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Chapter 2115: I Have Evidence

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Unexpectedly, Chu Peihan won Professor Gus approval and was taken as his student.

In that case, there was nothing Chu Peihan could be jealous of Jin Jingshan for.

On the contrary, like what Chu Peihan said, Jin Jingshan could be jealous of her for becoming Professor Gus student.

However, even if it was the truth, Mrs.

Jin still refused to believe that her daughter had framed Chu Peihan.

“Whatever, I believe Shanshan didnt lie.

She told me you beat her.

You must have beaten her,” said Mrs.


She began to play the blame game when she got anxious.

“If youre convinced only by words, will you believe it if I tell you your daughter has hired people to hurt me” Chu Peihan asked coldly.

“Impossible! My daughter is always kind.

She couldnt have done such a thing!” Mrs.

Jin said angrily.

She was furious at Chu Peihan for trying to blame Jin Jingshan.

She was sure that it was slander.

In Mrs.

Jins eyes, Chu Peihan was trying to defame Jin Jingshan.

The head of the Office of Student Affairs was ready to open his mouth when he realized Mrs.

Jin had a double standard.

However, before he could say anything, Chu Peihan said, “I have evidence.”


Hearing that, both Mrs.

Jin and the head of the Office of Student Affairs were startled.

They looked at Chu Peihan in surprise and couldnt believe their ears.

They thought Chu Peihan might be joking.

“Chu Peihan, did you just say Jin Jingshan has hired people to hurt you What exactly happened” asked the head of the Office of Student Affairs.

“No, it cant be true.

Its impossible.

Its slander, slander!” Mrs.

Jin refused to believe that Jin Jingshan would do something like that.

“Youll know whether its a slander,” said Chu Peihan and took out her phone to play the voice recording.

“This girl in the photo is a student of the Capital Film Academy.

Her name is Chu Peihan.

I want you to rape her.

Do some intimate postures with her to make people believe she lives a life of debauchery.

Take photos and send them to me.

Here is the deposit of ten thousand yuan.

Ill give you another ten thousand yuan after its done.”

Hearing that voice, everyone was shocked.

Even though the head of the Office of Student Affairs and Chu Peihans head teacher couldnt recognize Jin Jingshans voice, Mrs.

Jin couldnt be more familiar with it.

She was sure the voice was Jin Jingshan.

In an instant, Mrs.

Jin was struck dumb.

She couldnt believe those words were really said by her daughter.

Her daughter really hired people to hurt Chu Peihan.

However, even if the evidence was shown, Mrs.

Jin was still reluctant to admit it.

“Its fake.

Fake! It must be fake.”

Unfortunately, given Mrs.

Jins reaction, the head of the Office of Student Affairs and Chu Peihans head teacher immediately realised it was Jin Jingshans voice.

“If Mrs.

Jin doubts it, we can call the police and let the police handle it,” said the head of the Office of Student Affairs in a deep voice.

He didnt expect Jin Jingshan to be so evil to even hire people to ruin Chu Peihans reputation.

If they called the police, the reputation of their school would be damaged too, so he was unwilling to do that if it was possible.

He said that only to scare Mrs.



Upon hearing that they were going to call the police, Mrs.

Jin stopped them with a guilty conscience.

She refused to admit that the voice was Jin Jingshan, but it was indeed her daughter.

If they called the police, her daughter would have a skeleton in the closet, which would affect her daughters career in the entertainment industry.

Although the Jin family had some influence, Chu Peihans teacher was Professor Gu, so the Jin family wouldnt be able to get any advantages if they became enemies.

Therefore, they couldnt call the police.

“I dont want to waste more time on it either, but Jin Jingshan and the Jin family must stop causing me trouble,” said Chu Peihan.

She had no intention of calling the police, at least not right now.


Jin said nothing.

Actually, she already gave in because she was unwilling to make it a big problem, but she was reluctant to accept the result.

“What Mrs.

Jin, do you refuse” Chu Peihan asked.

“Tell me, did you beat my daughter” Mrs.

Jin asked.

She knew it was Chu Peihan.

Although it was Jin Jingshans fault that she had hired people to hurt Chu Peihan first, Mrs.

Jin still wanted to know the answer.

Given the current situation, the head of the Office of Student Affairs also believed that Chu Peihan had beaten Jin Jingshan, and the reason must be because Jin Jingshan had hired people to hurt her first.

Anyway, he wasnt mad at Chu Peihan for beating Jin Jingshan at this moment because it was Jin Jingshans fault.

Chu Peihan only took revenge.


Jin, if you want me to admit it, show me the evidence,” said Chu Peihan.

She didnt admit nor deny it, but nobody could punish her without evidence.

“You…” Mrs.

Jin knew it too.

Chu Peihan admitted it in silence, but she still could do nothing about it.

“Fine, we wont cause you more trouble, but you must delete the voice recording.”

She was worried that Chu Peihan might change her mind.

Chu Peihan had the same worry!

“What if you change your mind after I delete the voice recording,” Chu Peihan said.

“No, we wont!” Mrs.

Jin was a little mad and said in anger.

She wasnt dumb and wouldnt mess with Professor Gu.

Besides, it was Jin Jingshans fault which caused the trouble.


Jin was angry at Jin Jingshans terrible behavior.

She knew Jin Jingshan had the temper of a typical spoiled daughter, but she was surprised that Jin Jingshan would be so bold.

“Chu Peihan, please dont worry.

I can be the witness.

Ive heard the voice recording too.

If they try to go back on their word, well punish Jin Jingshan,” said the head of the Office of Student Affairs.

He wasnt defending Chu Peihan, he was upholding justice.

As long as Chu Peihan deleted the voice recording, the Jin family would stop investigating it.

It was over then and no one gained anything unfairly.

However, if the Jin family denied their agreement after Chu Peihan deleted the voice recording, it would be the Jin familys fault and he would have to do something.


Jin was furious when she heard that, but she could say nothing to argue about it.

That being the case, Chu Peihan deleted the voice recording and the problem was solved.


Jin left in anger, while Chu Peihan wasnt affected, because she was well-prepared when she decided to pay Jin Jingshan back by beating her.

She was only surprised that it went so smoothly.

After it was done, Chu Peihan sent a message to Gu Ning on WeChat.

Gu Ning was relieved when she learned that it was settled.

However, when Mrs..

Jin went back to the hospital, she scolded Jin Jingshan.


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