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Chapter 2057: Tell Jing Jining to Come over

Chief disciples: They stood out from many disciples, and were basically the successors to the first seat of each department.

The true best disciples.

They were also the spokesperson for the future image of the sect.

They had little power, but their potential couldnt be underestimated.

Therefore, their status would be improved in the future.

Normally even the head dared not offend them.

The so-called first seats referred to the four heads led by the leader of Tiandaozong.

Their existence was to assist the leader in handling large and small things according to the instructions of the leader, and to supervise the deacons in performing their duties.

They also needed to lead the disciples to practice.

They were like managers of different departments in a modern company.

The Chasing-Cloud Department was in charge of security.

Elite disciples: The real backbone of the school, the performers of various tasks.

They werent only highly qualified, but also had unique skills in order to be included in this group.

Direct disciples: Disciples with great potential.

They probably werent very outstanding for the time being, but they had a great future ahead.

Accepted disciples: Common disciples.

Registered disciples: Basically servants in the school, but they were the image of the school to outsiders.

Although they had a low status, they had abilities.

They werent comparable to other disciples, but they could have a promotion if they were chosen.

Although Tiandaozong had a very high standard for its disciples, its disciples wouldnt be chased out as long as they were accepted, even if they made slow progress.

However, if any disciples broke the rules of Tiandaozong, they could be demoted or even chased out.

If they dared to break the rules of the cultivators, they would be seriously punished.

Only outstanding cultivators had special privileges, but there were limits.

The person who spied on Jing Jining was one of the elite disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall, Ma Dongliang.

When he saw Hong Yifeng, he realized that Hong Yifeng held the same suspicion as him.

He also knew that Hong Yifeng left to report it to his master, so Ma Dongliang went back to Tiandaozong before him and reported it to his own master.

Although all four heads did their own jobs separately and there was no conflict among them, they didnt have a good relationship with each other.

Instead, they were always competing against one another.

None of them were willing to be at a lower position.

They werent the only ones competing against each other.

Even their disciples took one another as competitors.

Being strong was their pride.

Because the Law Enforcement Hall was handling this case, if the Chasing-cloud Department found a clue before it, it would definitely be laughed at for its efficiency.

Tiandaozong wasnt in the luxurious Sky City, it was located on a high mountain at the edge of it.

People needed to climb up stairs for over a hundred meters to get to Tiandaozong.

Ma Dongliang soon arrived by Qinggong.

At this moment, the sky was already dark, but he could come to see his master at any time as long as there were serious matters.

Ma Dongliang met Xi Baichuan later and told Xi Baichuan what had happened.

Xi Baichuan was greatly surprised too.

“What Jing Jining entered Sky City with three people.

Two of them are at a high level”

“Yeah, the young man should be in the Golden Core Stage.

I failed to see the old mans level.

He could even be at a higher level than you, master.” Ma Dongliang said, “I havent seen them before, so they cant be citizens of Sky City.

They should come from other cities and hardly show up in public.”

Ma Dongliang had seen countless cultivators, and the cultivation world wasnt large, so the senior cultivators were basically known to everyone.

So if he wasnt familiar with them, they must have stayed away from the public.

The old man was even at a higher level than him

Xi Baichuan frowned.

He wasnt displeased, because his level wasnt very high.

It was very normal if there were other cultivators who were more skilled than him.

However, he was surprised that such a senior cultivator could hide from the public for so long.

If so, why did the senior cultivator show up right now For tomorrows kung fu competition

How about the two young people by the senior cultivators side

Xi Baichuan said nothing, and Ma Dongliang continued, “Because of Jing Jinings level, we didnt believe that he was able to kill Yin Shixun, but now I think its possible.

He has two strong cultivators by his side after all.

Oh, Hong Yifeng just met them as well.

I bet he was going to report it to his master very soon.”

“Great, tell Jing Jining to come over right now.

This is my order,” said Xi Baichuan.

Whether the several cultivators had helped Jing Jining kill Yin Shixun, he must ask Jing Jining about that since it aroused suspicions.

Originally, they held the slightest suspicion that Jing Jining was guilty, but now they changed their mind after several senior cultivators showed up with him.

“Sure.” Ma Dongliang obeyed his order and was about to leave.

“Wait a second.” Xi Baichuan called Ma Dongliang to stop all of a sudden and said, “Since theyre senior cultivators, avoid having conflicts with them when you go to tell Jing Jining to come here.

If Jing Jining refuses to come, Ill go to see them in person.”

As for the senior cultivators background, he would ask Jing Jining later.

“No problem,” said Ma Dongliang and left.

Right after Hong Yifeng arrived, Ma Dongliang walked away, so they didnt meet.

Before long, Hong Yifengs master, Wei Xian, learned the news.

He was also surprised by the sudden appearance of the strange senior cultivators by Jing Jinings side because they were very familiar with senior cultivators who showed up often in the cultivation world.

Therefore, the senior cultivators who came with Jing Jining this time must have kept a very low profile.

Although it wasnt strange, many senior cultivators tended to attract as much public attention as possible, so it was rare to see skilled cultivators being low-profile.

As skilled cultivators, they could receive countless peoples admiration and endless compliments, which was hard to resist.

Even though the senior cultivators in Tiandaozong spent most of their time cultivating, they still showed up in public often to show off their importance.

Wei Xian wasnt an exception.

“If so, Jing Jining could be the murderer who killed Yin Shixun.” Wei Xian made the same judgment, but he couldnt jump to conclusions without evidence.

Anyway, since he already learned the news, he had to seize the chance to make fun of Xi Baichuan, so he said, “I need to see Xi Baichuan right now.”

Wei Xian didnt care about the senior cultivators by Jing Jinings side.

After all, they were senior cultivators, so he was unwilling to mess with them.

He wasnt in charge of the case anyway.

If he did something beyond his duties, he would be criticized.

Therefore, Wei Xian went to Xi Baichuans residence.


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