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Workers from the Housing Authority would also check the documents that they brought here with them.

The foundation was twenty thousand yuan, and the building area was ten thousand yuan per square meter.

Self-built houses had the right of foundation property, while that of the tall buildings naturally belonged to the state.

Therefore, Gu Ning had to buy the right of foundation property from the government later.

In the beginning, many thought that they should be paid in cash, but now all agreed to be paid by transfer.

It wasnt safe to carry millions of yuan in cash after all.

Some also wanted a house as compensation.

The house price was eight thousand yuan per square meter in this area.

If one wanted to use the compensation to buy a house, he could have a 20% discount of the actual house price.

A 20% discount could save a lot of money, so many were willing to buy a house with the compensation.

Moreover, some used the major living space of their place to exchange for a house, and used the rest of the living space to exchange for money.

Every house owner was handed a piece of contract to read first.

If they had any questions, they could ask now.

If they didnt, they could sign the contract right away and get the compensation.

Every piece of contract had two copies.

An Guangyao and the others had worked for a long time to prepare over a thousand copies of the contract.

Thus they could finish the paperwork efficiently today.

While they were busy signing contracts, Hongyun Real Estate heard the news that Shenghua Real Estate from City F had also gotten the right of land acquisition in Zhengyang Street.

Fang Changsheng, the chairman of Hongyun Real Estate, panicked and immediately asked for details.

The chief of the Development Section of Land and Resources Bureau told Fang Changsheng the news.

The two maintained a close relationship, so the chief called Fang Changsheng the minute he heard the news.

However, the chief didnt know the details either, and it happened too fast.

They had heard nothing about it yesterday, but Shenghua Real Estate got the permission within a day like lightning.

Fang Changsheng didnt ask further, but called Liu Shikun who was the vice director at once.

Liu Shikun knew nothing about it either.

He wouldnt have known about it if Fang Changsheng didnt call him.

After that, he called the vice director of Land and Resources Bureau without delay.

The vice director of Land and Resources Bureau told him that the government had already permitted it, and that the land acquisition was ongoing now.

Liu Shikun had mixed emotions.

He failed to figure out the connection between Shenghua Real Estate from City F and the government of City G.

Liu Shikun called Fang Changsheng back, asking him in anger, “You had the right of land acquisition for so many days.

How come you havent successfully acquired the land yet”

Fang Changsheng replied resignedly, “Those citizens thought that our compensation isnt enough.

They werent willing to sell the land to us.”

“You could have added to the compensation! Its a profitable deal after all.

Shenghua Real Estate is already at the Zhengyang Street now.

If you still want this land, go and grab it from them!” Liu Shikun snapped.

He had arranged the deal for Fang Changsheng, and he could gain a large amount of money from it too, so he hated to see Hongyun Real Estate lose it.

They intentionally provided a low compensation in order to make a fortune from the deal, but in fact, even if they paid a regular compensation, they could still make a lot.

Nobody wanted to miss this great chance of making money.

Therefore, they were willing to raise the compensation if needed.

To their surprise, Shenghua Real Estate had already made an agreement with the citizens living in Zhengyang Street, and they were signing the contracts today.

Fang Changsheng was also shocked that the government of City G supported Shenghua Real Estate.

However, Shenghua Real Estate only had seven hundred million yuan in assets.

It also had an ongoing project, so its funds werent comparable to Hongyun Real Estate.

“Ill send people there at once.” Fang Changsheng knew the benefits of the deal, so he naturally wouldnt let it go.

During the lunch time, Gu Ning bought many lunchboxes from a nearby fancy restaurant handing them out to the workers.

And the citizens who were still at the back of the lines would eat at home.

It took time to sign the contract anyway.

However, at the same time, another three private cars arrived one by one, and attracted a lot of attention.

Many citizens changed their expressions when they recognized the people getting out of the cars.

The man leading them was Fang Changshengs secretary, whose name was Sun Kai.

He was followed by Zhang Guangde, who was the leader of this area.

Seeing Zhang Guangde, Gu Ning knew that the newcomers must be people from Hongyun Real Estate.

They had to be here to compete with them.

No businessman would tolerate the fact that someone grabbed a deal away at the last second, but it was meaningless for them to show up now, because Zhengyang Street had already been bought by Shenghua Real Estate.

Hongyun Real Estate had almost settled the deal, but hadnt settled it yet.

It was a common business competition between Hongyun Real Estate and Shenghua Real Estate.

If Hongyun Real Estate had already settled the deal, Gu Ning wouldnt have grabbed it from them.

It wouldnt have been legal either.

“Theyre from Hongyun Real Estate! Why are they here”

“Do they want to compete for this land”

“Im afraid so…”

Everyone started to discuss Hongyun Real Estate with hatred.

Hongyun Real Estate had planned to acquire their land at a low price, so they had no positive comments towards it.

The people from Hongyun Real Estate were all shocked by the scene before their eyes.

They didnt expect that Shenghua Real Estate was so efficient that the citizens were already signing the contract.

“What-what are you doing How can you sign the contract right now” Zhang Guangde was mad.

If Shenghua Real Estate won this competition, he couldnt get benefits from Hongyun Real Estate either.

Zhang Guangde slightly blamed Hongyun Real Estate because they had given a too low compensation.

If they had provided a reasonable price, the citizens wouldnt have resisted.

In that case, he could have smoothly gotten his share from the deal, but now, everything was gone.

“Hongyun Real Estate wouldnt give us a reasonable price, but other company will!” Ding Peiwei sneered.

He was more than happy to see Zhang Guangde being so mad.

“Exactly, Shenghua Real Estates acquiring price is much higher than yours.

Only idiots would sell this land to Hongyun Real Estate!” another citizen agreed.


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