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Chapter 2051: Are You Really Mad

“Your cousin sent me a message today.

The kung fu competition in the cultivation world will be held in three days.

You need to go there late at night the day after tomorrow.

If you go there in the day, other cultivators will see you.” Jing Yunyao said, “Oh, because the Yin family and Tiandaozong failed to find the murderer, your cousin is still being watched by Tiandaozong, so he couldnt come out to meet you.

Hell leave the cultivation world in the afternoon the day after tomorrow.

Senior Shangguan will go to meet him.

If there is really someone following him, hell lead the person away and bring your cousin over.”


Hearing that, Leng Shaoting agreed.

“Will they spy on Uncle Jing forever if they cant find the murderer” Gu Ning asked.

She wasnt mad because they were the murderers.

It was understandable that Jing Jining was taken as the suspect and was being spied on.

Even she would do that as well if she went through something like that.

Therefore, she didnt have a double standard.

“If they still cant find anything strange about Jing Jining in another half a month, they might give up spying on him, because they need to deal with other things.

It takes a lot for them to send a senior cultivator to spy on Jing Jining,” said Jing Yunyao.


Hearing that, Gu Ning felt relaxed.

The next day, Leng Shaoting went back to the military base in the morning.

They would go to the cultivation world at midnight tomorrow, so he would come back again in the afternoon.

That morning, Gu Ning took Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai to have a tour at the tourist attractions in the city center.

After having lunch, they would go to some places which were farther away.

However, before lunch, Cao Wenxin received Xin Beis call.

Xin Bei told her that he was back in the capital and asked her where she was.

Obviously, after Leng Shaoting went back, he told Xin Bei to go to the capital.

Cao Wenxin was excited when she learned the news that Xin Bei was back in the capital.

Because of Xin Beis job, they rarely saw each other.

Since Xin Bei was back, he spent the day along with them.

At noon, Leng Shaojia left the hospital.

Leng Yuanqian and Jiang Shuyuan went to bring her back home.

After recovering for some time, Leng Shaojia got much better.

She wasnt as haggard and weak as before, but she wasnt strong either.

Given Leng Shaojias current situation, she was unwilling to see outsiders, so she would stay at home to recover for a long time after leaving hospital.

She wouldnt go out until she was fully recovered.

Because of what she had suffered, Leng Shaojia became much gloomier than before.

She refused to talk to other people and even talked very little with her own parents.

In the old days, she was very talkative.

When Leng Shaojia was back, Master Leng reminded her to behave herself from now on.

He forbade her to have any conflicts with Gu Ning again.

Leng Shaojia was displeased, but had to agree when she faced the serious Master Leng.

She could do nothing about it after all.

No matter how much she hated Gu Ning to death right now, she didnt dare to hurt Gu Ning again.

After reminding Leng Shaojia to behave herself, Master Leng told her to have a rest in her room.

Leng Shaojia surfed on Weibo to relax.

Although she hated Gu Ning and disliked everything about Gu Ning, she still couldnt stop herself from paying special attention to news about Gu Ning.

Sometimes, one pays special attention to another person not out of concern, but because of hatred.

Leng Shaojia simply wanted to see bad news about Gu Ning.

Unfortunately, she only read news about the establishment of Gu Nings business empire.

Instantly, she was in a worse mood.

She threw her phone away, losing interest in it.

To her surprise, Gu Ning was much more outstanding than she thought.

After having a meal in the afternoon, Tang Jiakai knew that it would be better for him to be absent, so he went to play games in his room, leaving Cao Wenxin alone with Xin Bei.

Anyway, he was indeed a little tired after hanging out for a day.

He didnt want to go out again.

Gu Ning also went back to siheyuan.

In the city, all the lights were bright.

Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei chatted with each other while walking in a park, hand in hand.

As they chatted with each other, Cao Wenxin blurted out that she ran into Yu Wenjing at the hotel last night.

Cao Wenxin originally didnt want to bring it up, because it would make her seem very mean.

In addition, she wasnt hurt anyway, so it was unnecessary to bring it up, or Xin Bei would be upset.

However, she already blurted it out and Xin Bei heard it.

“What did you say You ran into Yu Wenjing at the hotel Did she do anything terrible to you” he asked at once.

Xin Bei looked annoyed because he was afraid that Cao Wenxin was aggrieved.

“No big deal.

I was with my younger cousin back then, so she was suspicious of me cheating on you.

She criticized me for a while, but was chased out by security guards afterwards.” Cao Wenxin had to be honest, but she didnt tell many details.

“Shes crazy! How could she do that to you” Xin Bei knew that Yu Wenjing wouldnt be kind, so he was furious.

However, although he was mad, he wouldnt go to pay Yu Wenjing back since Cao Wenxin also told him that Yu Wenjing had been punished.

“Alright, I dont care about that.

Anyway, I wasnt the one who was punished.” Cao Wenxin comforted Xin Bei right away.

She honestly didnt think they should be mad because of that.

Xin Bei soon calmed down, but he still thought that Cao Wenxin was treated unfairly, so he apologized.

“Sorry, its all because of me.

You shouldnt have been assaulted.”

“Do you regret being together with me” Cao Wenxin asked on purpose.

“Of course not!” Xin Bei immediately denied it.

“Fine!” Cao Wenxin snorted and said nothing further.

She wasnt mad at Xin Bei, but was simply teasing him.

“Are you really mad” Xin Bei asked nervously.

He had been together with Cao Wenxin for a long time, but they seldom met, so he wasnt very familiar with Cao Wenxins character yet.

As a result, he wasnt sure whether she was really mad at him.

“Im not,” said Cao Wenxin, but in a flat voice, which wasnt persuasive.

Therefore, Xin Bei still believed that she was mad.

Even if it was a little strange, he still said to please her, “Did I say or do anything wrong Tell me, I can change.”

“Nothing!” Cao Wenxin stopped teasing him and became much gentler.

“Really” Xin Bei still couldnt believe it.

“Yeah,” said Cao Wenxin.


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