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Chapter 2096: Share a Meal Together

Although she disliked unspoken rules, she knew it was her best chance to become popular in this industry when she didnt have powerful support.

She thought that she was good-looking and excellent at acting, but there were too many beautiful and skilled actors in the entertainment industry, so outstanding appearance and abilities were hardly enough for her to stand out.

In fact, the competition was quite fierce in the entertainment industry.

If she didnt yield to unspoken rules, other actresses could and would get the opportunities.

Chu Peihan was pretty and good at acting, but she was just a freshman.

If Fu Xiaoxiao was turned down by Professor Gu when she was also a freshman, she could accept that because she wasnt outstanding back then.

However, she was a sophomore now and her acting had greatly improved during last year.

She had gotten a lot of approval from other professional teachers.

Unfortunately, she went back to Professor Gu not long ago and Professor Gu refused to take her as his student once more, which was quite unfair in her opinion.

However, even if she lost her balance, she couldnt change it or make things difficult for Chu Peihan.

In the old days, she could be so impulsive, but she was an actress with some fame now.

She couldnt damage her reputation, so she wouldnt go to cause Chu Peihan trouble.

Anyway, even if she didnt do that, she knew there would be people who were ready to.

There were a lot of students who wanted to become Professor Gus students, so they would be jealous of Chu Peihan after hearing the news.

Out of jealousy, they would cause Chu Peihan trouble.

Fu Xiaoxiao was right, because there were indeed some people who began to scheme against Chu Peihan once they learned that she became Professor Gus student.

That morning, Baili Zongxue sent out a message in their WeChat group.

She told her friends that she would come back to school at noon.

After reading Baili Zongxues message, Song Miaoge and Zhang Zikai were finally relieved.

They also asked Baili Zongxue why they couldnt get through to her these days.

Baili Zongxue explained that she went on an adventure into a mountain range and there was no signal.

Song Miaoge and Zhang Zikai didnt doubt her words because they knew Baili Zongxue wasnt a weak girl.

So it wasnt strange that she went on an adventure.

After their classes were over in the afternoon, the four of them gathered together.

Du Jialei ran towards the canteen once his classes were over.

Once he arrived, he stood at the gate looking ahead.

Obviously, he was waiting for someone.

Du Jialei was indeed waiting for Gu Ning because he wanted to invite her to share a meal together to thank her for what had happened.

Gu Ning had saved his life!

His father originally wanted to invite Gu Ning to have a meal in a fancy hotel, but Du Jialei didnt think that Gu Ning would agree, but he would still ask her.

If Gu Ning agreed, they would go.

If not, he would buy her a meal at the canteen today.

When Gu Ning and her friends arrived at the canteen, they saw Du Jialei.

The moment Du Jialei saw Gu Ning, his face lit up and he quickly ran over.

“Oh, isnt this Du Jialei from the Journalism Department” Seeing Du Jialei, Song Miaoge asked.

Although they had only met once, Song Miaoge remembered him.

Du Jialei was surprised that Song Miaoge still remembered him, so he put on a shy smile, then he greeted them.

“Hi, Gu Ning, Song Miaoge, Baili Zongxue, and you, nice to see you all.”

Du Jialei didnt know Zhang Zikai, so he didnt call her by name.

After that, Du Jialei turned to Gu Ning.

“Um, Gu Ning, can we have a private talk for a moment”

“Sure,” said Gu Ning, then she walked aside with Du Jialei.

At the same time, she roughly guessed why Du Jialei wanted to see her.

The other girls exchanged a confused glance when Du Jialei took Gu Ning away.

“Um, Gu Ning, thank you so much for saving my life last night.

My father wants to invite you to a meal to thank you.

Would you…” said Du Jialei to Gu Ning.

“I appreciate your gratitude, but I dont think a meal is necessary.” Gu Ning rejected it.

It wasnt a surprising answer, so Du Jialei wasnt surprised.

“Well, why dont we and your friends share a meal at our school Please dont turn me down again, or Ill blame myself,” said Du Jialei.

He was determined to have a meal with Gu Ning.

“Fine!” Since he insisted, Gu Ning didnt turn him down again.

They needed to have a meal anyway.

Hearing that Du Jialei would buy them a meal, Baili Zongxue and the other girls were very pleased.

They didnt know the reason nor did they bother to ask because it was obviously because of Gu Ning.

In the canteen, Gu Ning met Rong Zechen.

Rong Zechen had mixed emotions when he saw Gu Ning.

Now Rong Zechen didnt have much affection towards Gu Ning.

He was unwilling to accept the fact that Gu Ning had rejected him and he didnt want to see her live a good life.

He wouldnt cause her trouble though, because it wasnt necessary.

However, since he couldnt ignore her, he walked away after glancing at her.

Wei Chuanxun, on the contrary, changed his opinions about Gu Ning after the establishment of the Shengning Organization.

Now he didnt dare to slight Gu Ning.

He didnt slight her, but he was still biased against her.

He still couldnt appreciate her and Rong Zechen also had negative feelings towards Gu Ning.

Gu Ning couldnt care less about Rong Zechen.

He was just a stranger, so she didnt bother to pay attention to him.

After they sat, they began to order.

None of them hesitated to order their favorites, but they wouldnt waste food.

After having the meal and separating from Du Jialei, Song Miaoge and the other girls curiously asked Gu Ning why Du Jialei wanted to buy her a meal.

Gu Ning didnt keep it a secret, but didnt tell them many details.

They didnt ask further about it either.

At the same time, in the Capital Film Academy.

Once Han Chenglin showed up at the canteen, he attracted much attention.

Many girls tried to strike up a conversation with him, and he politely replied to them.

He had some fame, so he cared about his reputation to a degree.

However, it wasnt that important because he chose to work in this industry not for fame or wealth.

He simply liked this job, so he didnt care much about his reputation.

At this moment, Chu Peihan and one of her close female friends came to the canteen.

They were talking and laughing, but Chu Peihan became annoyed once she saw Han Chenglin.

Han Chenglin appeared here undoubtedly for her, because Han Chenglin had already joined the entertainment industry.

He wasnt as free as the students, so he showed up for her every time.


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