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Chapter 2006: Its an Accident

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After ordering, Zi Beiying asked curiously, “Since your friend knows it might be a trap, why did she still come”

Because Gu Ning didnt tell Zi Beiying many details, Zi Beiying couldnt understand it.

“Shes an actress.

This meal was arranged by her company.

She couldnt say no, so she had to come,” said Gu Ning.

“Oh, I see!” Zi Beiying understood it at once.

Although actors seemed popular and loved by many people, they actually had to do many things against their own will.

If their companies arranged meals for them, they had to show up, or they would be shut out of the industry.

The dishes were placed on the table after a while, and they began to enjoy the food.

Gu Ning kept on paying special attention to the next private room.

Within twenty minutes, Bai Lin was forced to drink over a dozen cups of strong alcohol.

Luckily, she was able to drink a lot, or she would be drunk already.

Anyway, Bai Lin started feeling dizzy.

Besides, in front of those men, she needed to pretend that she was already drunk even if she only felt slightly dizzy.

After another while, Bai Lin stood up going to the washroom.

When she was absent, the man sitting next to her immediately threw a white pill into her cup and shook it a little to make it melt quickly.

Seeing that, Gu Ning frowned and sent Bai Lin a message at once.

Gu Ning: When your eyes have been away from your glass for a long time, dont use it again.

It might be mixed with something harmful.

Break it and use a new one.

Gu Ning didnt directly tell her that the drink in her cup was drugged, because it would arouse unnecessary suspicion.

She could only imply that the drink might be harmful.

Gu Ning understood that Bai Lin was very smart and she might have thought about that by herself.

Gu Ning guessed correctly.

In fact, when Bai Lin left for the washroom, she already thought about that problem because it wasnt uncommon in the entertainment industry.

A lot of actresses had fallen into that trap before.

Bai Lin decided to do something this time, so she planned to figure out a way to break the cup after using the washroom.

Even though it wasnt surprising, Bai Lin was still scared and trembled after reading Gu Nings message.

This was the first time that she had encountered such a thing, so she unavoidably felt frightened.

Ever since she joined this industry, she always refused to accept unspoken rules.

The company never forced her to do that, so she didnt have many good offers or meal gatherings.

She hadnt been schemed against either.

After Gu Ning agreed to sign her to work for Fenghua Entertainment, she had the idea to end the contract with the previous company right away, but the liquidated damages was three million yuan, which was a large number.

She could afford it, but she would run out of money afterwards.

Although an actor could have a pay of millions of yuan after playing a role in a TV show, the company took most of it and the actor could only have about 30%.

In other words, if an actors pay was ten million yuan, he or she would only receive three million yuan.

Besides, actors needed to spend a lot of money during their work because they needed to make themselves stunning.

A piece of their clothes could cost dozens or hundreds of thousand yuan.

A formal gown for important events could cost much more money.

Therefore, actors could save a little money.

What was worse, Bai Lin didnt have much work these years and she just bought a house in the capital, so her savings werent much.

For now, she only had 3 months left in the company, so she planned to wait till the contract ended, but unfortunately she was in trouble today.

Bai Lin couldnt stay in the washroom for long, so she stopped thinking about it.

After using the toilet, she went outside and pretended to walk unsteadily, supporting her head with one hand.

It seemed that she was already drunk.

As soon as Bai Lin was back to her seat, she suddenly exclaimed when she was about to sit down.

Her hand fell and coincidentally slapped her cup.

The cup was turned upside down on the table and the drink was spilled.

The next second, the cup rolled to the side of the table, then fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

Bai Lin was very good at acting, so it happened smoothly.

No one could see that she deliberately did that.

However, the other people all seemed displeased.

Seeing that, Bai Lin was sure that the drink was indeed harmful.

Although she remained calm on the surface, she actually felt horrified in her heart.

If she hadnt been careful, or if she had drunk the drink… She didnt dare to imagine what would happen to her.

“I-Im sorry.

Ive drunk too much.

I can barely walk steadily.” Bai Lin apologized right away.

“Be careful!” Bai Lins agent snapped at her.

“Im sorry, Im really sorry.

I didnt do it on purpose.” Bai Lin continued to apologize, looking pitiful.

“Its alright.

Just give her a new cup.” The man who had drugged her drink pretended to be tolerant.

Even if he was displeased, he couldnt show his real feelings right now.

It was an accident, and he could do it again later.

Before long, a waiter brought over a new cup and Bai Lin filled it by herself.

“Manager Lin, Manager Wu, and Manager Wang, Im so sorry for breaking the cup just now.

Please allow me to punish myself by drinking a new one,” said Bai Lin, then she drank the drink without delay.

She showed a sincere attitude, so the other people stopped embarrassing her.

Actually, it wasnt a big deal and most people wouldnt mind it, but the drink was already drugged, so they were unhappy that Bai Lin broke the cup.

“Dont say that.

Its just a cup.”

“Its fine.”

Everyone began to smile and relax the atmosphere in the room.

However, although Bai Lin avoided being drugged, she was forced to drink more and more strong alcohol in the following minutes.

Bai Lin felt increasingly uncomfortable and Gu Ning thought that it must be over.

All the other people had finished eating, but they seemed to have no intention of leaving.

Gu Ning could wait, but Bai Lin didnt have much time now.

Because Bai Lin still had a contract with the company, Gu Ning couldnt make Bai Lin have more enemies or have a tough life by taking her away right now.

After thinking for a while, Gu Ning took out her phone to call Bai Lin.

Bai Lin was having a meal with her managers, but she was allowed to answer her phone.

Seeing it was Gu Ning, Bai Lin felt greatly relieved.

She excused herself, then walked aside to pick up the call, but she didnt move her eyes away from the table in case they tried to drug her again.


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