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Chapter 2026: Be My Girlfriend

Zi Beiying didnt refuse to be called like that, but she was displeased because Xu Jinchen hadnt asked for her permission beforehand.

It made her feel like she was fooled, which was quite upsetting.

“Are you willing to be my girlfriend” Xu Jinchen suddenly looked at Zi Beiying with affection and asked that question seriously.

He felt he should take the step forward, or it would be torture for them to be like this.

Zi Beiying didnt expect Xu Jinchen to say that, so she was stunned.

Is he confessing his affection to me Or is he joking He doesnt seem to be joking at all!

Receiving no response from Zi Beiying, Xu Jinchen continued, “Zi Beiying, are you willing to be my girlfriend I cant promise Ill be a perfect boyfriend, but Ill do my best.

If you like me as well, please give me a chance.


Zi Beiying came back to her senses and moved her eyes away from Xu Jinchen at once.

At this moment, her heart was pounding very fast.

She didnt know how to reply to Xu Jinchen.

She wanted to say yes, but it was hard for her to say that aloud.

She didnt have worries, but only felt shy.

Because she was too shy to say yes, she could only avoid the question.

“Um, w-we should go back home now.”

However, Xu Jinchen wouldnt easily stop once he asked that question.

“Youre avoiding it.

You dont dare to be my girlfriend,” said Xu Jinchen.

He deliberately said that to annoy Xu Beiying in order to make her accept him.

He knew Zi Beiyings character.

If he talked with her nicely, it wasnt likely to succeed, but she would accept it once she felt she was challenged.

And he was right.


Im not a coward.” Zi Beiying felt challenged once she heard that and subconsciously argued against Xu Jinchen.

“Then its a yes” Xu Jinchen smiled with satisfaction.

“You…” Zi Beiying realized that she just fell into Xu Jinchens trap, so she got angry in an instant.

“I didnt say that!” She glared at him.

“You said youre not a coward, which means you dare to be my girlfriend,” said Xu Jinchen, staring at her with a smile.

“I didnt say yes!” Zi Beiying argued.

“Youre a coward then,” said Xu Jinchen.

He kept on challenging her.

“You…” Zi Beiying was annoyed, but didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

“Silence means yes.” Xu Jinchen wouldnt let her go.

“Xu Jinchen, enough.

Arent you embarrassed” Zi Beiying asked in annoyance.

“I think a girlfriend is more important,” said Xu Jinchen, seeming innocent.

Precisely because he cared too much about his face, he had remained single for years.

“You…” Zi Beiying suddenly found out that Xu Jinchen wasnt easy to deal with at all!

“Do you dare to be my girlfriend” Xu Jinchen asked again.

Zi Beiying said nothing.

“Ok, its a silent yes.

From now on, youre my girlfriend,” said Xu Jinchen in a domineering tone.

“Youre shameless,” said Zi Beiying in anger.

“I dont think its enough!” Xu Jinchen put on an evil smile.

Zi Beiying was scared and covered her breast at once, leaning backwards.

She stayed alert while looking at Xu Jinchen.

“Since youre my girlfriend now, I need to leave a mark,” said Xu Jinchen, taking it for granted, then approached Zi Beiying.

“If you dare to move nearer, Ill refuse to be your girlfriend.” Zi Beiying blurted it out in fear.

“Do you mean youll agree if I stop now” Xu Jinchen stopped right away, showing obvious satisfaction on his face.

“Great, I wont move closer, my girl.”

He called Zi Beiying his girl.

“You…” Zi Beiying couldnt deny it right now, because she realized that Xu Jinchen was determined to move a step forward in their relationship.

Even if she argued again, the result would be the same unless she rejected him.

However, she couldnt say that aloud because she liked Xu Jinchen.

Although she was stunned by Xu Jinchens sudden confession of affection and didnt know what to do, she wasnt mad at all.

“My older brother is having a meal with a few friends.

Do you want to go with me” Xu Jinchen asked Zi Beiying.

“No, you can go by yourself,” said Zi Beiying on purpose.

“If you dont go, I wont go either.

What do you want to have for dinner Lets go have some food together.” Since Zi Beiying was unwilling to go, he wouldnt force her.

He wouldnt go either.

Zi Beiying felt touched when Xu Jinchen chose to stay with her.

She felt she was being a little unreasonable all of a sudden.

“Your older brother wants you to go.

Isnt it rude if you refuse to go to see him” said Zi Beiying gently.

“I promised that Ill stay with you these days.

If you dont want to go, I wont leave you alone.

Its not important, so I can be absent.

By the way, youre my girlfriend now.

I cant abandon you here.

Im a man,” said Xu Jinchen seriously.

Zi Beiying didnt argue with him this time when he called her his girlfriend.

Although she seemed reluctant, she had to admit that she was moved by Xu Jinchens words.

“Fine, lets go to see your older brother together.

If I refuse to go, Ill be the unreasonable person,” said Zi Beiying.

Now she accepted the fact that she was already Xu Jinchens girlfriend, actually, when she had said that to Xu Jinchen, she already took herself as his girlfriend.

“Great, lets go now!” Xu Jinchen felt quite satisfied since Zi Beiying regarded herself as his girlfriend.

It was true that men needed to be shameless sometimes to chase a girl.

After that, Xu Jinchen called Xu Jinlin and asked him where he was.

The Xu family had its own hotel, so there was no need for them to go somewhere else.

They dined at Jinlin Hotel in the city center.

Halfway there, Xu Jingchen saw a flower shop, so he found a place to park, then asked Zi Beiying to wait for him in the car, saying that he needed to buy two bottles of water.

Zi Beiying couldnt see the flower shop from where he stopped the car, so she didnt know that Xu Jinchen left to buy flowers.

When he came back with a large bunch of roses, she finally realized he just lied to her.

He didnt leave to buy water, but flowers.

In an instant, Zi Beiying felt like crying.

This was the first time that she had experienced such a romantic thing.

Once Xu Jinchen was back at the front of the car, he directly opened the car door of the front passengers seat and handed the flowers to Zi Beiying.


Xu Jinchen never had a serious romantic relationship before, so he wasnt a very romantic man.

He could only do his best to learn and try to be romantic.

Since Zi Beiying admitted that she was Xu Jinchens girlfriend, she wouldnt reject his flowers.

She accepted them at once and said, “Thanks!”


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