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Chapter 2097: Wolves Work Together

Although Chu Peihan showed annoyance when she saw Han Chenglin, Han Chenglin smiled at her while walking over.

When everyone saw Han Chenglin walking towards Chu Peihan, they looked at Chu Peihan with either envy or jealousy.

“Chu Peihan, congratulations for becoming Professor Gus student.” Han Chenglin gave her a smile that he thought was charming.


Chu Peihan wouldnt embarrass those who showed kindness to her, so she thanked him for his congratulations.

Although Chu Peihan was still unwilling to see Han Chenglin, she controlled her emotions.

She simply kept a distance away from Han Chenglin.

There were rumors about them in their school recently!

Han Chenglin was a famous idol now, so many people paid attention to him.

After thanking him, Chu Peihan pulled her friend and walked away, leaving Han Chenglin behind.

However, Han Chenglin wouldnt let her go like that, so he moved to stand in her way.

Looking at him, Chu Peihan squinted and seemed dangerous.

Did he really believe she wouldnt embarrass him in public

“You…” Chu Peihan opened her mouth, but Han Chenglin interrupted her before she could finish.

“Shouldnt we share a meal to congratulate it”

“Sorry, Im too poor to afford a meal,” said Chu Peihan and turned him down.

“Then I can buy you a meal,” said Han Chenglin at once.

As long as he could have a meal with Chu Peihan, he didnt care who paid the bill.

“No need.

Im not familiar with you.” Chu Peihan turned him down without hesitation.

After that, she wanted to leave with her friend.

Chu Peihans close female friend was called Shi Xiaoyue.

She was already used to the way Chu Peihan and Han Chenglin interacted with each other, so she didnt think it was strange.

Instead, she looked at them meaningfully as if she was enjoying a drama.

Onlookers, however, sided with Han Chenglin when Chu Peihan embarrassed him again and again.

In an instant, Chu Peihan became the enemy of most of the girls in the canteen.

Most of the girls started glaring at Chu Peihan and even began to criticize her.

“Chu Peihan is so arrogant.

She embarrassed Senior Han.”

“Right, shes really proud of becoming Professor Gus student.”

“Senior Han came to invite her to share a meal to congratulate her, but she turned Senior Han down.

Senior Han wasnt annoyed and proposed to buy her a meal.

And she turned him down again!”

If Senior Han invited them to share a meal, they would be extremely excited, let alone if he paid the bill.



Hearing their criticisms, Chu Peihan was becoming mad.

It was none of their business that she embarrassed Han Chenglin.

What position did they have to criticize her

Right when Chu Peihan was about to fight back, Han Chenglin said coldly, “It has nothing to do with you whether Chu Peihan wants to have a meal with me.

You dont have any position to attack her under my name.

Dont you have any manners”

As he said that, the other girls flushed in embarrassment.

Some of them realized their behavior was wrong, but some lost their calm when Han Chenglin criticized them after they defended him.

However, they didnt dare to criticize Han Chenglin, so they could only swallow their anger.

Chu Peihan wasnt surprised by Han Chenglins words, because he had defended her before when someone criticized her.

Although he should defend her because the trouble was caused due to him, Chu Peihan could feel that Han Chenglin was protecting her no matter what the reason was.

Seeing that no one continued, Han Chenglin turned to apologize to Chu Peihan.

“Im sorry for the trouble.

Please give me a chance to buy you a meal to show my sincerity.”

Han Chenglin understood that many girls would hate Chu Peihan once he approached her, but he had no intention of leaving her.

Perhaps he was really falling in love with Chu Peihan after getting interested in her.

Seeing Han Chenglins sincere expression, Chu Peihan changed her mind.

“Alright.” Afterwards, she turned around and walked into the canteen.

Chu Peihan didnt notice that Han Chenglin exchanged a glance with Shi Xiaoyue when she turned around.

Both of them showed satisfaction, but soon hid it, so no one saw it.

What Chu Peihan didnt know was that Shi Xiaoyue formed a close relationship with her for a purpose, but it wasnt unkind.

In fact, Han Chenglin and Shi Xiaoyue were cousins.

After knowing that Shi Xiaoyue was in the same class as Chu Peihan, Han Chenglin asked her to build a good relationship with Chu Peihan so that he could know where Chu Peihan went.

Otherwise, Chu Peihan wouldnt have met Han Chenglin by coincidence so many times!

There were several canteens in the Capital Film Academy, so Han Chenglin might not accurately run into Chu Peihan without Shi Xiaoyues help.

Even though Shi Xiaoyue secretly helped Han Chenglin by telling him where Chu Peihan went, she sincerely took Chu Peihan as her friend.

However, in order to help her cousin chase the girl he admired, she was left with no choice.

After all, it was rare for her cousin to like someone.

Although Han Chenglin refused to admit that he liked Chu Peihan, outsiders saw it clearly.

Han Chenglin was very generous and told them to order whatever they wanted to eat, his posture very pleasant.

Chu Peihan disliked it when she was connected with Han Chenglin all the time.

She actually didnt hate Han Chenglin, so her appetite wasnt affected when Han Chenglin was present.

Instead, she even wanted to let Han Chenglin pay a lot for this meal, so she deliberately ordered the most expensive dishes.

However, she didnt order many, and made sure that they could finish them.

Han Chenglin didnt care about that.

He was making progress because Chu Peihan was willing to dine with him.

After finishing dinner, Chu Peihan refused to spend more time with Han Chenglin and left right away with Shi Xiaoyue.

However, Han Chenglin wasnt mad at all.

Today was Wednesday, and it would soon be Friday, so Song Miaoge planned to call everyone out to gather together, but Gu Ning already had an appointment with Chu Peihan, so she turned Song Miaoge down.

They would meet another day.

Because Chu Peihan would pay the bill tonight, it wasnt appropriate for Gu Ning to invite Song Miaoge and the others over.

Once the classes were over in the afternoon, Chu Peihan left the school and took a taxi to go meet Gu Ning and the others.


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