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Seeing Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting was still a little nervous.

Gu Ning actually had the same feeling.

Thus Leng Shaoting immediately changed the topic, “The bank has already prepared the cash.

You can go and get it.

Security guards and government workers will be arriving at 10:30 am.”

“Thanks, youve helped me a lot,” Gu Ning said.

She sincerely appreciated Leng Shaoting for what he had done for her.

“You dont need to thank me,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Arent you afraid that Ill completely rely on you if you keep doing everything for me,” Gu Ning joked.

“As long as you want, and as long as I am able to, Im willing to give you my everything,” Leng Shaoting said with sincerity.

“Well, I hope you wont regret it.”

While Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were on their way to the airport, Li Zhenzhen and Su Jing were already passed out after a seemingly endless sexual assault by Yuan Sen and Lin Wencong.

They took many photos this time as well.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived at the airport, the plane would be landing after a few minutes.

Gu Ning let Leng Shaoting wait in the car and she went to fetch An Guangyao and others.

An Guangyao and the others arrived at City G.

He along with the lawyer, Li Zewen, got into Leng Shaotings car, and the rest took another MPV.

Both An Guangyao and Li Zewen were surprised by Leng Shaotings outstanding appearance and air of coldness.

Gu Ning introduced An Guangyao, Li Zewen and Leng Shaoting to each other, before she began to tell An Guangyao about the land acquisition in detail.

Forty minutes later at 10:20 am, they arrived at Zhengyang Street.

The appointed place was the middle square in Zhengyang Street.

All the neighbors were already waiting for them with anxiety and excitement.

Shengshi Security Co.


sent 20 normal security guards, who had arrived at Zhengyang Street at 10:10 am.

However, they didnt enter until their employer came.

Leng Shaoting gave Gu Ning the number of the security leader, and she called the security leader the minute they arrived.

They met each other for the first time just before their cars drove inside.

Gu Nings group arrived in a Porsche, and three MPVs.

Gu Ning called Ding Peiwei while they were at the entrance of the street.

Ding Peiwei also told his neighbors that the representative of the new real estate company was coming.

Unexpectedly, four cars arrived at the same times.

They were shocked that almost 30 people came to settle the deal.

The group consisted of too many people in different positions.

All the neighbors couldnt help feeling nervous. Are they going to use violence

Ding Peiwei also panicked a little.

He didnt know Gu Ning very well after all, and had no idea why she gathered so many people to be here.

However, he stayed calm.

It was too early to jump to conclusions.

Therefore, Ding Peiwei welcomed Gu Ning with a broad smile.

“Miss Gu, its so nice to meet you all!”

“Nice to meet you too, Mr.

Ding! This is the chairman of Shenghua Real Estate, An Guangyao.

Hes responsible for this land acquisition,” Gu Ning introduced An Guangyao to Ding Peiwei.

“Nice to meet you, Chairman An,” Ding Peiwei greeted An Guangyao, reaching out his hand to him.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Ding.” An Guangyao shook hands with Ding Peiwei.

Meanwhile, another three private cars arrived.

The neighbors living in Zhengyang Street were even more nervous now, but Gu Ning knew that they were just government workers.

The three cars stopped behind the MPVs.

Ding Peiwei was astonished when he recognized the people getting out of the cars.

The leading men were the secretaries of the Housing Authority and Land and Resources Bureau!

The two secretaries must be arriving here on behalf of the two directors of the Housing Authority and Land and Resources Bureau! And the rest were all their assistants.

Ding Peiwei walked to them at once.

“Its so nice to meet you, Secretary Chang and Secretary Gao!”

Facing Ding Peiwei, the two only nodded slightly, but they behaved kindly and didnt seem arrogant at all.

The two were often shown in the news conferences, so many people living in the Zhengyang Street were familiar with their faces.

“Its him!”

“Yes! Ive seen him on TV!”

“Theyre the secretaries of the Housing Authority and Land and Resources Bureau.

Jesus! They came in person!”

“I think that they are seriously going to acquire this land.”

An Guangyao and Gu Ning were both astonished as well.

They didnt expect that such important figures would arrive too.

Gu Ning didnt know whom the government would send, so she had only told An Guangyao that the government would help them.

To Gu Nings surprise, the secretaries of the Housing Authority and Land and Resources Bureau came.

She had thought that the government would only send a random office leader to be here.

Gu Ning gave An Guangyao a glance to remind him to welcome the secretaries.

He was in charge of this deal after all.

An Guangyao then immediately walked to the two secretaries.

“Its my honor to meet you here, Secretary Chang and Secretary Gao! Im the chairman of Shenghua Real Estate, An Guangyao,” An Guangyao said to them.

“Nice to meet you too,” Secretary Chang said with politeness.

As the Secretary of the Housing Authority, he understood that a person in a position higher than the director demanded this land acquisition.

The Shenghua Real Estate had a greater support from the government, so he had to be polite and careful.

He also knew that this deal was of great help to the development of the new city.

And Hongyun Real Estates behavior had already annoyed the citizens living in this street.

However, Shenghua Real Estate was willing to acquire this land at a reasonable price, which those citizens agreed on.

All they needed to do now was to go through the procedure.

Then, they started to sign the contracts.

The citizens were divided into three groups according to house number.

In the beginning, it was chaos, but with the help of the security guards, it was soon in good working order.

The compensation was decided by the living space on the Premises Permit.


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