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Chapter 2086: I Dont Take Advantage of Women

However, Gu Ning wasnt just saying it.

If Jing Yunyan dared to do that, she was ready to compete against him.

Although it was a little tricky to deal with Jing Yunyan, she was confident that she would win.

As long as Jing Yunyan dared to fight with her, she would humiliate him more in public.

“You…” Jing Yunyan was struck dumb for a second and didnt know what to say.

He indeed wanted to teach Gu Ning a lesson, but was also afraid that other people might say he was bullying Gu Ning.

After all, his level was much higher than hers.

“I dont take advantage of women.”

Jing Yunyan was annoyed, but was unwilling to be regarded as a bully, so he directly ignored Gu Ning and walked away.

It wasnt surprising, so Gu Ning didnt stop him.

Once Jing Yunyan was gone, Baili Zongxue who stood close by walked over and gently asked Gu Ning, “Do you hate Jing Yunyan very much”

Obviously, Gu Ning hated Jing Yunyan, or she wouldnt have robbed him of the magic crystal.

After all, Gu Ning had helped Baili Zongxue kill demonic monsters and didnt want her magic crystals, so Baili Zongxue believed that Gu Ning wasnt the kind of person who would randomly rob others.

It only happened when Gu Ning hated the person very much.

“Yeah,” said Gu Ning and closed her mouth.

Baili Zongxue also stopped talking about it.

Onlookers felt a little disappointed since there was no drama to watch, but this was Tiandaozong, so nobody dared to cause a scene.

At the dinner, Shangguan Yang and the others enjoyed the meal, but the Dongfang family and the Jing family didnt have much appetite, especially Jing Yunyan.

Because they failed to win a prize among the top 3, they were in a very bad mood.

However, they couldnt blame other people.

They could only blame themselves for being less skilled than other people.

After having dinner, Shangguan Yang and the others left.

Bai Lingtian wanted them to stay, but Shangguan Yang declined.

He said he needed to deal with other things and had to leave tonight.

Because the magical pill Leng Shaoting took to help him change his appearance was only effective for a day, and half a day had passed, if they stayed, they would be exposed tomorrow morning.

It was their secret.

Bai Lingtian didnt insist, but he welcomed Shangguan Yang and his disciples to visit the cultivation world at any time.

If it was possible, they could even build a house for Shangguan Yang in the cultivation world so that Shangguan Yang could live in the cultivation world once he was free.

In fact, Gu Ning and the others already had that plan.

Because they were cultivators, it wasnt convenient for them to stay in the mortal world all the time.

If they went to the Kunlun Sects place, they would feel lonely without other people by their side.

As a result, it was a good thing if they could choose whether they wanted to stay in the Kunlun Sects place and the cultivation world.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had already asked Jing Jining to handle it, so they didnt need Bai Lingtian.

Although they could also stay in the Jing familys place as long as Jing Jining went back to the Jing family, they were unwilling to do that, so they could only build their own house.

“Ha-ha, since Ive learned the cultivation world really exists, well come here more often in the future.

Leader Bai, thank you so much for your kindness.

Jining will take care of the house for us.

As soon as the house is built, well spend more time here,” said Shangguan Yang.


Knowing that, Bai Lingtian was excited.

He was happy not because Shangguan Yang didnt need him to build a house, but because Shangguan Yang would visit the cultivation world more often in the future.

After all, senior cultivators were very rare in the cultivation world, so they hoped that Shangguan Yang could stay in the cultivation world.

However, they wouldnt stop Shangguan Yang from doing his other things.

It was already exciting news that he would spend more time here.

Because of the competition, many people had a bad impression of Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning, but they couldnt stop Shangguan Yang from staying in the cultivation world.

Shangguan Yang then left with Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning.

Originally, Bai Lingtian arranged for Xi Baichuan and his disciples to send them to the entrance of the cultivation world, but Shangguan Yang turned them down because Jing Jining was with them.

Bai Lingtian didnt insist.

If he insisted, it would seem as if he was spying on them.

In the end, they walked them out of Tiandaozong together.

Jing Yaorong needed to ask Jing Jining about something, but unexpectedly Jing Jining left along with Shangguan Yang.

So he couldnt ask him any questions.

After Shangguan Yang and the others left, Mo Qilin gave his magic crystals to his master.

Mo Qilin didnt need all the magic crystals, so Yun Hongqing kept some that were useful for Mo Qilin and shared the rest with other disciples.

Although Mo Qilin was Yun Hongqings direct disciple, Yun Hongqing had other disciples as well.

If Mo Qilin didnt need the magic crystals, it would be a waste if they didnt share them with other people.

In the Jing familys house.

The moment Jing Yaorong and Jing Yunyan got home, they walked into the study.

Jing Yaorong asked, “Did anything happen between you and Shangguan Yangs disciples in the misty forest”

Jing Yaorong was sure that something must have happened, or Jing Yunyan wouldnt hate Leng Shaoting so much.

However, he didnt know what exactly had happened.

And he had no idea about Gu Nings conversation with Jing Yunyan.

“Yes.” Jing Yunyan had tolerated it for a long time.

When Jing Yaorong asked him about it, he showed uncontrolled anger on his face.

“He robbed me of a fifth-level magic crystal.”

Hearing that, Jing Yaorong frowned at once.

He was very displeased too, but wasnt as angry as Jing Yunyan because it was allowed by the rules.

Therefore, no matter how unhappy they were, they had to accept it.

After a short silence, Jing Yaorong said in an unhappy tone, “Alright, you should get over it now.

Its allowed by the rules after all.

Focus on your cultivation.

Youre only twenty-six.

You still have the chance to take part in the competition next time.”

Jing Yaorong had no intention of paying Leng Shaoting back, because it was meaningless.

What Leng Shaoting had done to Jing Yunyan was allowed by the rules.

If he planned to punish Leng Shaoting, it would only make him a sore loser.

He was indeed a sore loser, after all they aimed to win, but they would be embarrassed if it became big news.

“Father, I cant submit to the humiliation.” Jing Yunyan looked very furious.

Upon thinking of Leng Shaoting, he was filled with hatred.

Leng Shaoting hadnt only robbed him of the magic crystal, he had also defeated him completely, humiliating him.

Gu Ning even came to provoke him earlier.

If he didnt care about his face, he would have beaten her sh*t out!

“So What can you do Can you defeat him If you could, you wouldnt have been robbed of the magic crystal.

He didnt break the rules.

If you want to pay him back just because of that, youll only humiliate yourself and the Jing family.

Besides, didnt you rob other people of their magic crystals” Jing Yaorong criticized Jing Yunyan angrily because he expected better from JIng Yunyan, but JIng Yunyan had no clear understanding of the reality.

“I…” Jing Yunyan was struck dumb and closed his mouth because Jing Yaorong was right.


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