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Chapter 2122: Help Owen

Gu Ning sped on the roads in her car.

In about twenty minutes, she arrived at a place near the destination.

After that, she stopped the car and got out of it.

If she drove too close, she might attract attention from the people who were chasing Owen.

If Owen was already caught by them, they could directly kill him once they noticed her, which wasnt what she wanted.

Therefore, Gu Ning started to walk after getting out of the car.

However, she didnt walk slowly.

Within a short time, she reached the destination.

However, she only had an approximate location of the destination, and it wasnt accurate.

There were several large abandoned warehouses in this wilderness, and the place wasnt small.

As a result, if she wanted to know where Owen was, she could only use her Jade Eyes.

Without delay, Gu Ning swept around and found that there were people inside and outside the abandoned warehouses.

There were six young men with foreign faces.

They all had guns, and were busy looking for something.

Obviously, they were searching for Owen.

For the time being, Gu Ning didnt see Owen, because this place was a bit big and there was a lot of clutter.

Gu Nings Jade Eyes couldnt clearly see inside and outside completely, so many parts were out of her sight.

Perhaps Owen was hiding in the clutter, or he might not be in the warehouses at this moment.

After all, more than twenty minutes had passed, and changes could have happened during that time.

What Gu Ning could be sure of was that Owen wasnt caught by them yet.

If Owen was caught, they wouldnt be looking for him right now.

Gu Ning didnt see Owen, but she didnt choose to send him a text message.

There were several concerns.

First, Owens phone must be in silent mode at this time.

Even if she sent him a message, he might not be able to see it; second, if Owen read it, he might make some movements, then be discovered by those who were chasing him and thus fall into danger.

Therefore, Gu Ning couldnt put Owen in danger and could only search for him on her own.

Luckily, she had a pair of Jade Eyes, so it wasnt difficult for her to find Owen.

Gu Ning quickly approached the abandoned warehouses, observing everything around her, avoiding those armed men, and looking for Owen.

The six people searching for Owen didnt notice Gu Ning approaching.

They all focused on looking for Owen.

Gu Ning approached the abandoned warehouses and looked at many places that she couldnt see before, but she still couldnt see Owen.

Gu Ning couldnt help thinking that Owen might have left.

Regardless of whether Owen was still here or not, what was certain was that Owen wasnt out of danger yet, or he would have told her.

Gu Ning didnt think Owen would lie to her because it was unnecessary.

There was no grudge between her and Owen.

In addition, she was Owens savior!

Although it was hard to know ones real character, Gu Ning didnt think everyone was bad.

There shouldnt be many people who return kindness with ingratitude.

Because Gu Ning couldnt find Owen, she decided to kill those men first.

If she didnt kill them right now, there might still be a fight after she found Owen, or they would search for Owen again in the future.

Gu Ning hoped that Owen was still alive.

Because the six people moved separately and were far from each other, it shouldnt be a problem to kill them quietly.

Gu Ning focused on the three people outside the warehouses, and the one who was closest to her became her target.

Like lightning, Gu Ning moved and reached the mans side within just a few moments.

Although Gu Ning made a slight rustling sound when she flashed over, rubbing against the weeds on the ground, it was completely covered by the sound of the wind, so the man heard nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, Gu Ning found the right time and rushed towards the man.

In the blink of an eye, she came to the man and slashed directly at the back of his neck with a palm edge.

The man wasnt prepared at all, so he sank to the ground after a quiet moan.

Gu Ning wouldnt kill casually, especially when these people had no grudge against her, but Owen might kill them.

Anyway, she didnt care about it as long as she didnt kill them.

Although Gu Ning knocked the man out with a hit, the man wasnt an ordinary person.

They werent people with magical skills, but they were unusually strong too and were good at fighting.

Therefore, they were physically stronger than ordinary people.

Although he was knocked unconscious now, it was very likely that he would wake up soon.

Accordingly, in order to prevent him from waking up before she could find Owen and to save her time in having to deal with him, she released cold magical power into his legs to slightly freeze them.

In that case, he would barely be able to walk after waking up and it couldnt be easier for Owen to kill him at that time.

After it was done, Gu Ning took his gun and broke his phone in case he called for help.

Without hesitation, she continued to deal with the second man.

She did the same thing to each of them.

The three people outside were soon beaten up by Gu Ning, then she turned to the three men in the warehouse.

Because they walked around, the last man finally noticed what happened when Gu Ning finished beating the fifth man down.

However, he didnt see Gu Ning, just his companion on the ground.

The first idea in his mind was that it must be Owen, because he couldnt believe that there would be another person in this place.

At the same time, he was also confused.

He didnt understand why Owen just beat his companion unconscious instead of directly killing them.

The man couldnt figure it out, so he gave it up.

He already had a companion beaten unconscious.

How about his other companions Therefore, the man left his unconscious companion on the ground, planning to check on his other companions.

If they were fine, he had to inform them about the situation.

Because he was the last man, Gu Ning didnt need to hide any longer and she stood out confidently.

As a result, the moment the last man walked into the warehouse where Gu Ning was, he saw Gu Ning and was scared.

To his astonishment, there was an outsider who intruded and none of them noticed!

Since this girl appeared here, did she or Owen knock his companion unconscious

Although Gu Ning was very young, the man could feel that she was very strong.

If she was an ordinary girl, she wouldnt dare to come here, a remote, creepy place, let alone show up before him.

“Whore you” The man stared at Gu Ning, staying alert.

He spoke Language Y.


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