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Chapter 2087: The Jing Familys Bad Reputation

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“Alright, you can go now.

Dont do anything in private.

If you offend Shangguan Yang, our family wont get anything good.” Jing Yaorong warned.

Given Jing Yunyans character, if he didnt warn him, he would do something stupid, while they couldnt afford the price of messing with Shangguan Yang.

If Shangguan Yang was mad Tiandaozong would also get into trouble.

“I know…” Jing Yunyan didnt dare to behave against Jing Yaorong, so he agreed.

Although he was still unwilling to accept it, he knew it wouldnt do the Jing family any good if they offended Shangguan Yang, so he had to behave himself.

Besides, he was no match for Leng Shaoting!

After Jing Yunyan left, Jing Yaorong began to ponder over what had happened today.

He still felt that Jing Jining wanted to kill him and even had helpers.

He wondered whether he had thought too much about it or guessed correctly.

He wasnt going to go down a dead end, but he was anxious.

Perhaps he had done too many bad things and felt guilty now!

He only had suspicions, so he didnt talk about that with Jing Yanhua nor did he tell Jing Yanhua to stop Jing Jining.

After making sure of it, he would go to have a talk with Jing Yanhua.

Anyway, he was willing to trust Jing Yanhua and knew Jing Yanhua very well.

Jing Yanhua spent no less effort than him on protecting the Jing family.

If Jing Jining really wanted to murder him, Jing Yanhua wouldnt allow it to happen.

He was the only mainstay of the Jing family right now.

If he died, the Jing family would lose its position and power.

Jing Yanhua was Jing Jinings father, so Jing Jining must think carefully about it even if he wanted to take revenge for Jing Yunyao.

Thinking of that, Jing Yaorong felt Jing Jining didnt have the heart to do it.

Jing Jining indeed didnt have the heart to do that.

If he had, he would have done that earlier on.

Exactly because he cared about his father, he kept his strong hatred to himself for so many years.

He rarely came back to the cultivation world and the Jing familys house.

However, even though he couldnt do it, someone else could.

Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting were determined to take revenge.

Jing Jining wouldnt join them because they needed to do it on their own.

Jing Yaorong knew nothing about that yet.

In the Baili familys house.

“I heard Shangguan Yangs disciple robbed Jing Yunyan of a fifth-level magic crystal.

Its allowed by the rules, but it isnt a good deed.

I wonder how many magic crystals they stole from other participants” Baili Qifeng said after he was home.

He suddenly had a bad impression of Shangguan Yangs disciples.

Baili Zongyang had the same idea as Baili Qifeng.

Hearing that, Baili Zongxue realized that they had misunderstood Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning, so she explained at once.

“Grandpa, they indeed robbed Jing Yunyan of a magic crystal, but they did that simply because they hate Jing Yunyan.

In fact, I got the fourth-level magic crystal with the help of Senior Shangguans two disciples.

They helped me kill the demonic monsters.

Because four demonic monsters appeared at the same time back then, we were retreating in the fight.

If it hadnt been for them, we wouldnt have successfully killed the four demonic monsters.

Even if we had, we would have been seriously injured.

They killed the demonic monsters, but they didnt steal our magic crystals, so I believe theyre not bad people.”


Hearing that, both Baili Qifeng and Baili Zongyang were surprised and let go of their bad impression of Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

“If so, they did it because of their personal grudge.

In that case, its understandable,” said Baili Qifeng.

“The Jing family has a bad reputation and many enemies,” said Baili Zongyang with obvious dislike for the Jing family.

Jing Jining was an exception.

What had happened to Jing Yunyao that year was known to everyone, but no one brought it up now.

If it had happened in the Baili family, they would also be mad and wouldnt hesitate to punish the member who broke the rules, but they would stop after the punishment.

They could chase the person out of the cultivation world and stop them from coming back.

However, the Jing family chased Jing Yunyao and tried to kill her.

Jing Yunyao was Jing Yaorongs biological daughter after all.

Why would he make the decision to kill her Did his dignity matter more than his daughters life

They knew that Jing Jining had a close relationship with Jing Yunyao, so Jing Jining started to hate Jing Yaorong after the tragedy happened.

Thinking of that, Baili Qifeng figured out why Shangguan Yangs disciples made things difficult for Jing Yunyan.

“If I guess correctly, Shangguan Yangs disciples deliberately caused trouble for Jing Yunyan because of Jing Jining.”

“Grandpa, do you mean Jing Jining carries a grudge against the Jing family because of Jing Yunyao Shangguan Yang and his disciples are aware of that, so his disciples made things difficult for Jing Yunyan on purpose” Baili Zongyang immediately understood his grandfathers words and thought it was highly likely.

“Its also possible that they deliberately came to participate in the competition after knowing that Jing Yunyan was likely to win the championship.

They shut Jing Yunyan out of the top 3 on purpose,” said Baili Qifeng after pondering it over.

It was just a guess, but he felt it was likely.

Even though Jing Jining wouldnt cut off his relationship with the Jing family just because of Jing Yunyao, he could do something to cause the Jing family trouble.

“Oh, grandpa, I actually feel familiar with the girl called Qing He, but I cant remember whether weve met before.

I think we possibly knew each other long ago, but forgot each other,” said Baili Zongxue.

Hearing that, Baili Qifeng and Baili Zongyang slightly cocked their eyebrows.

They agreed that it was possible.

“No matter what, since she helped you twice, it means she doesnt hate you.

If its possible, you can make friends with her.

It wont do the Baili family any bad,” said Baili Qifeng.

He wasnt trying to make use of Gu Ning, but felt it wasnt a bad thing to form a relationship with outstanding cultivators.

“Sure,” said Baili Zongxue.

She also had a very good impression of Qing He.

In the Dongfang familys house.

Dongfang He was in a terrible mood, because Dongfang Ziyu fell out of the top 3 and ranked fifth this year, which was quite embarrassing.

Even if Dongfang Ziyu got many more magic crystals than three years ago this time, her level was higher too.

“Grandpa, Im sorry for disappointing you.” Dongfang Ziyu apologized to Dongfang He.

“Its not your fault.

There are too many new senior cultivators this year.

None of us could have predicted it happening.” Dongfang He was in a bad mood, feeling slightly disappointed, but he didnt blame Dongfang Ziyu for it because it wasnt her fault..

He wouldnt vent his anger on other people to save his face.



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