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Chapter 197 Natural Red Coral

Although the Qinghua Group was the Qing Gangs property, it didnt stand for the Qing Gang, because it had its own network, and wouldnt bother the Qing Gang.

Therefore, nobody believed that Zhou Zhenghong had a relationship with the Qing Gang.

However, it wasnt easy to have a connection with the Qinghua Group.

The industries of the Qinghua Group didnt concentrate in City G.

Thus even though it had over a hundred billion yuan in assets, it only ranked fourth with thirty billion yuan in assets, on the list of the richest in City G.

The list of the richest in City G naturally only ranked according to the assets or wealth in City G.

However, nobody could figure out how Zhou Zhenghong was able to invite almost half of the important figures in City G to attend his opening ceremony.

Those figures came not only for the sake of Zhou Zhenghong, but also for the good of their own business.

The Qinghua Group sent a 20 centimeters tall and 15 centimeters wide, natural red coral to the Jade Beauty Jewelry.

It was huge and rare.

Natural red corals were made up of polyps.

It grew very slowly and didnt regenerate.

Red corals only existed in several straits (Taiwan Strait, Strait of Japan, Baltic Strait and the Mediterranean Sea).

Due to the limitation of sea areas, the red coral was super precious.

Red coral was also an organic gemstone with a pleasant color and a lustrous texture.

It grew in the deep sea at a depth of 1000 to 2000 meters.

It was listed as one of the three organic gems; together with pearls and amber, and one of the seven treasures in

the Eastern Buddhist scriptures.

It had been regarded as a symbol of good wishes since ancient times.

This natural red coral was worth over ten million yuan, which shocked everyone, including Gu Ning.

She had to admit that Situ Ye was really generous.

Its price wasnt a big deal.

The point was that the natural red coral was too rare to buy in the market.

Gu Ning liked it very much at the first sight, and decided to take it home as part of her collection.

Leng Shaoting, on the other hand, was upset to see Gu Ning being so happy about Situ Yes gift.

He immediately disliked the natural red coral.

After that, Kong Yuan, the Chief of Staff of the Military Division in City G arrived.

His arrival caused another round of sensation.

What An important figure in the military division came too!

There was no need to ask Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning immediately understood that he must have arranged it too, but she was astonished by Kong Yuans position.

He was the Chief of Staff, which was a colonel in the army.

If Leng Shaoting was able to send him here, then Leng Shaoting must either be his relative or in an even higher position than him.

Gu Ning preferred to believe the second assumption.

If he was in a higher position than Kong Yuan, he must be at least a major general…

Thinking of that, Gu Ning abruptly looked to Leng Shaoting in astonishment.

Leng Shaoting understood what was on Gu Nings

mind, and he didnt want to hide.

“Major general.”

Major general.

He was a major general!

A 25-year-old major general! It was incredible! Normally, a major general would be over 40-years-old.

Gu Ning couldnt help taking a long breath in.

She thought to herself “Leng Shaoting, how old were you when you joined the army And how many great achievements have you made”

Gu Ning suddenly felt like crying.

It was very difficult to achieve the position of major general.

He must have risked his life countless times and paid a lot for it.

Thinking of the possible danger that Leng Shaoting could encounter while he was on a task, Gu Nings heart ached.

She wanted to check the injuries around his body.

There had to be injuries on his body.

The only question was whether there were many or few injuries.

Leng Shaoting wasnt good at romance, but he was highly intelligent, so he sensed that Gu Ning was worried from her emotions at once.

He knew that she was concerned about him.

He was happy to know that, but also felt bad.

And he could only comfort her.

“Im fine.”

Gu Ning didnt say a word, trying to calm herself down.

It wasnt the right time to cry.

Qin Yifan also noticed that Gu Ning was worried about the man.

He felt hurt deeply.

It seemed that they were really a couple.

Kong Yuan sent a gift of calligraphy written by the famous artist, Zhuge Li.

By now, the brand ofJade Beauty Jewelry had become completely well-known.

No one had ever seen such a group of influential guests from all kinds of important fields.

The Jade Beauty Jewelry store wasnt very big now, but it was already famous.

What shocked the crowd as well was the quality and level of the jade used by Jade Beauty Jewelry.

The jade was all above medium level, some of them were even top-level.

When it was about 10 am, Zhou Zhenghong started to address his speech.

“Respected leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, my friends, good morning to you all! Today, we are here to hold the opening ceremony of the Jade Beauty Jewelry flagship store.

As the representative ofJade Beauty Jewelry Co., Ltd.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you!”

“Jade, is the essence of all things, enjoying the reputation ofThe Crown of Valuable Stones.

It has the good meanings of luck, wit, nobility, and fortune.

Jade Beauty Jewelry will create high-end jade jewelry.

Lets wish Jade Beauty Jewelry a thriving future! Thank you all for coming! Thank you!”

After the speech, there was a round of applause.

Then it was time for the ribbon cutting.

Yan Zhenglin, Kong Yuan and Master Bai cut the ribbon together.

After the ribbon cutting, guests could make a reservation for the Kings Green.

Gu Ning thought that there would be few people who were willing to pay a high price for jade, but unexpectedly, over a dozen people made a


However, the Kings Green wasnt big enough to fulfill their needs, so they could only apply an alternative plan.

Luckily, Gu Ning had prepared a plan B for it.

The alternative was to bid secretly.

Customers could write down the bid price and types of jewelry he or she wanted on a piece of paper, then hand the paper to the worker.

The worker would collect all the

pieces of paper and the most generous buyer would win the Kings Green.

Before long, the results were revealed.

Undoubtedly, both Master Fu and Master Bai won a wide jade ring at a much higher price than others.

Gu Ning had already made over a hundred million

yuan on the first day, before the store even opened.

Because it was only the reservation for the jewelry, they each paid a deposit of 20%.

Moreover, there would be a gap between the predetermined number of grams and the final number of grams.

If the jewelry exceeded the predetermined number of grams the customer had reserved, there was no need to pay more for it.

And the customer could acquire more than the predetermined number of grams at the original price.

And if the jewelry didnt meet the predetermined number of grams the customer had reserved, its price would be lowered accordingly

It was universally acknowledged and accepted that the weight of the jewelry couldnt be a 100% accurate.


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