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Although Yin Ruyan understood that she wasnt very familiar with Baili Zongyang yet and it was very normal that he called her Miss Yin, she still felt sad when he deliberately kept a distance away from her.

However, on the surface, she remained elegant.


“Oh, I just met Ziyu and I talked with her for a while.

I was told you two are going to be married soon, so I came to congratulate you on that in advance,” said Yin Ruyan.

She misrepresented Dongfang Ziyus words, because she wanted to hear the answer from Baili Zongyangs mouth.


Hearing that, Baili Zongxue turned to look at her older brother in surprise.

She had heard nothing about that.

However, she stayed in her school all the time and didnt come back until yesterday, so it wasnt strange that she hadnt heard the news so she said nothing.


Baili Zongyang seemed very calm and said, “Miss Yin, you can congratulate me when the day comes.”


Baili Zongyang knew Yin Ruyans character very well, so he easily figured out her real purpose.

He didnt think that Dongfang Ziyu said that to Yin Ruyan.

Perhaps Dongfang Ziyu had given Yin Ruyan a vague answer, so he did the same thing.


Because he wasnt sure whether he would really marry Dongfang Ziyu one day in the future, it wasnt up to him after all, he couldnt deny it right now.


Yin Ruyan felt sadder in her heart after hearing Baili Zongyangs answer, but she still forced a smile.



She didnt dare to meet Baili Zongyangs eyes again in case he saw her upset expression.

Without delay, she walked away.


“Zongyang, what happened Is your marriage with Ziyu settled” Once Yin Ruyan was gone, Baili Zongxue asked Baili Zongyang curiously.


“Stop asking me questions.

The game is about to begin.

We should go now!” Baili Zongyang was unwilling to talk about that with Baili Zongxue.


“Ok, fine!” Since Baili Zongyang refused to talk about that with her, it was useless even if she kept on asking him.

Therefore, Baili Zongxue closed her mouth and walked to the starting point.


It was about ten minutes from 9 am, and all the participants were heading to the starting point.


After Leng Shaoting and the others arrived, Baili Zongxue coincidentally stood next to Gu Ning, so Baili Zongxue saw them and glanced at them once in a while.

However, Baili Zongxue couldnt recognize Gu Ning and she only heard that they were Shangguan Yangs disciples.


It was not only Baili Zongxue, many others also looked at Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

Some were aware that they were Shangguan Yangs disciples, while some were observing them.


Feeling that Leng Shaoting was an unusually strong competitor, some people stayed alert or even held hostility towards him.


Amid their looks, neither Leng Shaoting nor Gu Ning cared about them.


Afterwards, the patriarchs of the four major families showed up and went to sit down on the chairs before the hall, looking down on everything at the square.


As soon as they appeared, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning turned to stare at them.


With a glance, they recognized Jing Yaorong because the mole at the corner of his right eye was too noticeable to be ignored.


Seeing Jing Yaorong, both Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were filled with anger in an instant.

They ached to kill him, and Jing Yaorong shivered, feeling the threat from his back.

He immediately turned around, but the two unkind looks were already gone, so he failed to find anything wrong.


What happened He was sure it wasnt an illusion, and the looks were from the crowd of participants.

He could feel that someone wanted to kill him.


Actually, it wasnt strange that someone wanted to kill him, because he had many enemies, but who were the two people


Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had an emotional change when they saw Jing Yaorong, but they soon calmed down, so Jing Yaorong didnt discover them.


Shangguan Yang also gave a glance at Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting in the crowd.

He was worried that they might be exposed, but now he felt relieved after seeing that they were fine.


The other patriarchs didnt notice what they were doing because they werent Gu Ning and Leng Shaotings target.


In order not to lose their manners, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting avoided looking at Jing Yaorong again.


Before long, it was 9 am and Bai Lingtian gave a speech.


“Good morning, everyone.

Today is the kung fu competition held in our cultivation world once every three years.

As usual, well award the top 10 cultivators with the same prizes.

The first prize is Spirit-gathering Pill, the second is Energy-gathering Pill, the third is Bone-generating Pill, while the other seven prizes are Recovery Pills,” he said.


“The rules of the game remain the same as well.

The first part is a group game to compete for number cards.

No matter how many participants there are, there will only be sixty people in the second part.

Therefore, if you want to get into the second part, you must grab a number card.

During that process, qinggong isnt allowed.

You must either walk or run.

Its unavoidable to be injured in the game, but I still hope you can be gentle.

Dont maim other participants seriously or kill.

Whoever breaks the rules will be punished.”


It was just a game, so there was no need to risk life.

Moreover, they didnt count the number of participants, because it was just the first part to select people to get into the second part.

After grabbing number cards, they would register for the real game.


Right now, there were more than a hundred participants, and the disciples of Tiandaozong accounted for one third.


“Well announce the rules for the second part in a while.

And now, please get ready.

Once you hear the sound of the bronze drum, you can move,” said Bai Lingtian, then went back to his seat.


In about half a minute, a “dong” sounded.

The next second, all the participants ran upwards, including Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.


On the stage, it was a group fight.


During this part, one relied on ability and luck to stand out of the crowd.


Because it was a group fight, they only needed to beat out unnecessary people..

If one was lucky enough, he or she might be able to survive.


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