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Chapter 2129: No Special Treatment

Anyway, even if the police didnt tell her to go together, she would still go, otherwise she wouldnt be able to solve the problem.

Besides, the man seemed to have a good relationship with the policeman, so the policeman would certainly side with him.

Yang Jun couldnt speak, so it could cause trouble.

Before they went to the police station, Gu Ning helped Yang Jun move his hand back to its original position.

Yang Jun wasnt grateful to Gu Ning.

Instead, he hated Gu Ning very much in his heart.

If it hadnt been for her, his hand wouldnt be dislocated and he would have taken revenge.

Gu Ning understood she had ruined Yang Juns plan, so she felt slightly guilty.

The police station wasnt far away, so they soon arrived.

After Gu Ning arrived at the police station, she was quickly recognized by a policewoman, who asked, “Excuse me, are you Miss Gu, Ning Gu”

The policewoman was thrilled.

Obviously, she was another Gu Nings fan.

She was sure it was Gu Ning, but she wanted to hear the answer from Gu Nings mouth.

“Yeah, I am,” said Gu Ning with a faint smile.

“Miss Gu, Im your fan and I admire you so much.” After getting Gu Nings confirmation, the policewoman immediately expressed her admiration.

The others didnt know Gu Ning, so they were very curious about the behavior of this policewoman.

Fan Was this girl a star

Looking at Gu Ning, they indeed felt she was quite familiar.

It was possible that they had seen her on the Internet.

“Thank you for your love and support.” Gu Ning smiled and thanked her.

“Miss Gu, dont say that.

I dont know what to say now.” Gu Ning was so polite that it made the policewoman feel a little embarrassed.

She was surprised that her idol was so easy to get along with, and felt flattered.

“By the way, Miss Gu, did something happen to you for you to come to the police station If you need any help, just tell me.” The policewoman came back to her senses after realizing they were in the police station.

Something might have happened to Gu Ning to cause her to come here.

“Something happened, but Im not the person involved.

I just intervened and came over to give an oral account of the events,” Gu Ning said.

“Oh!” After hearing that, the policewoman was relieved, then looked at the policemen who brought Gu Ning back and introduced her to them.

“Let me introduce you, this is the chairman of the Shengning Organization, Gu Ning.”

The policewoman introduced Gu Ning on her own initiative because she was worried that they would make things difficult for Gu Ning.

The chairman of the Shengning Organization, Gu Ning

Suddenly, those who thought Gu Ning was familiar realized that she was the chairman of the Shengning Organization!

In an instant, everyone was excited.

Looking at Gu Ning, they were full of admiration and respect.

The man Gu Ning saved was also surprised.

She was unexpectedly the chairman of the Shengning Organization.

He was saved by the chairman of the Shengning Organization!

The man was very happy, because he wanted to form a relationship with Gu Ning and got help from her.

What the man didnt know was that he was already targeted by Gu Ning.

If he really had persecuted Yang Jun first, he would pay a high price for that!

Because if Gu Ning didnt let the man pay the price, Yang Jun would be punished instead.

If Yang Jun was persecuted first, Gu Ning couldnt let him get in trouble.

After all, Yang Jun couldnt take revenge because of her intervention just then.

Gu Ning owed him to some extent.

“Chairman Gu, Im sorry, we didnt know its you.

If weve offended you, please forgive us.”

After knowing Gu Nings status, several police officers who brought Gu Ning back apologized at once.

Gu Nings status was much higher than them, so they didnt dare to mess with her.

Luckily, it didnt have much to do with Gu Ning.

They just needed her oral confession.

“Never mind,” said Gu Ning.

Seeing that Gu Ning wasnt mad, the several policemen felt relieved.

Although they werent rude to Gu Ning and brought her back just to finish their job, some powerful people would not think so.

Instead, they would feel they were bullied and humiliated and would make trouble.

As a result, they thought it was better to make apologies.

“Miss Gu, if you have other things to deal with, you can leave first.

In fact, it doesnt matter whether you do the oral confession or not,” a policeman said.

Since he learned about Gu Nings status now, Gu Nings oral confession wasnt necessary.

“Im fine.

Since Im already here, lets do it.

I dont need any special treatment,” said Gu Ning.

Since she said that, those policemen didnt insist.

However, because of Gu Ning, the police didnt take them to the interrogation room.

Instead, they went directly to the conference room and offered them tea.

Yang Jun and the man shared the good treatment with Gu Ning, and they also had tea, but it was up to them whether to drink or not.

There were three police officers who were responsible for recording this confession.

One was in charge of inquiring, one was in charge of recording, and the other was in charge of watching Yang Jun and preventing him from causing any trouble.

The policeman who questioned them was the friend of the man who was rescued by Gu Ning, named Shao Chen.

Shao Chen didnt want to keep Gu Ning waiting, so he recorded Gu Nings confession first.

Gu Ning then told them how she discovered Yang Jun and how she saved the man.

Once she finished, Shao Chen signaled Gu Ning to leave first, but Gu Ning didnt leave.

She stayed to listen to their confessions.

Since Gu Ning decided to do that, Shao Chen didnt continue.

After that, the man rescued by Gu Ning began to do his oral confession.

His name was Yang Siyuan, 26 years old, the general manager of a certain company.

Regarding why Yang Jun wanted to assassinate him, Yang Siyuan repeated what he said to Gu Ning at the restaurant.

Listening to Yang Siyuans words, Yang Jun kept shaking his head and roaring, which was obviously a protest against what Yang Siyuan said.

Unfortunately, the other people didnt understand Yang Juns behavior, and Shao Chen even repeatedly scolded Yang Jun for his roar.

Gu Ning had no intention of interrupting, so she quietly listened to them.

When Yang Siyuan finished, it was Yang Juns turn.

Because Yang Jun was unable to speak, he could only nod or shake his head to Shao Chens questions.

When Shao Chen asked Yang Jun whether he had assassinated Yang Siyuan, Yang Jun shook his head to deny it, and shouted.

“Yang Jun, youve committed a crime in a public place.

Many people have witnessed it, and there are surveillance videos as evidence.

How dare you still deny it” The police saw his reaction and became angry.

Hearing that, Yang Jun shook his head and nodded again, but no one knew what he meant to express.

Gu Ning felt that Yang Jun didnt deny the fact that he had assassinated Yang Siyuan, but other than that, he denied something.

Gu Ning didnt know what it was.


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