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Chapter 2088: Care About Leng Shaoting

The Yin family didnt feel much resentment.

They didnt have high expectations for Yin Ruyan after all, and Yin Ruyan herself wasnt very disappointed.

Anyway, Yin Ruyan was very happy to know that Dongfang Ziyu failed to get into the top three.

However, they still couldnt find the murderer who killed Yin Shixun, which filled them with irritation.

However, they werent very suspicious of Jing Jining.

Although new senior cultivators showed up at his side last night and the Yin family stayed alert, they stopped being suspicious after knowing who the senior cultivators were.

Therefore, they didnt specially send out people to spy on Jing Jining.

Perhaps Yin Shixun was really killed by people with special skills from other countries.

When Gu Ning and the others went back to the siheyuan, it was already 11 pm.

Ever since they went to the cultivation world, Jing Yunyao had been worried.

She knew that they would be fine, but she still felt worried about them.

As a result, she wasnt completely relieved until they were back.

“How was it Did it go smoothly” asked Jing Yunyao.

“Yeah, everything went well.

Shaoting won the first prize.

I got second.

And another person won the third prize.

Jing Yunyan ranked fourth.” Gu Ning held Jing Yunyans arm and said to her, “And, Shaoting and I robbed Jing Yunyan of a fifth-level magic crystal.

We also heavily beat him.

Jing Yunyan was so mad at us.

And since he failed to get into the top three, the Jing family looked quite displeased today.”

Hearing Gu Nings words, Jing Yunyao was pleased.

She actually didnt hate Jing Yunyan because he was born after she left the cultivation world.

It was just that she felt happy when Jing Yaorong was unhappy.

However, her good mood didnt last long because she hadnt taken revenge yet.

She couldnt get over the grudge unless revenge was taken.

At this time, Leng Shaoting took out a seventh-level magic crystal and handed it to Jing Yunyao.

“Mom, use this to enhance your cultivation level.”

“What” Jing Yunyao was greatly surprised when she saw that seventh-level magic crystal.

To her surprise, Leng Shaoting was able to get a seventh-level magic crystal.

Given his current level, it should be very hard for him to do that!

All of a sudden, Jing Yunyao grabbed Leng Shaotings arms.

She checked his body from head to toe, then asked worriedly, “Shaoting, are you injured”

Leng Shaoting must have endured a violent fight to get this seventh-level magic crystal due to his cultivation level, so Jing Yunyao was worried that Leng Shaoting had been wounded.

Feeling the love from his mother, Leng Shaoting felt warm.

He smiled and said to comfort Jing Yunyao, “Im not.

Im fine.

Ningning helped me, and we had other helpers.”

Other helpers Jing Yunyao immediately understood that Leng Shaoting was talking about the flood dragon, but he couldnt say it aloud when Jing Jining was present.

Jing Yunyao didnt see any injuries on Leng Shaotings body either, so she relaxed.

It was good to know that he wasnt injured.

“Take this.” Leng Shaoting pushed the magic crystal to Jing Yunyao.

Looking at the magic crystal, Jing Yunyao looked touched, but she still rejected it.

“I dont need this magic crystal.

I can improve myself by cultivating for a while.

Keep it for yourself.

Youll need it very soon.”

She cared about Leng Shaoting.

“Take it, please! I dont need it now and might not need it then.” Leng Shaoting directly squeezed it into Jing Yunyaos hands.

His level wasnt high enough, while Jing Yunyao could use it currently.

“Yunyao, just take it.

We can get more when Shaoting reaches a higher level.

Anyway, its Shaotings idea.

Youll hurt his feelings if you reject it.” Shangguan Yang opened his mouth to help Leng Shaoting.

“Right, mother, please take it.” Gu Ning chimed in.

“Alright, fine!” Since everyone wanted her to take it, Jing Yunyao stopped rejecting it.

She was unwilling to see Leng Shaoting hurt because she was unwilling to take it.

On their way back, Gu Ning also gave Jing Jining a few magic crystals.

Jing Jining used to be a well-known talented cultivator in their generation, but he left after Jing Yunyao had the terrible accident.

So he only made a little progress after so many years.

As the future patriarch of the Jing family, Jing Jining had to be strong because he had to be able to persuade other people to listen to him.

Although nobody would dare to slight Jing Jining because of Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting, other people would respect him only on the surface.

If he wanted other people to surrender to him, he must have the ability.

Besides, Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting couldnt help him all the time.

Everyone had his or her own things to deal with after all.

Jing Jining stayed in the siheyuan for a while longer, then left for the apartment Leng Shaoting arranged for him.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting would stay in the siheyuan tonight.

On this night, Jing Yunyao cultivated with the help of the seventh-level magic crystal.

After absorbing its energy, she turned it into her own power.

After only one night, Jing Yunyaos wounds left by her last trial to break through levels were healed and her abilities were stabilized.

Afterwards, she needed to practice her skills.

In the Out-of-body Stage, ones consciousness could leave the body to observe or control objects, or even affect the cultivation of other cultivators at lower levels.

One would have a better control of objects in this stage.

Her soul could also leave the body and travel in the world.

However, it needed practice.

Cultivators didnt naturally have this ability after they reached the Out-of-body Stage.

Given the current situation, it wasnt easy to learn half of the skill, let alone master the skill.

In the morning, Gu Ning went to her company.

During these days, the Shengning Organization was the focus of everyones attention with skyrocketing sales and endless contracts, so the staff of the Shengning Organization was occupied with work recently.

However, they enjoyed it because they could get a higher pay when they had more work to do.

The Shengning Organization offered them high salaries, so they worked very hard.

Gu Ning spent the morning in her company before going to share a meal with the others in the siheyuan at noon.

In the afternoon, Leng Shaoting went back to the military base so he drove Jing Yunyao to Mountain River Garden along the way.

And Gu Ning went back to her school.

She had been absent from her school for a long time.

Given Jing Yunyaos level, no one could discover her, so she didnt need to stay in the siheyuan all the time.

When Gu Ning was back in their school, it was time for the evening class, so she went directly to their classroom.

The moment Gu Ning stepped into the campus, nearly 70% schoolmates turned to look at her with excitement.

“Look! Shes Gu Ning.

The chairman of the Shengning Organization.”


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