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Chapter 2059: Cant Slight

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Therefore, as Jing Jining just said, even if the person wasnt Shangguan Yang, he was still a distinguished guest for Tiandaozong given his unusually high level.

Anyway, they didnt doubt whether the cultivator was really Shangguan Yang, so they stopped being suspicious of Shangguan Yang for helping Jing Jining kill Yin Shixun.

Because they had all heard of Shangguan Yangs good reputation, they believed that Shangguan Yang wouldnt kill the innocent.

Even if Shangguan Yang really killed Yin Shixun, Yin Shixun must have done something unacceptable.

After all, it was true that it had nothing to do with Shangguan Yang.

Jing Jining continued, “He thought cultivators were extinct.

I introduced the cultivation world to him later, so he learned that the kung fu competition is going to be held in the cultivation world.

He wanted his two disciples to take part in it, so I brought them here.”

“Since you knew that Senior Shangguan is still alive, why didnt you tell Tiandaozong” asked Xi Baichuan.

He wasnt blaming Jing Jining, but felt Jing Jining shouldnt have kept it a secret.

If they had known about it, they would surely have invited Shangguan Yang to the cultivation world.

In addition, given Shangguan Yangs level, Tiandaozong would undoubtedly treat him as their honored guest.

It was rare to see a senior cultivator in the cultivation world right now, so it was good news for them to meet Shangguan Yang.

“Senior Shangguan didnt want me to tell other people, so I said nothing.

Since he came here in person now, I bet he doesnt want to keep it secret any longer,” said Jing Jining.

In that case, Xi Baichuan couldnt criticize him again, because he would be criticizing Shangguan Yang.

“Since Senior Shangguan is here, we cant slight him.

Ill go to report it to our head to see how to handle it.

Jing Jining, you can wait here for a while,” said Xi Baichuan.

“Sure,” said Jing Jining.

He understood that they needed him to take them to see Shangguan Yang in a while.

Because he had told Shangguan Yang that people from Tiandaozong might go to see him along with him before he came here, he didnt stop Xi Baichuan.

Anyway, they would meet sooner or later.

Xi Baichuan immediately left his yard and headed to their heads residence.

Wei Xian wanted to go with them because he was unwilling to see Xi Baichuan show off his abilities before their head, but he gave it up later after carefully thinking about it.

It wouldnt do him any good if he tried to play tricks in front of their head.

Their head could easily see through him.

However, he didnt leave right away because he knew that their head would come to see Jing Jining right after learning the news, then they would go to see Shangguan Yang.

If it was possible, he wished that their head would take him there as well.

The others knew what Wei Xian was thinking, but Ning Xu and Ma Dongliang, as juniors, couldnt chase him away.

Before long, Bai Lingtian, the leader of Tiandaozong, learned that Shangguan Yang was still alive and came to the cultivation world.

He was greatly surprised.

Without delay, he decided to personally visit the hotel where Shangguan Yang was staying to invite him to stay in Tiandaozong.

Whether Shangguan Yang accepted his invitation or not, he had to go there.

He didnt doubt whether the senior cultivator was really Shangguan Yang, because he believed that Jing Jining wouldnt lie to him.

Moreover, when Bai Lingtian was young, he had seen Shangguan Yang before.

Although it had been hundreds of years, he should still be able to recognize Shangguan Yang.

Even if the senior cultivator wasnt Shangguan Yang, Bai Lingtian would still treat him politely given his high level.

The Kunlun Sect was gone now, but Bai Lingtian was still respectful of Shangguan Yang.

Shangguan Yang enjoyed a high status, and was at a very high level, so he had to go to see him as the leader of Tiandaozong.

It was night, but it wasnt very late, so they wouldnt bother Shangguan Yang.

Afterwards, Bai Lingtian followed Xi Baichuan to his residence because they needed to leave with Jing Jining.

Before they set out, Bai Lingtian asked Jing Jining again to make sure of it.

Bai Lingtian didnt take Wei Xian with, but told him to deliver the news to the other heads and elders of Tiandaozong.

The disciples would get ready to welcome their distinguished guests.

They also needed to tidy up three high-class guest rooms.

Although Bai Lingtian wasnt sure that Shangguan Yang would come, it was better to make the arrangements.

If they werent prepared when Shangguan Yang came, it would be embarrassing.

Wei Xian felt quite disappointed that Bai Lingtian didnt take him, but he had to obey their heads order.

Bai Lingtian took two of his guards and Xi Baichuan along with Ning Xu.

There werent many people, but they were important enough.

If too many people went to see Shangguan Yang, Shangguan Yang would be bothered.

Once Bai Lingtian and the other people were gone, Wei Xian went to share the news with the other heads and elders of Tiandaozong.

When they learned that Shangguan Yang was still alive, they were amazed too.

Young disciples knew nothing about Shangguan Yang, but they had heard of the Kunlun Sect.

Since Shangguan Yang was the elder of the Kunlun Sect, he must have a very high status.

All the disciples of Tiandaozong showed up right away, but Baili Zongyang, Dongfang Ziyu, and Jing Yunyan were absent.

They were actually disciples of Tiandaozong as well.

Baili Zongyang was the direct disciple of the eldest elder of Tiandaozong, while Dongfang Ziyu was the direct disciple of the third elder of Tiandaozong.

Both of them were chosen by the elders earlier on, then became their disciples.

Jing Yunyan was the direct disciple of the fourth elder.

The fourth elder found out that he had great talent, so the fourth elder took him as his disciple.

As the direct disciples of the elders, they had great advantages.

As long as they reached a certain level, they could inherit the seats of the elders.

They could also compete for the positions of the heads, relying on their abilities.

No matter who had the abilities, he or she could compete for the positions.

They needed to reach a certain high level and become a good manager.

Without good management skills, they wouldnt be qualified at their positions.

The disciples of Tiandaozong didnt stay in Tiandaozong every day.

Some of them were on retreat, some traveled around, while some were occupied with other things.

Because they didnt need to focus on cultivation all the time after joining Tiandaozong, they also needed to experience difficulties.

They lived not only on cultivation.

Dongfang Ziyu did her best to improve herself in cultivation for tomorrows competition.

This time, she was determined to win the championship.

Baili Zongyang wouldnt participate in the kung fu competition this year, but he came back as well.

Baili Zongxue also went back to the cultivation world today..

She wasnt at a high level and wouldnt win a prize even if she took part in the game, but she still decided to come because it was a good chance.


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