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Chapter 2049: I Dont Care How You Think of Me

He actually didnt know whether Chu Peihans family was rich, but he could see that she wasnt born in a common family.

Hearing his words, Yang Ziyi and the other girls were surprised.

They definitely wouldnt doubt his words.

Since he said that, it meant the person wasnt Chu Peihans sugar-daddy, but a friend.

In addition, Han Chenglin said that she had her own car, which meant that her family couldnt be poor.

What was worse, given Han Chenglins tone, it was obvious that he was familiar with Chu Peihan.

Unexpectedly, Chu Peihan knew Han Chenglin and they were very familiar.

They knew a lot about Han Chenglin.

He wasnt only outstanding, his family was also very rich.

In that case, people who were familiar with Han Chenglin couldnt be poor!

“I dont go out often.

Why do I have to drive a car Leave it covered by dirt in the parking lot My friend doesnt mind sending me back.

Why should I feel embarrassed” said Chu Peihan.

She knew that Han Chenglin was helping her, so she accepted his kindness because she was unwilling to get in trouble.

“What Dont you need to apologize after slandering me” Chu Peihan turned to ask Yang Ziyi and the other girls seriously.

She had no intention of paying them back.

As long as they apologized, she would let them go.

“S-Sorry.” Yang Ziyi and the other girls subconsciously apologized and didnt dare to say anything else again.

“Alright, you can go now.

If I learn youre bad-mouthing me again behind my back, youll be punished.” Chu Peihan chased them away without patience.

She also warned them in the end.

“I-I wont,” said Yang Ziyi at once.

They didnt dare to pay more attention to the handsome Han Chenglin because they were greatly embarrassed in front of him this time.

After that, they immediately ran away.

Without delay, Chu Peihan turned around, and walked away, leaving Han Chenglin behind.

Seeing that, Han Chenglin was struck dumb for a second.

He was surprised by Chu Peihans attitude, so he became mad in an instant.

“Hey, I helped you out.

Shouldnt you thank me for that”

“I didnt need your help.

Its you who jumped out by yourself.

Even if you said nothing, I could still handle it on my own,” said Chu Peihan, showing no gratitude to him.

Chu Peihan wasnt ungrateful.

She actually felt grateful, but she felt that Han Chenglin was very annoying, so she didnt want to talk to him.

“You…” Han Chenglin was slightly mad, but wasnt really angry with Chu Peihan.

Instead, he felt Chu Peihan was quite adorable.

“Fine, you win.” Han Chenglin gave in.

“Anyway, given my sincere performance, please teach me kung fu.”

Chu Peihan refused to reply to him, and rolled her eyes at him because she was unwilling to talk about that with him now.

No matter how she refused to do that, Han Chenglin wouldnt let her go.

“If you dont say no, then its a silent yes.” Without Chu Peihans response, Han Chenglin begged again.

“Even if you take it as a silent yes, I wont teach you any skills.

What can you do about that” Chu Peihan said.

“How can you be so cold-blooded Ive begged you for so long.

You still refuse to change your mind,” said Han Chenglin confusedly.

“Why cant you give up then Ive refused countless times.

Cant you give up I can make the decision on my own.

You cant force me to do it.

Let me be honest with you, I dont like you, so I dont want to teach you kung fu,” said Chu Peihan.

She couldnt care less about his face.

Han Chenglin wasnt annoyed.

In fact, he wouldnt stop begging Chu Peihan not only to persuade her to teach him kung fu because he didnt lack teachers, but because he felt that Chu Peihan was very fun and he wanted to see her more often.

“Come on, Im so handsome.

How come you dont like me” Han Chenglin asked in the tone of a typical narcissist.

Hearing Han Chenglins words, Chu Peihan rolled her eyes at him again and said with obvious disdain, “Ive seen many men who are more handsome than you.

Youre merely a nobody.”

“As long as youre willing to teach me kung fu, I dont care how you think of me,” said Han Chenglin airily.

Chu Peihan felt she couldnt communicate with Han Chenglin, so she directly ran away leaving him behind.

“Hey, you!” Han Chenglin was struck dumb for a second.

To his surprise, Chu Peihan suddenly ran away and he felt heavily hit.

Han Chenglin wanted to chase her, but gave it up the next second because it would greatly affect his image.

Besides, he couldnt catch up with her.

Chu Peihan ran much faster than him, so it was useless even if he chased her right now.

Anyway, he would see her again.

He didnt need to rush to chase her right now.

Because Xu Jinchen was absent, Zi Beiying had an absent look on her face.

Especially when she saw Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting showing affection in public, she felt lonelier.

Now that she had a boyfriend, she couldnt stand it when other people showed affection in public while her boyfriend was absent.

When she was single, she didnt think it was a big problem when Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting showed affection in front of her.

She felt slightly uncomfortable, but it wouldnt affect her mood to have fun with her friends.

She wasnt so sensitive after all.

In addition, Cao Wenxin was in the same situation as her.

Therefore, they sat together and drank a lot.

Gu Ning and her friends separated at 11 pm.

Zi Beiying and her bodyguards went home on their own.

Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxin were staying in the Huangdeng Hotel as usual, so Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting sent them to there.

There were many coincidences in this world.

So as soon as they entered the hotel, they met Xin Beis ex-girlfriend, Yu Wenjing.

Yu Wenjing was a little drunk, holding a mans arm.

Right after she finished check-in and turned around, she saw Cao Wenxin and the others behind her.

At this time, Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai walked at the front, followed by Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

Because Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai walked closely and they chatted with laughter about where to go and eat tomorrow, they seemed like a couple.

As a result, Yu Wenjing believed they were a couple.

Without hesitation, she rushed to Cao Wenxin and criticized her in anger.

“How dare you! Since youre together with Xin Bei now, how can you stay in a hotel with another man You bitch, Im going to tell him!”

The moment Cao Wenxin saw Yu Wenjing, she frowned and directly gave Yu Wenjing a heavy slap after hearing her words.

“You…” Yu Wenjing was struck dumb after the slap.

Before she came back to her senses, she heard Cao Wenxins cold voice.

“Are you crazy Stop attacking people!”

Yu Wenjing got her senses back and was full of fury, but she was scared of meeting Cao Wenxins angry eyes because Cao Wenxin had kicked her once before.


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