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Chapter 2010: Its Shameful

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Hearing that, Zi Beiying realized the middle-aged woman was talking about the house she just bought.

If she was late by a short while, the house would have been sold.

The saleswoman almost cried from feeling aggrieved, but she fought back tears and explained in a very polite attitude.

“Maam, I made it very clear to you yesterday.

If you wanted it, you needed to pay the deposit so we could keep it for you for a day.

If you dont want it later, wed only charge you two hundred yuan and return the rest to you, but you said you didnt need to do that.

Since you didnt pay the deposit, we can sell it to other customers.

When you called me at the beginning, the house was still available, but another customer bought it afterwards.

I gave you a call right away, so it isnt our fault.”

“Not your fault, so is it my fault You told me to pay the deposit, but who knows whether its your way of selling” The woman argued.

She didnt believe that the house would be sold so soon, so she refused to pay the deposit.

At this moment, she began to play the blame game.

She was the one who refused to do that, but now she blamed the saleswoman for it, which was really unreasonable!

“Maam, its the rule in the real estate industry.

If you dont know, you can learn about it,” said the saleswoman.

“What I dont care.

Its your fault, so you must solve the problem for me.

I want the house.

No matter who bought it, give it back to me.

Im going to pay 50% down payment,” said the woman with great pride.

She believed that she was a very generous buyer because she was able to pay 50% down payment, while normally people only paid 30%.

“Thats ridiculous! Its already sold.

There is no reason to give it back to you!” Zi Beiying couldnt stand it and opened her mouth.

She walked over and showed disdain on her face.

“Stop showing off.

Its nothing that you can pay 50%, because I paid the full payment.”

Hearing that, everyone turned to look at Zi Beiying.

She didnt think it was a big deal that she was able to pay a full payment, but other people were amazed because the house cost nearly forty million yuan!

It turned out to be true that common people couldnt understand rich peoples world.

“D-Did you buy the house” asked the woman.

Since Zi Beiying was able to pay a full payment for the house, she must be unusually rich, so the woman hesitated a little.

After all, they were just upstarts in wealth and didnt have much power.

They got thirty million yuan because their house was demolished by the government.

Their son was getting married and their daughter-in-law was from a rich family, so they planned to buy a big house to keep their pride.

“Yeah, I did.” Zi Beiying replied.

“If youre displeased, talk with me.

Dont bully an employee here.

Shes just doing her job.”

“If so, can you give the large house to me You can buy the smaller one.

How about that” said the woman.

This time, she became kind.

“Why dont you buy the smaller one Its my large house.

I didnt steal it from you,” said Zi Beiying.

She was unwilling to give in.

“You…” The woman was mad.

“So what do you want for you to give me the large house”

Hearing that, Zi Beiying felt it was ridiculously funny.

“No, I wont give it to you.

Give up!”

She thought that the woman was dumb!

“Alright, a smaller one is fine.

It isnt much smaller anyway.

Its enough to accommodate our family.” The middle-aged man couldnt tolerate it any longer, so he tried to persuade the woman to give up,

The middle-aged man was obviously a very obedient husband, and such men were often afraid of their wives.

That was the reason why the man didnt say anything until now.

“But…” The woman was unwilling to give up.

“Alright, if you dont want to buy the smaller one, we can go to see other houses.

Its shameful for you to continue to argue with people here,” said the man.

The woman also realized that it was already done and nothing could be changed.

Even if she was reluctant to give up, she had to leave in the end.

“Thank you, miss.” The saleswoman, who almost cried after being shouted at by the middle-aged woman, thanked Zi Beiying.

She was even afraid that the middle-aged woman would run to beat her just now.

“No problem,” said Zi Beiying.

Because it had something to do with her house, she thought that she should do something, otherwise she wouldnt have stood out.

After that, they left.

Once Zi Beiying bought the house, she went to deal with the furnishings.

Although it wouldnt be done within a short time, it was better done earlier than later.

“Gu Ning, which furnishings company did you hire then I think your house is quite beautiful.” Zi Beiying asked Gu Ning.

“My subordinate did it for me, but I can help you ask,” said Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt have many requests for the style of furnishings.

She simply wanted it to be simple and comfortable, but Chen Cangyi still put a lot of effort into it.

He furnished the house very well, and it was very comfortable to live in.

“Thanks,” Zi Beiying said.

After that, Gu Ning called Chen Cangyi and learned the address along with the number of the furnishings company, then gave the information to Zi Beiying.

Zi Beiying needed to deal with it by herself, because Gu Ning had something else to do and she couldnt stay with Zi Beiying all the time.

Because Gu Nings Hummer was in her company and she gave her Land Rover to Zi Beiying, she went to Gao Yis garage to drive his Jeep before going on the road.

She went to Mountain River Garden first to pick up Jing Yunyao to have a meal at the siheyuan, then she began to cultivate.

Halfway on the road, both Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao could sense the air of cultivators, but the cultivator was at a lower level than Jing Yunyao, so the cultivator failed to notice Jing Yunyao.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to look over, then saw a familiar face, which was Dongfang Qi.

Gu Ning withdrew her sight after giving him a look, then said to Jing Yunyao, “Its Dongfang Qi.”

Jing Yunyao was aware of the special function of Gu Nings Jade Eyes, so she wasnt surprised when Gu Ning said that to her.

At the same time, Bai Lin arrived at the company too.

However, as soon as she arrived, she encountered trouble.

Bai Lin always kept a polite but distant relationship with other artists in their company, so they didnt have any conflicts although they werent close.

She knew that they were competitors, especially in the same company.

Everyone had to compete against each other for chances, so it was impossible for them to have real friends.

Bai Lin was very polite to other people, but there was a person she never bothered to talk to or say hi to.

The person didnt care about that before, but this time was different.


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