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Chapter 2032: There Is No Problem at All

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Knowing that Qi Ziyue was dead, Gu Ning felt nothing because she had already taken revenge.

It had nothing to do with her whether he was dead or not.

Anyway, it wasnt surprising and Gu Ning had had the feeling that Qi Ziyue would die sooner or later.

As a result, she wasnt surprised at all when she heard the news.

She had seen him seriously injured last time.

He undoubtedly couldnt afford the treatment.

He survived, but was simply struggling.

“Hey, Gu Ning, Can I ask you a question” After talking about Qi Ziyue, Tang Qingyang suddenly asked seriously.

“Sure, what is it” said Gu Ning.

“Um, do you think its suitable for Xu Qinyin and I to be together After all, there is a huge gap between the Tang family and the Xu family,” said Tang Qingyang.

Over these days, he and Xu Qinyin got closer and closer, so he thought he might seize the chance to ask her to be his girlfriend.

He really liked Xu Qinyin, but felt the huge gap between their social status could be a problem.

He didnt think that he didnt deserve Xu Qinyin, but he was worried about the Xu familys opinions.

Gu Ning was aware of Tang Qingyangs special relationship with Xu Qinyin, so she wasnt surprised by his question.

“I dont think there is a huge gap.

You two really like each other and want to be together, so your social status isnt a problem.

Even if youre not comparable to the Xu family when it comes to your position in society, I dont think it should stop you from being together with Xu Qinyin.

The Xu family doesnt care much about status.

Moreover, there are no couples who can perfectly match each other.

Even a marriage between families of equal social status has to embrace slight differences, right”

Gu Ning truly didnt think status was a problem, and Tang Qingyang wasnt an ordinary man anyway.

In the capital, Tang Qingyang was a popular, well-known, quality man! There were countless rich heiresses who were his admirers in the capital.

As for their social status, the Tang family indeed wasnt comparable to the Xu family, but no one would disagree that Tang Qingyang and Xu Qinyin were a perfect match.

It was very realistic now that Tang Qingyang was the controller of the Tang Organization.

The Tang Organization had over a hundred million yuan in assets.

Xu Qinyin, however, was only born in the Xu family.

No matter how rich the Xu family was, she wouldnt own a lot, so the most valuable thing she owned was the title of Miss Xu.

Therefore, even from a realistic point of view, there was no problem with Tang Qingyang and Xu Qinyings social status in their relationship.

Hearing Gu Nings words, Tang Qingyang felt relieved because he always trusted her.

“Great, I know.

Gu Ning, thank you very much,” said Tang Qingyang, then he hung up.

After that, Gu Ning called Han Wenling and asked her why she called.

Han Wenling didnt call Gu Ning for anything important.

She came to the capital a few days ago, and wanted to invite Gu Ning to share a meal, but now she was already back home.

If so, Gu Ning could only tell her to have a meal together next time.

Then Gu Ning called He Siyin and also asked for the reason why she called her.

He Siyin said there was a grand gambling party at the Ye familys casino in City Ao at the end of this year.

Many famous foreign gamblers would attend it and the bet would be a lot of money, so she asked Gu Ning whether she was free to take part in it.

Gu Ning wasnt sure whether she would be free at the end of this year, because anything could happen.

She didnt give He Siyin an affirmative answer right away and only said that she would consider it.

Gu Ning actually didnt have much interest in gambling, but she was willing to take part in the activity and win some money if she had time.

The most important thing she needed to deal with right now was the kung fu competition in the cultivation world, which was only a week away.

Gu Ning wasnt nervous at all, because she believed in Leng Shaoting and her own abilities.

As for Mo Qilin, Gu Ning didnt bother to call him back.

After that, Jing Yunyao called Shu Lihua.

“Shen Yao, why couldnt I get through to you during the past days” Once Shu Lihua answered Jing Yunyaos call, she asked with concern.

Although she knew it wasnt easy for Jing Yunyao to be hurt given Jing Yunyaos abilities, Jing Yunyao wasnt able to do everything after all.

Besides, Jing Yunyao had disappeared for a whole week, so she naturally felt worried about her.

“Sorry, I lost my phone.

I went to a remote town and there are no phones to buy.

I couldnt use a phone till now.

I bought a new one and a new phone card so that I could see your message.

I called you right away,” said Jing Yunyao.

She obviously couldnt tell the truth.

Knowing that Jing Yunyao was fine and only lost her phone, Shu Lihua felt relieved.

“Are you back in City Ge now or somewhere else” asked Shu Lihua.

“Ill be in City Ge in a while, but our flight will leave at 11:20 am.

Well directly go to the airport,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Oh, I thought we could share a meal together.

If so, lets meet next time!” Shu Lihua felt disappointed, but she couldnt force Jing Yunyao to stay.

“Sure, Ill come back to see you once I have time,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Great, Ill visit the capital if I have the chance.

You can be my guide then,” said Shu Lihua.

Because of her status, she didnt have many real friends.

Most people made friends with her for a purpose.

She wouldnt stop getting along with them, but she just needed to be careful.

Jing Yunyao, however, was different.

She had saved Shu Lihuas life and was her real friend, so Shu Lihua cherished their friendship very much.

Even though they seldom met after Jing Yunyao moved to the capital, they kept in touch and she would visit Jing Yunyao occasionally.

“Of course!” said Jing Yunyao with a smile.

She looked forward to seeing Shu Lihua in the capital.

“Oh, please help me thank Miss Gu.

Ill be cured very soon after the cancer cells disappear from my bpdy,” said Shu Lihua gratefully.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, she would have to suffer from it for a long time.

“Im happy for you.

I surely will convey your thanks to her,” said Jing Yunyao and gave a glance at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning heard Shu Lihuas words, so she smiled too, which meant she accepted Shu Lihuas thanks.

After chatting with Shu Lihua for a while, Jing Yunyao hung up.

In the cultivation world, Tiandaozong found some clues.

Yin Shixun had met Jing Jining before he died.

Before Jing Jining met Yin Shixun, he had seen a woman.

That woman was Jing Yunyao.

Although Jing Jining had done his best to damage the surveillance videos of his meeting with Jing Yunyao, he failed to completely destroy them.


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