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Chapter 2055: Enter the Cultivation World

The entire cultivation world was divided into five regions, the main city, also called the Sky City, and four regions in the four directions: east, west, south, and north.

They were also called the East City, the West City, the South City, and the North City.

The cultivation world was about the same size as the capital, so the five regions were far from each other.

In the capital, it took about an hour to drive across districts.

So in the cultivation world that had no cars, it took a longer time to go from one city to another.

There were horses in the cultivation world.

However, no matter how fast they were, they were hardly comparable to cars, so it took at least two or three hours to go from one city to another in the cultivation world.

It could even take a whole day on foot.

Cultivators could travel by qinggong, but the speed was mainly decided by their levels.

Some could travel faster by qinggong than by horse, while some were much slower than a horse.

And if they traveled by a flying sword, they could arrive within half an hour.

The distances between the cities werent the same either.

If it was short, it would take less time.

If it was long, it would take longer.

In the cultivation world, mountains occupied more land, so the cities werent very large.

After all, the whole cultivation world only had a population of slightly more than twenty thousand.

Sky City was located in the central area of the cultivation world and it was also the largest urban area.

The four major families and Tiandaozong lived there.

Therefore, there was a distance from the entrance to Sky City.

The boundary of the cultivation world was on a mountain surrounded by rivers.

To reach the realm of the cultivation world, they had to cross a 20-meter-wide river.

The river was the only way to get in, so there were many boats on the riverside for cultivators in the cultivation world to go in and out, because those with a low level couldnt fly over this river.

Only those with a high level or those who were able to fly with swords could fly over this river.

No one was managing the boats because they sailed the boats on their own.

There were passengers coming and going all the time, so there were always boats at both sides.

They didnt need to worry about lacking boats to pass the river.

Anyway, with Shangguan Yang and Leng Shaotings help, Gu Ning and the others didnt need boats at all.

They could directly fly over from the mountain with swords.

As a result, there was no need for them to climb down the mountain.

Once they walked out of the passage, Shangguan Yang and Leng Shaoting took out their swords.

Because Leng Shaoting wasnt very skilled at flying swords right now, he couldnt take other people with him, so both Gu Ning and Jing Jining took Shangguan Yangs sword.

As they flew high in the air above the woods, they could see the landform.

It was a very beautiful scenery with impressive mountains and clear waters.

Unfortunately, the sky was a little dusky, so they couldnt see it clearly.

The flying swords flew straight over the mountains towards the Sky City.

Not many cultivators could travel by flying swords in the cultivation world, so several cultivators were quite amazed when they saw the scene.

However, they could only see cultivators flying by swords, but couldnt clearly see their faces because they were up high and moved very fast.

Cultivators on the ground could barely see them.

Within twenty minutes, they landed near Sky City.

Because they didnt spend much time on the road from the Qianling Mountain to Sky City, it wasnt even 7 pm yet and the sky wasnt completely dark.

They could still vaguely see stuff.

The buildings here seemed very ancient, so Gu Ning felt that she had traveled back in time.

In fact, it was basically true because this wasnt their world.

They landed outside the city, so nobody saw them.

After landing, they walked in on foot.

In the night, the lights were faint along the streets in Sky City.

Because there was no power supply, there were no street lights.

Only the lanterns hanging outside the shops on both sides of the street provided faint light.

Although there was no power supply in the cultivation world, there were generators, so candles and oil lamps werent the only sources of light.

Only a small number of people used generators, but the use of rechargeable or battery lamps was still very common.

Cultivators used the same currency as mortals, but they could only pay in cash instead of bank cards or e-currency, and because there was no Internet, mobile phones were of no use.

In most cases, they only watched downloads of films and shows or listened to music when their phones had power.

It was dark, but there were still a lot of pedestrians on the streets, especially tonight.

Because the kung fu competition would begin tomorrow, many cultivators rushed here from the other four cities.

Some came to participate in the competition, while some simply came to watch the drama.

Walking along the street, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting received a lot of attention from other cultivators.

Most of them were young cultivators.

They were young as well, so those young cultivators believed that they came to take part in the game too.

It wasnt strange, but those young cultivators were curious about their levels since they were competitors.

Without delay, they used their magical sense to see their levels.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting could feel it, but neither of them resisted it.

They allowed the other cultivators to observe them.

Those young cultivators judged that Gu Ning was at a common level, so they didnt take her seriously, but they failed to figure out Leng Shaotings level, which meant that Leng Shaotings level was higher than theirs.

As a result, many cultivators stayed alert for Leng Shaoting.

Because they could team up in the game, they wouldnt quit after knowing that there were cultivators who were stronger than them, otherwise there wouldnt be so many participants every year.

After a short while, Gu Ning and the others felt someone was following them.

None of them bothered to turn around, but they knew who the person was by guessing.

It should be the person who was sent over to follow Jing Jining.

They were right.

The person who followed them was exactly the cultivator who had been following Jing Jining these days.

The person lost Jing Jining the other day, so he came back to the cultivation world and reported it to his leader.

They also refused to believe that Jing Jining had escaped by deliberately attracting his attention to another direction.

Instead, they believed that Jing Jining had felt the magical power of the magical object as well, so he chased it.

Anyway, they still remained suspicious of Jing Jining, so the person was sent out again to watch at the gate of the Sky City to see whether Jing Jining would come back.

This time, Jing Jining was back, but there were three people with him.

The three people shocked the person who spied on Jing Jining.

Among the three people, the old man and the young man were at a high level.

The young man wasnt special, but the old man seemed very different because he couldnt sense his level.

Which meant that the old man was at a higher level than him.

The person wasnt at a very high level, but he was already very outstanding in the cultivation world because he was in the middle stage of the Golden Core Stage.

Therefore, he could roughly sense Leng Shaotings level, which should be in the Golden Core Stage as well, but he didnt know whether Leng Shaoting was in the primary, middle, or the peak stage.


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