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Chapter 2099: Easy to Bully

Anyway, Chu Peihan wasnt afraid.

Even if the Qing Gang couldnt protect her, she had Gu Nings support.

Therefore, Chu Peihan used greater force and the mans face turned pale from the pain.

“You must be afraid of the person who hired you to hurt me, right How can you be sure that I dont have powerful support behind my back too You should know that there are a lot of people with power in the capital,” said Chu Peihan slowly.

Obviously, she was implying that she wasnt an ordinary girl.

She aimed to force them to tell her the name of the person behind the scenes.

Chu Peihan was determined to discover the truth.

She wouldnt grin and bear it just because she was unwilling to bother Gu Ning.

She couldnt submit to humiliation.

Hearing that, the four men stiffened.

All of a sudden, they realized that Chu Peihan couldnt be a girl from an ordinary family given her air and fighting skills.

Is she from a powerful family too Thinking of that, those men hesitated.

“I dont have the patience to waste time on you.

This is your last chance.

Tell me, who sent you If you keep silent, Ill…” Chu Peihan didnt finish the last sentence, but she was clearly threatening and frightening them.

It seemed that those men caused themselves trouble today.

They exchanged a glance again.

This time, they reached an agreement and gave in.

They couldnt bear the pressure Chu Peihan put on them and they were afraid that Chu Peihans family would punish them seriously.

“Shes the daughter of the Jinrui Organization, Jin Jingshan.

She hired us.”

Chu Peihan didnt know the Jinrui Organization, but she was familiar with Jin Jingshan.

Jin Jingshan was also a freshman this year, but they didnt study in the same class.

There was no grudge between them either, after all they had only met twice.

They first met at the selection for shows for the welcome party, then they met again on the day of the welcome party.

Both of them were going to perform on the stage.

However, she didnt think she had grudges against Jin Jingshan.

So why would Jin Jingshan hire people to hurt her Was it out of jealousy

Chu Peihan had that idea not because she thought too highly of herself, but because she couldnt think of a more persuasive reason.

After all, there was no grudge between them.

In fact, it was understandable that other girls were jealous of her.

Han Chenglin treated her differently, and she was Professor Gus student now.

Because of these things, many students were jealous of her!

“Are you lying to my face Are you sure its Jin Jingshan” Chu Peihan questioned, staring at them.

She wanted to see their faces to gauge whether they were telling the truth.

It was possible that they gave another name to cover the real person.

“Were not lying.

Its Jin Jingshan.

I-I have a voice recording.

If you dont believe me, you can listen to it.”

A man hurriedly took out his phone to play the voice recording of their conversation.

There was a male and female voice in it.

“This girl in the photo is a student of the Capital Film Academy.

Her name is Chu Peihan.

I want you to rape her.

Do some intimate poses with her to make people believe she lives a life of debauchery.

Take photos and send them to me.

Here is the deposit of ten thousand yuan.

Ill give you another ten thousand yuan after its done.” This was a female voice.

“No problem.” This was a male voice.

Chu Peihan had watched Jin Jingshans performance, so she was sure the female was Jin Jingshan from the voice.

Jin Jingshans real purpose was very clear.

She aimed to ruin Chu Peihans reputation.

Onlookers were also mad after hearing the voice recording.

The heiress of the Jinrui Organization was so evil! How could she do that to hurt another girl Could people of wealth and power really do whatever they wanted

Some rich and powerful people indeed felt they could do anything they wanted.

It was also true that power and wealth could solve many problems.

If Chu Peihan was just a girl from an ordinary family, she might have been terribly hurt even if she survived tonight, because no one would trust her.

Luckily, Chu Peihan wasnt weak at all.

In the end, Chu Peihan stopped venting her anger on those men and told them to send the voice recording to her.

Once Chu Peihan was gone, the four men ran away quickly.

They didnt tell Jin Jingshan that they failed because they didnt dare to.

Chu Peihan wasted some time on those men, so Gu Ning, Mu Ke, and Yu Mixi were already present when she arrived at the appointed place.

Anyway, it didnt take Chu Peihan much time, and it was very normal that she came a few minutes earlier or later, but they became anxious when they saw Chu Peihans angry face.

“What happened You look mad,” asked Gu Ning with concern.

“Boss, I need to pay someone back in a few days.

If Im in trouble, come and help me,” said Chu Peihan to Gu Ning.

She wouldnt let Jin Jingshan go, but she had to let Gu Ning know first in case any accidents happened.

“What happened” asked Gu Ning.

Chu Peihan then told her everything.

After hearing about it, Gu Ning and the others were annoyed even though Chu Peihan was fine.

She was fine, but it didnt mean they could forget the terrible incident.

“We must teach Jin Jingshan a lesson, or she will think youre easy to bully,” said Mu Ke.

He didnt beat girls, but he supported Chu Peihan in paying Jin Jingshan back.

Yu Mixi said nothing, but she agreed in silence.

“No problem, feel free to tell me whenever you have trouble,” said Gu Ning.

She also supported Chu Peihan in punishing Jin Jingshan.

“Oh, you should also be careful.

Youre going to join the entertainment industry after all.

Your reputation is very important.”

“I know,” said Chu Peihan.

She had no plan to pay Jin Jingshan back in public.

Instead, she would do it in private.

However, if she decided to pay Jin Jingshan back in private, Jin Jingshan might continue to cause her trouble afterwards.

Anyway, Chu Peihan had the voice recording as evidence, so Jin Jingshan should think about her reputation if she dared to cause Chu Peihan more trouble.

If Jin Jingshan didnt care about her own reputation, she could report it to their teachers and their parents would find out.

The only thing that worried Chu Peihan was that their teachers might be snobs and that Jin Jingshans parents might play the blame game.

Although Chu Peihan ran into trouble today, she was soon cheered up and enjoyed the meal with her friends.

“Boss, are we going to have some fun tonight” asked Chu Peihan.

It was a weekend and she rarely saw Gu Ning, so she didnt want their gathering to be over so soon.

“Where do you want to go” asked Gu Ning.

Something terrible had happened to Chu Peihan today, so Gu Ning decided to stay and spend some more time with her friends.


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