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Chapter 2125: My Father Will Trust Me

His father was unwilling to accept it, but finally had to give in because the elders used Owens mother to force him to marry.

After his father got married, his mother left.

However, after three years of separation, they met again, and something that shouldnt have happened happened, and he was born.

For Owen, although he sympathized with his mothers original experience, he was very unhappy that after his father got married, his mother came back and had sex with him and gave birth to him, which was totally unacceptable.

They gave him life, so he didnt have a position to accuse them, but he wished he wasnt born if possible in such a situation.

Anyway, after his mother became pregnant, she left his father again, so he thought he only had a mother before the age of fifteen.

It wasnt until the age of fifteen that his mother was seriously ill and told him he actually had a father.

At that time, he saw his father for the first time.

Afterwards, his mother died, and his father took him back to the Eller familys house.

At this time, his father was already the patriarch of the Eller family, so no one dared to oppose his decision anymore.

Only a few people in the Eller family liked Owen.

Bryan Eller and his mother even regarded Owen as a thorn in the side, and they had secretly bullied and framed him many times.

They didnt dare to do it publicly, because Owens father loved him.

His father even loved him more than Bryan Eller who had been raised in the Eller family for twelve years.

After all, Bryan Eller was the child of him and the woman he hated.

It was impossible for him to like Bryan.

However, he didnt hate Bryan and treated him well.

Owen did his best to tolerate Bryan Eller and his mothers bullying because he felt he wasnt wanted by the Eller family.

No matter how the Eller family had treated his mother in the old days, Bryan Eller and his mother were full of hatred towards Owen because he was born and taken back to the Eller familys house.

His existence and their fathers love for him was a great threat to Bryan and Bryans mother.

Without him, Bryan would become the sole heir of the Eller family.

However, their father wanted Owen to be the heir.

Their father said he was a better successor than Bryan, and he was chosen not only because their father loved him.

Owen couldnt deny it, because Bryan was always impulsive and self-centered.

Even in the Eller family, he had many supporters.

They disdained him because he was an illegitimate son, but the Eller family shared glory with him.

None of them wanted to see the Eller family ruined! As a result, many members of the Eller family supported the better heir.

Unfortunately, due to the guilt in his heart, Owen refused to inherit the Eller familys wealth on his own initiative.

In order to convince Bryan and Bryans mother, he even left Country Y for Gu Nings country.

However, they didnt stop trying to chase and kill him.

When he was young, his mother forced him to practice martial arts.

He was very willing to do that because he knew that only with sufficient strength would he not be easily bullied.

During his childhood, his classmates laughed at him for not having a father, then bullied him and beat him.

He was too weak to protect himself, and had to live a life of being bullied, so later he became stronger and they could no longer him.

It was only later that he knew his mothers intentions.

His mother felt that he would join the Eller family sooner or later, while his fathers wife and son would absolutely not accept him and they would attack him.

Therefore, he was forced to practice martial arts since he was a child so that he was able to protect himself.

It was the reality.

And because of his excellent fighting skills, he was able to survive many times.

However, Bryan had failed to kill him many times, so the killers sent were becoming stronger.

Owen was almost killed, and luckily Gu Ning had saved him twice.

Accordingly, this time, Owen was unwilling to be the prey any longer.

He decided to face it.

Anyway, the man panicked when Owen played the video of him admitting the mastermind was Bryan.

Although Bryan had no intention of keeping it a secret from Owen, the Eller familys patriarch had no idea about it.

If the patriarch had known, Bryan would have been forbidden from doing it and he would be seriously punished and deprived of the qualification to be the heir of the Eller family.

Bryan didnt bother to keep it a secret that he had tried to murder Owen, but he was unwilling to leave evidence in Owens hands, so Bryan didnt think that Owen could tell on him.

Besides, every time he took action, he aimed to kill Owen, so Owen couldnt tell on Bryan after he died.

Unfortunately, he failed to kill Owen every time.

“Do you think your father will trust you just by watching this video Bryan can argue that you tried to frame him and you forced me to help you with it.

I can say you made me say that, or that other people tried to frame him.

You dont have evidence to prove its Bryan who sent me,” said the man mockingly.

“Youre right, but your words are enough to be the evidence.

Even if I cant punish him without evidence, I believe my father will trust me,” said Owen.

He wasnt worried about that at all.

He believed his father would trust him once he told his father what had happened, but he didnt have that plan.

Once he returned to the Eller familys house, it would be hard for Bryan to hurt him again because there were many eyes watching them in the Eller family.

Not all of them supported Bryan.

Owen had no interest in competing against Bryan, but he was weak compared with Bryan.

He had to be strong to protect himself.

Therefore, he kept his force in Gu Nings country and Country Y.

Although he wasnt very powerful yet, he was getting stronger.

At least Bryan wasnt better than him when it came to their own abilities.

Hearing that, the man shut his mouth because the Eller familys patriarch indeed loved Owen very much and trusted him.

“Alright, I dont think I should waste more time on you.

You must die since you tried to kill me.” Owen stopped wasting time on the man.

The next second, he raised his gun, aiming at the horrified man, then shot him in the chest.

After the man collapsed, Owen went to feel his pulse.

He didnt leave to deal with the other men until he was sure the man was really dead.


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