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Chapter 2093: Lose Reason

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Chen Fangmiao couldnt be completely innocent given what he did.

He was a student, so it was strange that he carried a knife with him.

Therefore, Du Jialeis parents refused to believe that Chen Fangmiao was just impulsive.

He might have had the intention, but lied after being caught.

Du Jialeis parents didnt doubt his words.

They were always aware of the Chen familys ambition and were worried that they might hurt Du Jialei, so they stayed alert.

Moreover, there was no reason for Du Jialei to frame Chen Fangmiao.

They knew Du Jialeis character better than anyone else.

Du Jialei also said that Gu Ning had saved his life.

Although the Du family wasnt a super-rich family, they had heard of Gu Ning because they were involved in the business too.

So since Du Jialei mentioned Gu Ning, he wasnt afraid if his parents went to ask Gu Ning about that.

And Gu Ning and Du Jialei were just schoolmates.

They didnt have a personal relationship, so it was impossible for Gu Ning to lie for Du Jialei.

“Ill call the Chen family right now.

They must explain it to Jialei!” Du Jialeis father, Du Liwen, was annoyed.

He wouldnt swallow the anger just because Chen Fangmiao was the son of his younger sister.

Although Du Jialei was the Du familys adopted son, he had saved Du Liwens life, so they always took Du Jialei as their own son.

They wouldnt let Du Jialei submit to the humiliation.

“Dad, wait a second.” Du Jialei stopped his father at once.

“I only need you to trust me.

We dont have evidence after all.

Chen Fangmiao could deny it.

Anyway, Im fine now.

If you call them, it can ruin our relationship.

Its not a good thing.

We can just keep a distance away from them.”

Although Du Jialei told his parents what had happened, they were relatives, so it wasnt a good thing to ruin their relationship.

His parents treated him as their own son, but he knew his position very well.

He was unwilling to see his father argue with his own younger sister for him.

The Chen family was ambitious, but Du Jialei was reluctant to push his parents into a dilemma.

Hearing that, Du Liwen and Mrs.

Du calmed down a little.

Looking at Du Jialei, they felt sorry for him.

They understood that Du Jialei gave it up for the sake of them.

He was indeed a very considerate kid.

However, the Chen family was always ambitious to steal the Du familys properties and Chen Fangmiao tried to hurt Du Jialei this time.

Even if Chen Fangmiao didnt mean to do that and Du Jialei was fine in the end, Du Jialei could have been seriously injured.

They must do something to seek justice for Du Jialei.

Du Liwen sighed and said, “Jialei, I know you care about our feelings, but its not only about you.

Your mother and I are angry too.

They aimed to hurt you, and they aimed to hurt your mother and I too.

If we do nothing this time, theyll think its not a big deal.

In that case, theyll have no respect for you.

They might do something worse to you in the future! They dont dare to kill you this time, but they might lose their reason one day.”

Given his knowledge about his younger sister and brother-in-law, it was hard for him to believe that they would stop trying to hurt Du Jialei.

After all, they were always selfish.

Even if they didnt dare to kill Du Jialei, they would stop him from inheriting the Du familys wealth in other ways.

Du Liwen didnt understand why his younger sister and brother-in-law had to steal his properties.

His properties had nothing to do with them, and he could manage his own wealth as he wanted.

Nevertheless, he wasnt surprised that there were such selfish and greedy people and those people would do amoral things to get whatever they wanted.

“Well…” Hearing Du Liwens words, Du Jialei didnt know what to say.

He had the same worry too.

What if the Chen family lost their reason one day and tried to kill him

“Right, Jialei, just leave it to your father.” Mrs.

Du chimed in.

She hoped Du Jialei wouldnt be mentally burdened.

“Fine!” Du Jialei was young, so he couldnt just make decisions on his own or protect himself properly.

He had to listen to his parents.

After that, Du Liwen took out his phone to call his younger sister.

In the Chen familys home, Chen Fangmiaos father wasnt back yet, so Du Meiling hadnt told him yet.

Seeing her older brothers call, Du Meiling panicked.

She didnt dare to answer it because she knew why her older brother called her at this moment.

However, Du Meiling understood her older brother would call her husband if she refused to answer the call.

By then, it would be more difficult for her to explain everything.

As a result, Du Meiling took a long breath before answering her older brothers call.

“Hi, Liwen, whats up so late at night” asked Du Meiling, trying her best to sound calm, as if nothing had happened.

Du Liwen frowned and asked seriously, “Hasnt Chen Fangmiao told you what has happened tonight yet”

Du Liwen asked that because he didnt believe it.

He knew Chen Fangmiaos character to some extent.

However, he didnt jump to conclusions that Chen Fangmiao must have already told his younger sister.

“What happened tonight What has happened tonight What did Miaomiao do” Du Meiling felt more guilty and couldnt stay calm any longer.

Anyway, her panicking right now sounded very normal because she was Cheng Fangmiaos mother and would be worried about her son.

Du Jialei didnt care about the reason why Du Meiling panicked nor about whether Chen Fangmiao had told her.

He called her in order to teach them a lesson.

“Listen, because of a girl, Chen Fangmiao went to cause Jialei trouble tonight.

He even had a fight with Jialei.

If it was just a fight, it would not be a big deal.

Young men are impulsive, but Chen Fangmiao took out a knife and tried to stab Jialei!”

As he said that, he became angrier.

“If no one had shown up to rescue him, Jialei could have been seriously injured.”

“What No way!” Du Jialei trembled, but she pretended that she had just learned about it, then she asked with concern, “Is Jialei alright now”

On the surface, Du Meiling was very kind, so she believed that the Du family knew nothing about their scheme.

“Jailei is fine, but he was shocked..

What Chen Fangmiao did is illegal,” said Du Liwen.


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