look of hatred, which convinced Hong Yifeng a little.

Hong Yifeng knew that Lin Dongyang had a childhood sweetheart and they had met several times.

Their relationship was really good, but after Lin Dongyang met Miao Jingjing, his childhood sweetheart disappeared.

It was the truth, but what Hong Yifeng didnt know was that Lin Dongyangs childhood sweetheart wasnt a girl, it was his close brother.

It was just that Lin Dongyangs close brother liked to disguise himself as a woman.

After making jokes in front of outsiders several times, everyone mistakenly thought that he was Lin Dongyangs childhood sweetheart.

Jing Yunyao said so much simply to let Hong Yifeng drop his vigilance, and admit what he had done under the temptation.

She didnt want to hurt the wrong person.

“How did you know I killed them” Hong Yifeng asked.

This was what he wanted to know most.

“Someone told me,” said Jing Yunyao.

Hearing that, Hong Yifeng became angry, and he asked, “Who told you”

How could other people know that the death of Miao Jingjing and her husband had something to do with him It was simply a time bomb.

If the person told Jing Yunyao, other people could learn of it too.

“I promised not to tell the persons name.

Since its not you, you dont need to be worried.

Alright, I need to find the person who killed Miao Jingjing and her husband now.

Ill give the killer this night-luminescent pearl as reward,” Jing Yunyao said, turning around and leaving, without any intention of staying.

“Wait a minute,” Hong Yifeng called to stop her at once.

She said that she was going to give this night-luminescent pearl to the person who killed Miao Jingjing and her husband Did she mean it

If she did, Hong Yifeng was the person who killed Miao Jingjing and her husband.

He wouldnt allow other people to have this night-luminescent pearl.

Thinking of that, Hong Yifeng was persuaded, but he was afraid it was a trap.

“Are you going to give this night-luminescent pearl to the person who killed Miao Jingjing and her husband The night-luminescent pearl is such a precious treasure…” Hong Yifeng asked, looking straight at Jing Yunyao, not wanting to miss her reactions.

Was she really willing to give away a night-luminescent pearl

“Why cant I I have more than just a night-luminescent pearl,” said Jing Yunyao.

Knowing that, Hong Yifeng drew a long breath in.

She had more than just a night-luminescent pearl Who was this woman How many night-luminescent pearls did she have

“Are you sure youll give this night-luminescent pearl to the person who killed Miao Jingjing and her husband” Hong Yifeng asked once more to make sure of it.

“What Do you have a fancy to this night-luminescent pearl, so you plan to admit that you are the murderer who killed Miao Jingjing and her husband Do you think Ill believe you now” Jing Yunyao seemed to have seen through him, so she said mockingly.

Hong Yifeng was struck dumb for a second.

He indeed wanted this night-luminescent pearl, so he planned to admit that he was the murderer who killed Miao Jingjing and her husband, but it was also the truth.


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