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Chapter 2037: Its Exciting to Have Sex in Blood

Hearing Gu Nings greeting, Zhuo Zhonghong came back to his senses and politely said to her as well, “Nice to see you too, Miss Gu.”

Afterwards, Zhuo Zhonghong turned to look at Leng Shaoting and asked, “When is your wedding It should be soon, right Dont forget to invite me!”

“Of course I wont, but we need to wait for about 3 years,” said Leng Shaoting.

Upon thinking of that, Leng Shaoting felt quite upset.

It was torture to wait so long!

“What” Zhuo Zhonghong was surprised.

He thought it should be this year or the next year, but surprisingly they had to wait for 3 years.

“Why” asked Zhuo Zhonghong.

“Because Ningning is only 19.

She hasnt reached the age of consent yet,” said Leng Shaoting.

He wasnt afraid that Zhuo Zhonghong might joke about him for having a girlfriend whos much younger than him.

It wasnt a big deal in his eyes.

Hearing that, Zhuo Zhonghong was astonished.

Shes only 19 Leng Shaotings girlfriend is much younger than him!

Zhuo Zhonghong felt like laughing, but didnt dare to do that, so he had to control his expression.

“Alright, dont forget to let me know when the date is settled.

I shouldnt waste any more of your time.

Please go in!”

After that, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning said good-bye to Zhuo Zhonghong, then walked into the private room.

From the beginning of the meal till its end, Zi Beiying said nothing about her romantic relationship with Xu Jinchen.

She didnt mean to hide it from Gu Ning, but felt too shy to say it aloud.

Even if Zi Beiying said nothing about it, Gu Ning could still see her difference because they unavoidably talked about Xu Jinchen.

Every time Gu Ning mentioned him, Zi Beiying looked a little nervous and seemed shy and happy.

Seeing that Zi Beiying was different today, Gu Ning had a guess but wasnt sure of it, so she quietly asked Zi Beiying when they walked out of the restaurant, “Where is your relationship with Xu Jinchen now Are you…”

Hearing that, Zi Beiying panicked a little.

“I-We… Nothing!”

Witnessing Zi Beiyings reaction, Gu Ning rolled her eyes at her and said with obvious disdain, “Stop lying to my face! Your reaction already told me everything.

You cant fool me.”

“Really My reaction already told everything” Zi Beiying was surprised, but she had to admit that she indeed felt panicked.

“Fine, were already girlfriend and boyfriend.” Zi Beiying had no intention of keeping it a secret from Gu Ning, she just felt shy to say it aloud, so she admitted with alacrity when Gu Ning saw through her.

Because Gu Ning already had that guess, she wasnt surprised and felt it was a good thing.

Anyway, it was their personal affair, so Gu Ning said nothing and could only hope that they would have a good ending.

When they reached the parking lot, they left separately in their own cars.

“Hi, Senior Shaoting,” Gu Ning suddenly called Leng Shaoting on the road to joke with him.

This was her second time calling Leng Shaoting that, so Leng Shaoting wasnt very used to it yet.

He was struck dumb for a second before coming back to his senses.

“Um, I prefer to hear you call my name.”

“I just want to call you Senior Shaoting,” said Gu Ning.

“Fine, as long as youre happy.” Although Leng Shaoting wasnt used to it, he still accepted it since Gu Ning insisted.

It was just a title and he would get used to it over time.

“You can introduce me as your Junior Ning and Ill introduce you as my Senior Shaoting when we go out again,” said Gu Ning, naughtily.

Leng Shaoting squinted at once.

He gave Gu Ning a sideways glance, then said, “Dont you want other people to know that Im your fiancé Well, it seems Im not a qualified fiancé.

If so, we wont go back to the siheyuan tonight.

Lets go to Mid-Levels Mansion instead.

I need to convince you in bed so that I can feel secure.”

Gu Ning immediately understood his meaning.

He was going to convince her through sex instead of words.

“You…” Gu Ning wanted to say something, but didnt know what to say.

“Ningning, you agree with me, right You didnt disagree at all.” Leng Shaoting put on an evil smile and joked.

“You…” Gu Ning felt embarrassed in annoyance and said on purpose, “Im on my period.”

“Its not a problem.

Its exciting to have sex in blood,” said Leng Shaoting.

He didnt seem to care about it and even showed excitement.

Actually, if Gu Ning was really on her period, he wouldnt have sex with her because it would hurt her.

He knew that Gu Ning was lying, so he deliberately said that because he knew it wasnt the time of the month yet.

“How can you do that Dont you love me Dont you know itll hurt me” said Gu Ning angrily

“Come on, dont you know I remember your time of the month I also smell no blood from you,” said Leng Shaoting.

“You…” In an instant, Gu Ning flushed.

She turned to look at the view outside the window, refusing to talk to Leng Shaoting again.

Leng Shaoting drove faster because he couldnt wait any longer.

Unfortunately, Mid-Levels Mansion was far from the city center, so he complained to himself that the distance was too long.

During these two days, the news that the Shengning Organization was going to be officially established the day after tomorrow gradually spread abroad in high society.

Many people were discussing it.

The Shengning Organization controlled Jade Beauty Jewelry, Kouzi, Colaine, Fenghua Entertainment, Gufan, Xiangyun Arts & Crafts, and Xiangyun Antique-store.

Those were what they knew till now.

All the companies Gu Ning owned now were controlled by the Shengning Organization.

She planned to announce her other companies at the right time in the future.

Because the Shengning Organization didnt have many connections in the capital, only a few famous businessmen and officials were invited, but its news conference which would be held at 10 am the day after tomorrow was already known to a lot of people.

Gu Nings name was well-known in high society after the auction last time, so most people remembered her face.

However, not everyone in high society knew her and many learned about her through others discussions.

In the business circle of the capital, the majority were jealous of Gu Nings rapid success because she was too young to be so successful in their eyes.

They were jealous of her, but it didnt mean they would hate or attack her.

Not everyone was willing to spend time hating or making things difficult for other people.

There were all kinds of people in this world and not everyone was interested in attacking other people.


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