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Chapter 2027: Yin Shixuns Body Is Discovered

Xu Jinchen gently smiled at her.

He hesitated for a while, then closed the car door of the front passengers seat before going back to the drivers seat and driving.

Actually, he really wanted to kiss Zi Beiying just now, but didnt think it was appropriate.

After all, it wasnt easy for him to persuade Zi Beiying to be his girlfriend.

If he did anything too intimate to her right away, it would be rude.

Sometimes, he needed to be shameless, but he should behave in order to protect his good impression on her.

At 6:20 pm, Xu Jinchen brought Zi Beiying to Jinlin Hotel.

They directly went to the private room that Xu Jinlin booked.

At this time, everyone was present.

Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying were the last ones because they came here from the Great Wall and spent a lot of time on the road.

In the private room, there were six people, three men and three women.

Xu Jinlin came with his fiancée.

His friend, An Yan, was with his wife, and his other friend, Ji Wenbu, came with his girlfriend.

Although An Yan and Ji Wenbu were both Xu Jinlins friends, they were close to Xu Jinchen as well.

When Xu Jinchen was back in the capital, he was either with his comrades from the Red Flame or them.

Because of his profession, Xu Jinchen didnt have many friends.

Xu Jinlin was involved in business, so he knew a lot of people, but only maintained a good relationship with a few of them.

At the beginning, Xu Jinchen enjoyed gathering with them, but he gradually felt reluctant to gather together with them again because they all became couples afterwards while he was still single.

As a result, he gathered more often with his mates in the Red Flame.

Unfortunately, his comrades also got a girlfriend one after another, so he was unwilling to see them too.

He was unhappy about it, but didnt take it seriously.

Anyway, he had a girlfriend too now, so he didnt care how many couples there were among his friends.

“Oh, hi, Jinchen, why dont you introduce the girl to us”

Once Xu Jinchen showed up, his friends said hi to him.

“Well, let me introduce you, this is my girlfriend, Zi Beiying,” said Xu Jinchen with obvious pride.

People looked excited when they had good news, so Xu Jinchen was showing great excitement after having a girlfriend.

Afterwards, Xu Jinchen said to Zi Beiying, “Beiying, this is my older brother, Xu Jinlin.

This is his fiancée, Wen Siyi.

This is An Yan and there is his wife, Zhang Keke.

And this is Ji Wenbu, and thats his girlfriend, Gao Le.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Zi.”

Hearing that, everyone gently greeted Zi Beiying.

“Nice to meet you all,” Zi Beiying replied to them.

It was their first meeting, so she felt a little uneasy.

After all, she was Xu Jinchens girlfriend now.

If they were just friends, she wouldnt feel shy at all.

Moreover, Xu Jinchens biological older brother was present!

Anyway, Zi Beiying wasnt an ordinary girl.

Even though she felt a little embarrassed, she still behaved confidently.

After Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying sat down, they began to order.

And while waiting for the dishes to be delivered to the table, they chatted with each other.

Zi Beiying met them for the first time, but they didnt ignore her and chatted with her once in a while.

Whether they were men or women, they were all kind to her.

However, because they just met, they wouldnt talk about everything with each other, especially about Zi Beiyings family and how they got to be together in case they were embarrassed.

After having the meal, they went to have fun in a clubhouse.

The several cultivators who came to spy on Gu Ning didnt see her for a few days, and instead ran into one another.

The cultivators who ran into each other were Yin Shiyi and Dongfang Jinghong.

Because they were aware that other families also sent out someone to spy on Gu Ning, they werent surprised to see each other.

In fact, they had sensed one another earlier on, but they were unwilling to meet, so they avoided seeing one another once they felt the other persons air.

However, this time, they ran into each other by accident and it was too late for them to avoid one another, so they had to meet.

“Oh, hi, Uncle Yin.” Seeing Yin Shiyi, Dongfang Jinghong greeted him first with a good attitude.

Their families were actually enemies and they never stopped competing against each other, but their relationship wasnt that bad, so they remained polite on the surface.

“Hi, Nephew Jinghong.” Yin Shiyi beamed at him.

“Have you eaten”

“Not yet, Im on my way for a meal now.

How about you, Uncle Yin” asked Dongfang Jinghong.

“Me either.

Why dont we go together” asked Yin Shiyi.

“Sure.” Dongfang Jinghong agreed, then they went to dine together.

Although they clearly knew each others real purpose, neither of them mentioned it, so they talked about something else.

“Oh, did you see my older brother” asked Yin Shiyi.

“Uncle Shixun No, I didnt,” said Dongfang Jinghong, then stopped asking further about that.

When the dishes were placed on the table, they began to eat.

They sat in the hall, so they were surrounded by other people.

As a result, they heard the next tables discussion during the meal.

“Jesus, someone found a body in the mountain at XX road.

It seems like its been dead for a long time, but it hasnt rotten yet.

Its hard to believe!”

“Yeah, but its scary too.

There must be very deep hatred for the murderer to kill them and throw the body away.”

“Who knows! The police havent found the murderer yet, so Im afraid there wont be a result.”

“Although they cant find the murderer now, it doesnt mean the murderer can hide forever!”

“When the body was found, there wasnt a phone or ID card, so no one knows who it was.

It has been shown on the Internet for three days, but no one can recognize it.”

Hearing that discussion, Yin Shiyi and Dongfang Jinghong werent interested, because it wasnt uncommon.

People killed each other and threw the bodies because of conflicts.

“Isnt there any other clue”

“There is.

The body had a piece of Hotan jade carved with a dragon, but it might not be helpful.

There is a lot of jade now after all.”

Nevertheless, Yin Shiyi was struck dumb for a second when he heard that the body had a piece of Hotan jade carved with a dragon.

Yin Shixun carried a piece of Hotan jade carved with a dragon! There was a lot of jade carved with all kinds of patterns now, but Hotan jade was still very rare.

He refused to believe that Yin Shixun was dead, but he had a premonition all of a sudden, so he had to go to make sure of it.


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