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Chapter 200 Land Acquisition I

To make sure of it, Shao Ping immediately took out his phone calling the leading hoodlum.

However, the leading hoodlum still wouldnt answer his call, so Shao Ping called Leader Hu afterwards.

Leader Hu answered, “Hi, whats up, Mr.


“Hi, Leader Hu, those hoodlums helped me deal with Zhou Zhenghongs store last night, but they wont answer my call now.

I dont know why.

I think that they probably failed.

Could you please help me find them” Although Shao Ping was raging now, he didnt dare to vent his anger at Leader Hu.

“Really Did they get in trouble” Leader Hu was surprised that Jade Beauty Jewelry was able to handle those hoodlums.

Leader Hu didnt deny Shao Pings request.

“Let me try to find them and then Ill let you know the minute that I do.”

“Very well, thank you so much!” Shao Ping said then he hung up.

“Honey, what if Zhou Zhenghong really damaged our door and car” Mrs.

Shao asked.

“If it is true, well do the same thing to him! He has made me lose hundreds of thousands of yuan this time!” Shao Ping clenched his teeth, as if he was the victim.

If he hadnt turned to those hoodlums for help, Zhou Zhenghong wouldnt have gotten revenge on him.

In addition, Zhou Zhenghong hadnt actually done it.

Shao Ping not only annoyed Zhou Zhenghong, but aggravated Gu Ning, who was the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Of course, Shao Ping wasnt dumb enough to cause Zhou Zhenghong trouble in public.

He would scheme against Zhou Zhenghong behind his back.

In the end, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt go to the street of antiques, because of an incident on the road halfway there.

They were in an old district of City G, and there were many people as well as policemen gathered around the entrance of a street, fiercely arguing.

Leng Shaoting, who was a military officer, couldnt ignore it, so he stopped the car on the side, got out of it and walked over.

Two groups of people stood against each other in the middle of a crowd.

A group of citizens all had sticks and brooms in their hands, while the other group, who were policemen, all had their hands on their guns.

“Ding Peiwei, its illegal to use violence against the police.

As a senior teacher, you should know that! How dare you lead others to resist us on the street! Youll be taken into the police station!” a man who was around 30-years-old loudly said to a man in his middle forties.

“Its you who arent being honest! You cant blame us.

We agree that the real estate businessmen need to acquire land to develop a new city, but you should at least give us a reasonable price!” Ding Peiwei argued angrily.

Hearing that, Gu Ning immediately understood what was going on here.

The real estate businessman wanted to acquire the land, but was rejected because of the low compensation.

“Exactly! Dont think that we know nothing about it.

The acquisition of land in Dongcheng last year is a great example.

The location of the land is similar to Zhengyang Street, and the foundation was worth twenty thousand yuan, while the building area was ten thousand yuan per square meter.

However, what did you do this time The foundation is only worth fifteen thousand yuan, and the building area is only seven thousand yuan per square meter.

Arent you hurting our interests” another person said with indignation.

“How can you be so evil Are you not afraid of being punished by God”

All the citizens criticized.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was also mad.

It was truly unfair!

She had inspected the surrounding area just then.

It was a great location, and it would be reasonable if the foundation was worth twenty thousand yuan, and the building area was ten thousand yuan per square meter.

Although it was an old district which wasnt as prosperous as the newer ones, there were schools around, including primary, middle and high schools.

Therefore, many would come here to buy houses if there were more living areas.

It would be a very profitable deal.

Thinking of that, an idea dawned on Gu Ning.

She decided to acquire this land.

Since this Hongyun Real Estate gave them a low price, then she would set a higher and more reasonable price.

“You…” the man who was standing against Ding Peiwei was called Zhang Guangde.

He was the leader of this area, and he didnt know how to argue with those citizens, because he really had planned to take the extra money into his own pocket.

“Zhang Guangde, let me tell you that if Hongyun Real Estate cant give us a reasonable price, we wont comprise no matter what happens,” Ding Peiwei said with determination.

“Fine! Lets see what you can do!” Zhang Guangde didnt know how to solve the problem now, so he could only threaten them before walking away with the policemen.

Luckily, no one was injured in this mess.

After Zhang Guangde and the policemen were gone, Gu Ning walked to Ding Peiwei.

Although Leng Shaoting didnt know what Gu Ning was going to do, he listened to her and waited by the car.

“Hi, Mr.

Ding, may I talk to you in private” Gu Ning asked politely.

Since Ding Peiwei was able to lead them to resist the acquisition, he must be an influential figure among the citizens.

Ding Peiwei thought that Gu Ning was a student in his school.

He failed to recognize her, but since she had something to talk to him about, he didnt reject.

Afterwards, Ding Peiwei walked aside with Gu Ning.

“What do you want to talk to me about” Ding Peiwei asked.

He was still mad, but tried his best to remain gentle in front of Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt hide her intention, and asked directly, “I noticed that you were arguing over the acquisition of this land.

Is it because you dont want to leave here, or are you not satisfied with the compensation”

Hearing that, Ding Peiwei sighed resignedly and explained, “Ive lived here for dozens of years, so of course I dont want to move away, but we also know that this city needs to develop, and the demolition will happen sooner or later.

Even though were unwilling to do so, we cant fight against the government; but-but the compensation that Hongyun Real Estate offers is too low.”

“What if I can provide you with a reasonable compensation in which the foundation is worth twenty thousand yuan, and the building area is ten thousand yuan per square meter, are you willing to sell the land to me”

“What” Ding Peiwei was shocked, he couldnt believe his ears.

If a 30-year-old mature woman had said that to him, he probably wouldnt have been shocked, but Gu Ning was merely a teenage girl.


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