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Chapter 2058: A Rare Visitor

At this time, Xi Baichuan was playing Elephant chess with his chief disciple, Ning Xu, in the yard.

Wei Xians visit fell into Xi Baichuans expectation, so he wasnt surprised at all.

Instead, it seemed that he was waiting for Wei Xians arrival by playing Elephant chess with Ning Xu here.

Although Xi Baichuan was clearly aware that Wei Xian wasnt a kind visitor, he had no intention of avoiding him.

He wasnt guilty after all! No matter how much they hated each other, they always remained polite to one another on the surface.

“Oh, hi, Junior Wei, what a rare visitor you are! How come youre free to visit me today” said Xi Baichuan with a beam, but without sincerity.

Seeing Ning Xu, Wei Xian got jealous.

Among the disciples of the four heads, Ning Xu was at the highest level.

Not long ago, he made it to Yuan Ying Stage and became the ninth senior cultivator in Yuan Ying Stage in the cultivation world.

However, the four heads were also in the Yuan Ying Stage.

They were either in the early or middle stage, and none of them could reach the peak.

The other three senior cultivators in the Yuan Ying Stage were their leader and the other elders.

He was in the early stage of Yuan Ying Stage, while Xi Baichuan was in the middle stage, so he was jealous of Xi Baichuan.

Now Xi Baichuans chief disciple was at the same level as him, which filled him with more displeasure.

“Hi, Senior Wei.”

Ning Xu stood up and greeted Wei Xian once he saw him.

Although they were at the same level, Wei Xian was senior to him after all, so he had to be polite.

“Hi,” said Wei Xian in a flat voice, then he replied to Xi Baichuan.

“Well, I just learned a piece of news about Jing Jining, so I came to share it with you.”

When Wei Xian said that, he was obviously sarcastic and even showed mercy.

Xi Baichuan wouldnt give Wei Xian the chance to continue to laugh at him, so he said before Wei Xian could finish, “Do you mean thay there are senior cultivators who suddenly showed up by Jing Jinings side”

Hearing that, Wei Xian was surprised.

Obviously, Xi Baichuan was aware of the news.

Before Wei Xian could say anything else again, Xi Baichuan continued, “I held a suspicion that Jing Jining might have something to do with Yin Shixuns death, but it wasnt strong because Jing Jining was no match for Yin Shixun.

However, there is a senior cultivator in the Golden Core Stage and a senior cultivator who showed no hint of his level by Jing Jinings side this time.

My suspicion grew, so I told Dongliang to call Jing Jining over.

I need to ask him face to face.

Junior Wei, if you want to know more details, you can wait for a while.

Jing Jining will be here soon.

Lets see what he says.

Anyway, Im not sure that Jing Jining will come, because there are senior cultivators by his side after all.

Dongliang is too weak compared to them.

Ill go to see him in person if Jing Jining refuses to come here.”

Hearing Xi Baichuans words, Wei Xian looked even more displeased.

He planned to make fun of Xi Baichuan, but unexpectedly embarrassed himself in the end.

However, he ached to know more about the senior cultivators, so he curbed his displeasure and agreed.

“Why not! I also want to know how Jing Jining will explain that.”

When Ma Dongliang arrived, Jing Jining and the others were still having the meal, so Ma Dongliang didnt bother them.

After waiting for about twenty minutes, they finished the meal and Ma Dongliang said to Jing Jining that Xi Baichuan wanted to see him.

There was no need to ask why, because Jing Jining and the others all knew the answer.

Jing Jining didnt resist or fight back at all.

Instead, he immediately agreed to go to Tiandaozong with him, but only after he accommodated Gu Ning and the others.

Since Jing Jining agreed right away, it reduced Ma Dongliangs suspicion, but they still needed to have an investigation to see whether Jing Jining had anything to do with Yin Shixuns death.

Before long, Jing Jining reached Tiandaozong with Ma Dongliang and went to Xi Baichuans residence.

Because it wasnt an interrogation, there was no need to go to the Law Enforcement Hall.

“Nice to see you, Head Xi, Head Wei.”

Seeing Xi Baichuan and Wei Xian, Jing Jining greeted them respectfully.

“Jing Jining, lets get straight to the point.

You told us you dont have the ability to kill Yin Shixun and there was no senior cultivator who helped you with that.

Now there are two senior cultivators who suddenly appeared by your side.

How do you explain that” asked Xi Baichuan seriously to put pressure on Jing Jining.

Although Jing Jining was affected by Xi Baichuan, he still remained calm and didnt panic at all.

He used to be a little guilty, but now Shangguan Yang was in the cultivation world, so he wasnt afraid at all.

“Head Xi, I understand your suspicion.

But if you still choose to be suspicious of me after I tell you the senior cultivators status, there is nothing else I can say,” said Jing Jining calmly.

“Oh, whos the senior cultivator” Hearing that, Xi Baichuan asked curiously.

It was not only Xi Baichuan; Wei Xian and Ning Xu got curious too because it sounded as if they all knew the senior cultivator.

“The elder of the Kunlun Sect, Shangguan Yang,” said Jing Jining.

Because they showed up together in public, there was nothing to hide.


Knowing that, Xi Baichuan and Wei Xian stood up in surprise at once.

They couldnt stay calm any longer nor could they believe their ears.

They had obviously heard of Shangguan Yang, but had never seen him in reality.

Actually, they all believed that he was already dead, so they were greatly surprised by his sudden appearance and couldnt believe it.

“Do you mean the senior cultivator is the elder of the Kunlun Sect, Shangguan Yang” Xi Baichuan asked with uncertainty and doubt.

“Yeah, he came with his two disciples,” said Jing Jining.

“How did you get to know and meet Shangguan Yang And are you sure the person is really Shangguan Yang” asked Wei Xian.

“Senior Shangguan stayed in the Kunlun Sect the entire time.

I went there by accident once and met him.

I didnt know he was still alive until then.

Hes also at a super high level.

Im afraid there is no cultivator who can be his match in the cultivation world,” said Jing Jining, showing great respect towards Shangguan Yang.

“I havent seen Senior Shangguan before, but I believe hes a distinguished guest for Tiandaozong given his level,” he added.

Hearing Jing Jining say that there was no match for Shangguan Yang in the cultivation world, everyone was amazed.

In that case, Shangguan Yang was either in the Out-of-body Stage or the Soul-separation Stage.

Thinking of that, they took a long breath in, but still believed that Shangguan Yang couldnt be in the Soul-separation Stage right now.

He should be in the middle or the peak of the Out-of-body Stage.

Anyway, that was already very unbelievable, because the best cultivators in Tiandaozong were merely in the primary stage of the Out-of-body Stage.


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