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Chapter 2124: Kill Him

Owen moved his body, only to realize that his body wasnt so painful now, so he looked at Gu Ning in surprise.

“What happened…”

He knew that his injury could heal so quickly because of Gu Ning, but he didnt know what Gu Ning did to him.

It was too strange and unbelievable.

When Gu Ning rescued him last time, his injury healed so soon as well.

Although Owen was very curious, he didnt continue to ask because he didnt know whether he should or not.

After all, such magical things were generally confidential.

Owen didnt ask, but Gu Ning said, “The medicine you took is a magical medicine.

Its very effective for all diseases and injuries.

After taking a single pill, it can help you regain your strength quickly and the wound can slightly heal.

If you have a serious injury, take two pills.

For example, you just took two pills for your injury.

However, you can only take two pills at the same time.

If you take more pills, your body wont be able to bear it.

Itll harm you instead.

If the injury is too serious and youre dying, one or two pills might not help, but at least it can prolong your life and buy some time for treatment.

Of course, for minor illnesses such as a cold or fever, there is no need to use this medicine.

After all, its really effective and quite rare.”

Gu Ning had no intention of keeping her power crystals a secret.

When she was in City F, she had already advertised it, but after meeting a cultivator, she kept a low profile again.

Although they still found it, they didnt know many details.

Listening to Gu Nings words, Owen was stunned.

This medicine was so unbelievable! Not only could it treat any pains and injuries, but the effect was also amazing.

Simply put, it was a magical medicine!

If he hadnt experienced it in person, he would definitely not believe that there was such a miraculous medicine in this world, but he had already experienced it, twice.

Therefore, he was fully convinced.

If he could carry this medicine with him, his life would be in much less danger.

“Gu Ning, how many pills do you have Can you sell some to me” asked Owen.

“I dont have many.

Its still available if you want fewer than ten, but its not cheap.

Well, I charge different people different amounts of money.

It can be a million, five hundred thousand, three hundred thousand, a hundred thousand, or even free.

My relatives and friends, and those who Im willing to help can have the medicine for free.

As for people I hate and people who have grudges with me, I wont sell it to them no matter how much money they give me,” Gu Ning said.

People like Qi Tianlin needed to pay a million yuan; Situ Ye paid five hundred thousand yuan; people who had a normal relationship with Gu Ning and didnt have much money paid three hundred thousand yuan; people like Song Haoyu paid a hundred thousand yuan, and those who needed treatment but had little money only needed to pay dozens of thousands of yuan.

And the Tang family, the Leng family, the Jiang family, the Xu family, Chu Peihan, Song Miaoge, and other people who were close to her didnt need to pay for the medicine.

People like Leng Shaojia and Lin Lijuan were her enemies.

Gu Ning didnt bother to punish Lin Lijuan for what she had done to her before, but Gu Ning wouldnt help her again after she went crazy.

She treated Leng Shaojia the same way, or Leng Shaojia wouldnt have stayed in the hospital for so long.

“Um, I can sell it to you at the price of a hundred thousand yuan a pill.

If you agree, we can make the deal right now.

The two pills I just gave you are free,” said Gu Ning.

She asked for a hundred thousand yuan for each pill because she could see that Owen wasnt just an ordinary teacher.

He could afford the money.

And she was right.

Owen wasnt just a teacher.

He did teaching as a sideline, so he wouldnt hesitate to pay a hundred thousand yuan for a pill.

His life mattered much more than money after all.

In addition, the price actually wasnt high and other people needed to pay hundreds of thousands of yuan for it!

Although Owen was surprised by the price, the medicine was worth it.

Therefore, even if Gu Ning wanted five hundred thousand yuan for a pill, he would pay for it.

“I need ten.

Ill transfer the money to you once Im home,” said Owen without hesitation.

He wanted more, but Gu Ning said he could only buy fewer than ten, so he asked for the largest number available.

“Sure, Ill give it to you in the car later.

Go deal with those people now!” said Gu Ning.

“Of course,” said Owen, then he stood up.

“How will you handle them” Gu Ning asked.

She wasnt going to interfere in it, but she needed to give him a weapon if he planned to kill them.

There was no weapon in his hands right now.

“I obviously need to kill them since they want me dead.” Owen looked cold and had a strong desire to kill.

Hearing that, Gu Ning directly handed her gun to Owen and told him where those unconscious people were.

“Thanks.” Owen took the gun and thanked Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt go with Owen.

She left earlier and went to wait for him at the entrance of the road.

Owen first met the person who was injured by Gu Ning.

He didnt pass out, but he was busy dying.

Seeing that Owen showed up with a gun, the man stiffened.

He knew Owen was going to kill him.

It wasnt surprising, but he was still scared when he finally faced it.

“Y-Y-You…” the man stammered.

He didnt know what he could say at this moment.

Should he beg Owen Even if he did, Owen might not let him go.

“Did Bryan Eller send you” Owen asked.

Although he asked that question, he was quite sure about the answer because no one wanted him to be dead more than Bryan Eller in this world.

“Since you already know, why did you bother to ask” The man was afraid, but he knew he was doomed to die today, so he started to mock Owen.

Owen coldly smiled and raised his phone in his other hand.

“I need evidence.”

In fact, Owen didnt need this evidence to defeat Bryan Eller, but he was going to compete against him publicly.

He didnt fight back before, not because he didnt have the ability, but because he wasnt wanted in the family.

As a result, he tolerated the humiliation.

However, he didnt want to die.

He was an illegitimate son of the Eller familys current patriarch, and the one who wanted him to be dead was his half-brother, Bryan Eller.

They had different mothers.

Owens father and mother were a couple who were in love, but his mother was born in an ordinary family, so the Eller family refused to accept her.

The Eller family forced his father to marry another woman from a rich family, who was Bryan Ellers mother.


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