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Chapter 2105: Cant Die Now

Why could she feel the air of cultivators from Gu Nings body after so long Why was Gu Ning able to release stronger magical energy when she seemed to be at the same level as her

All of a sudden, Baili Zongxue thought of Shangguan Yangs female disciple, Qing He.

Gu Ning was in the exact same situation as Qing He.

Thinking of that, an idea dawned on Baili Zongxue.

Could Qing He be Gu Ning

Although they had two different faces, it was easy to change ones appearance.

After all, if Gu Ning was really Qing He and Shangguan Yang was her master, she could change her appearance as she liked.

In addition, she also felt Qing He looked familiar and Qing He had saved her twice.

She used to think that they might have known each other when they were kids, but now she felt it was impossible.

Moreover, Gu Ning had power crystals with her.

She said a master gave them to her, but if Gu Ning was Qing He, it would make sense.

The power crystals were given to her by Shangguan Yang.

It was just a guess, but she couldnt ignore the possibility.

Anyway, since she agreed to keep what had happened today a secret, she wouldnt tell other people.

Before Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao came, the evil cultivator tried to escape many times, but failed.

Shortly after Baili Zongxue left, Gu Ning hid her level as a cultivator and became an ordinary mortal.

The evil cultivator was surprised and curious, so she asked, “How did you do it”

“Cant tell you.” Gu Ning said the same sentence.

She wouldnt tell an outsider her secret.

After half an hour, Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao came.

Because they needed to punish the evil cultivator, they didnt need to avoid Jing Yunyao.

However, when the evil cultivator saw Jing Yunyao, she was surprised.

“A-Are you Jing Yunyao Arent you already dead”

Obviously, the evil cultivator recognized Jing Yunyao, so she knew that Jing Yunyao was “dead”.

After so many years, it was indeed shocking when a “dead” person suddenly showed up in front of her.

Besides, she couldnt see Jing Yunyaos level and felt stressed in front of her, which meant that Jing Yunyao was stronger than her.

Hearing that, Jing Yunyao observed the evil cultivator for a while and soon recognized her.

“Miao Jingjing How come its you When did you join the Evil Practice”

“I…” Miao Jingjing looked upset at once, showing sadness and hatred.

It was obvious that she became an evil cultivator after experiencing something terrible.

“Yunyao, could you please let me go once for the sake of the deadly experience weve been through together I promise I wont attack cultivators and girls born in the lunar year again.” Miao Jingjing begged Jing Yunyao.

She was unwilling to be killed just like that.

She still needed to take revenge!

Miao Jingjing and Jing Yunyao had been through something deadly together before

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting exchanged a glance, then stopped.

They wanted to know what Jing Yunyao wanted to do.

Although the evil cultivators werent welcome everywhere, they didnt need to be killed.

Therefore, if Jing Yunyao was willing to let her go, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting could help her.

“Youre an evil cultivator now.

I cant trust you,” said Jing Yunyao, because the evil cultivators couldnt control themselves sometimes.

She couldnt take the risk.

“Yunyao, Im sorry.

Ive never really hurt cultivators and girls born in a lunar year until this time.

Ive only done it once.

Please…” Miao Jingjing knelt down before Jing Yunyao and begged her.

She didnt expect to be caught when she tried to hurt cultivators and girls born in a lunar year for the first time.

With a frown, Jing Yunyao stared at her without a word.

In fact, she believed Miao Jingjings words, but she was an evil cultivator after all.

She didnt hurt innocent people before, but she might do it in the future.

“Yunyao, please forgive me this time.

I havent taken revenge yet.

I cant die now!”

Saying that, Miao Jingjing showed strong hatred and reluctance with a distorted expression.

Her eyes became red too.

If it werent for revenge, she wouldnt have joined the Evil Practice.

“Revenge” Jing Yunyao slightly frowned and felt touched because she felt for it.

She had worked so hard in order to take revenge too, but she didnt walk on the wrong path.

Although they didnt have a close relationship, they had experienced deadly situations together before.

If they hadnt helped each other, they might have been dead already.

Therefore, they were grateful to one another.

All in all, she didnt have the heart to let Leng Shaoting kill Miao Jingjing.

“I understand your feelings, but we cant let you go without a punishment.

You dont need to be killed, but well deprive you of your level,” said Jing Yunyao.

As long as Miao Jingjing lost her level as a cultivator, she would become a mortal or a disabled person.

“No, if so, I cant take revenge.” Miao Jingjing struggled once she heard that she would be deprived of her level.

Without the abilities as a cultivator, she wouldnt be able to take revenge.

Actually, her current level wasnt enough for her to take revenge.

“Whos your enemy Perhaps I can help you,” asked Jing Yunyao.

She would help her, but wouldnt do it for her.

“What” Miao Jingjings face lit up once she heard that.

She knew it was very difficult for her to take revenge alone, so she didnt care who helped her as long as her enemy could be killed.

“I need to know who your enemy is first, but we cant talk about that here.

Leave with us.

We can talk on our way back,” said Jing Yunyao.

“No problem.” Miao Jingjing agreed without hesitation because it was impossible for her to run away now, and she might survive if she left with them.

As long as she could take revenge, she wouldnt mind becoming a mortal without any magical skills.

She lived to take revenge.

After that, Miao Jingjing left with Jing Yunyao and the others.

“To Huafu Hills, or the siheyuan” Leng Shaoting asked Jing Yunyao.

“Lets go to the siheyuan!” said Jing Yunyao.

It was safer there.

If they were going to deprive Miao Jingjing of her level as a cultivator, it would surely make loud sounds.

Only in the siheyuan would they not be found out by other people.

Therefore, Leng Shaoting drove to the siheyuan.

After that, Miao Jingjing told her story.

“My enemy is Wei Xians disciple, Hong Yifeng.

Ten years ago, he killed my husband and raped me.

He even wanted to kill me afterwards.

I survived because I wasnt fated to die.

However, I was seriously hurt.

I cant accept it, so I want to take revenge.

I absorbed monsters energy to recover, then joined the Evil Practice.

I wanted to improve and take revenge as soon as possible, so I dont mind taking a shortcut…”


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