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Chapter 2131: Put Your Relative in Jail

“Miss Gu, thank you for reminding us, we will.” Shao Chen responded, although he didnt intend to take Yang Jun to the hospital before because he didnt see Yang Jun seriously injured.

No matter what the outcome of Yang Juns crime was, at least until the outcome came out, he had to be ok.

Therefore, since Gu Ning mentioned it, he couldnt ignore it, otherwise it would be his responsibility if any accidents happened.

Then, Yang Jun was taken to the detention room, and Yang Siyuan and Gu Ning were walked out.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much today.

Do you have any time If its possible, can I buy you a cup of tea” Yang Siyuan said to Gu Ning.

Although a cup of tea was hardly enough to return Gu Nings favor, they just had a meal, so they couldnt eat again.

It also wasnt appropriate if he invited her to have a meal another day.


Yang, youre welcome.

Im sorry, but I need to deal with other things, so no thanks,” said Gu Ning.

Yang Siyuan was slightly disappointed when he was turned down, but he didnt insist.

“If so, I cant force you to stay.

Miss Gu, youve saved my life, so I must return your favor.

If you dont mind, can you give me your name card We can share a meal another when youre free.”


Yang, you dont need to do that.

Bye-bye.” Gu Ning rejected him again, then got in her car and left at once.

Yang Siyuan was very disappointed and seemed a little annoyed, but he wasnt mad at Gu Ning.

After all, Gu Ning had saved his life.

As soon as Gu Ning left, she first sent a text message to Wan Tonglin, telling him that she had gone home.

Then she called K and asked him to investigate what had happened between Yang Jun and Yang Siyuan.

Because she learned some information about Yang Siyuan from Yang Siyuans confession just now, they would start with the information.

The death of Yang Siyuans parents also needed to be investigated, because Gu Ning felt it couldnt be an accident.

After that, Gu Ning directly went back to the siheyuan.

After Yang Siyuan left, he also talked to Shao Chen on the phone, because it was inconvenient for them to talk about some things at the police station.

They could only have the conversation after he left.

Yang Siyuan said helplessly, “Shao Chen, we two have known each other for so many years.

You should know me very well.

Im so sad that I was slandered by Yang Jun today.”

“Siyuan, of course I know what kind of person you are.

I trust you.

Dont worry, Yang Jun cant escape,” Shao Chen said to comfort him.

He and Yang Siyuan had known each other for many years, and Yang Siyuan had also helped him a lot.

Therefore, he unconditionally believed in Yang Siyuan.

Yang Siyuan was aware that Shao Chen trusted him, but the condition was that there was no evidence to prove that what Yang Jun said was the fact.

Although Shao Chen said he trusted Yang Siyuan, he didnt say whether to investigate what Yang Jun said was true, so Yang Siyuan was still worried.

“How about the investigation…”

“Since I trust you, there is no need to investigate it any further.

Its just a waste of time,” Shao Chen said.

He had no intention of investigating at all.

Hearing that, Yang Siyuan was relieved.

“When can he be convicted Although Yang Jun is my younger cousin, he went too far this time and violated the law.

I hope he can learn to be a good man from now on,” Yang Siyuan said as if it was a very difficult decision for him to make.

Actually, he simply wanted Yang Jun to be punished according to the law as soon as possible so that he could sleep better at night.

“Ill take him to the hospital for an examination first.

After Im sure hes okay, Ill report it to my supervisor tomorrow.

If no accidents happen, he can be convicted within three days,” Shao Chen said.

“Thanks,” said Yang Siyuan.

“Dont say that.

Were friends, and this is my job too!” Shao Chen said.

Afterwards, Shao Chen took Yang Jun to the hospital for an examination.

Yang Juns injury wasnt very serious, but it wasnt minor either.

He needed to stay in the hospital for observation for a day or two.

In that case, Shao Chen had to stay to guard Yang Jun, otherwise, what should he do if Yang Jun ran away

After Gu Ning returned to the siheyuan, it was already dark.

She talked with Shangguan Yang for a while and then went to cultivate.

The next morning, Gu Ning received a text message from K.

K told her he had sent all the information he could find to her mailbox, then Gu Ning opened it to check it out.

Because too many years had passed, there were very few clues, but K still made sure that Yang Jun and Yang Siyuan had indeed exchanged identities.

The only evidence that could prove their identities was the file photos recorded on the school computer and the files recorded in the Education Bureau system when they were in high school.

Therefore, Gu Ning let K hack into the system to collect information.

Gu Ning wasnt sure that K could find it on the computer.

If he couldnt find it, she could go directly to the school and the Education Bureau to get it.

In that case, they would need the help from the police.

They would cooperate if it was about the case.

However, it still remained unknown whether Yang Jun was forced or willing to exchange identities with Yang Siyuan.

They had to ask them for the truth.

If Yang Jun was forced to do that, then Yang Siyuan was guilty and he had no reason to get his identity back now.

However, if Yang Jun wanted to occupy the property of the Yang family because of this, then Yang Jun was wrong.

Now that they had exchanged their identities, it was impossible for Yang Siyuans parents not to make preparations to let the real Yang Siyuan inherit the property.

Therefore, if the property of the Yang family fell into the hands of the fake Yang Siyuan, the real Yang Siyuans parents must not have had time to handle it properly.

If it was a conspiracy, it was also possible that Yang Siyuans parents were thinking about making a will or giving the property to the real Yang Siyuan, but the fake Yang Jun knew about it.

Therefore, he had the intention of murdering Yang Siyuans parents and successfully did it.

If the fake Yang Siyuan hadnt had the intention to steal the property of the Yang family, then the property of the Yang family wouldnt be in his hands now.

Although in the police file, the death of Yang Siyuans parents was caused by a car accident and it was determined an accident, Gu Ning still didnt believe it.

After all, the police couldnt investigate everything clearly.

As long as some things were done secretly, the police would be unable to find out the truth.

It was just that one year had passed, and the surveillance videos had been deleted long ago.

Therefore, whether it was related to the fake Yang Siyuan or not, a further investigation was needed.

If the investigation failed, then the only thing that could be done was to force a confession.

After eating breakfast, Gu Ning drove to the police station she had visited yesterday.

She wanted to see Yang Jun, who was the real Yang Siyuan.

After arriving at the police station and getting in touch with Shao Chen, Gu Ning learned about the hospital and ward where the fake Yang Jun stayed.

Shao Chen didnt think too much.

He thought that Gu Ning was simply coming to see Yang Jun.

After all, Yang Jun was injured by her, so it was understandable that Gu Ning wanted to see him.

Therefore, Shao Chen didnt tell Yang Siyuan about it.


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