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Chapter 2005: You Can Never Be Too Careful

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Although they didnt work in the same company, they kept a good relationship after cooperating with each other twice.

At least in the circle, they were real friends.

Han Lengxuan also believed it wasnt a kind invitation.

He wanted to help Bai Lin, but he was occupied with a meal today as well.

He couldnt leave.

“Why dont you give Miss Gu a call I think she can help you.

Dont feel embarrassed.

After all, you can never be too careful,” said Han Lengxuan.

Because Gu Ning might be in a class, Bai Lin sent her a message and hoped that she would see her message as soon as possible.

Bai Lin honestly told her what had happened today.

She wasnt very sure of their general managers intention, so she only said it was just her guess.

When Gu Ning received Bai Lins message, she had just reached the back gate and was about to leave by a taxi.

In order to avoid cultivators, she left her car at her company last time, so she could only take a taxi right now.

Because she knew that cultivators were spying on her outside her school, Gu Ning chose to leave from the back gate.

After reading Bai Lins message, Gu Ning frowned and immediately called her.

If Gu Ning were in the situation, she would believe it was a scheme as well.

The second Bai Lins phone rang, she picked it up.

To her surprise, Gu Ning called her back so soon after reading her message.

Bai Lins voice trembled a little in excitement.

“Miss Gu.”

“Where will you have the meal tonight Which private room” asked Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Bai Lin understood that Gu Ning was helping her.

She felt very grateful and said at once, “Royal Court Hotel in the eastern district.

VIP08 on the 4th floor.”

“Alright, I know.

You can go.

Dont be worried.

Ill book a private room next to it right now.

If anything bad really happens, Ill go to help you,” said Gu Ning.

“W-Will you go in person Is it appropriate Its just my guess.

I dont know whether Ive thought too much about it.” Bai Lin felt flattered and embarrassed because she was worried that she might be wrong and waste Gu Nings time.

She intended to turn to Gu Ning for help and hoped that Gu Ning could arrange for someone to protect her.

If anything bad happened, she could immediately get help, but unexpectedly Gu Ning would go in person.

“Its fine.

We can never be too careful, and Im going to have a meal with my friends today.

I dont care where we go, so we can go to the same place if you need my help,” said Gu Ning.

She wasnt lying because she indeed had an appointment with Zi Beiying, but they hadnt settled the place yet.

“Thank you so much, Miss Gu!” Bai Lin felt that she shouldnt bother Gu Ning so much, but Gu Ning was right.

They could never be too careful.

If her general manager really aimed to hurt her, she would be safe with Gu Nings presence.

“Not a big deal,” said Gu Ning.

Because Bai Lin was signed by her company, she was willing to help.

After that, Gu Ning called Zi Beiying and told her to meet at the Royal Court Hotel in the eastern district.

She also told Zi Beiying the reason why she did that.

Gu Ning said one of her friends was going to have a dangerous meal at the Royal Court Hotel today.

Her friend might be trapped, so she needed to go there to help her.

As a result, they would book a room next to the one where her friend was having the meal in the Royal Court Hotel so that she could take action the second her friend was really in danger.

Knowing that, Zi Beiying understood why Gu Ning made that decision and agreed.

At the same time, she was curious too.

“If I arrive earlier, do you need me to watch them for you” Zi Beiying asked.

Although she offered to help Gu Ning, she was actually quite interested in it.

“Sure.” It wasnt very necessary, but Gu Ning still agreed because she was unwilling to upset Zi Beiying.

Zi Beiying was very smart, so she would be careful.

After that, Gu Ning booked a private room in the Royal Court Hotel.

It was still early, so she easily booked a private room next to the one where Bai Lin was going to have the meal.

Once it was done, Gu Ning sent Zi Beiying a message, telling her the number of the private room before taking a taxi to the Royal Court Hotel.

Because Gu Ning set off from the Haicheng District, she wouldnt arrive at the Royal Court Hotel until an hour later.

It was nearly 5 pm now, so it would be 6 pm when she arrived.

Zi Beiying took Mengda and Nan to the hotel and they arrived at 5:40 pm.

She didnt order any food, but paid special attention to the next private room.

They couldnt see the situation in it, but they could hear the sounds if anything strange happened.

The next private room was occupied at 5:50.

Because normally people had dinner at 6 pm, they usually arrived earlier.

For now, nothing strange happened.

In fact, nothing inappropriate would happen at this time.

Even if those men were going to do bad things, they would wait till the meal was over.

Zi Beiying was actually a little impatient.

As Gu Ning walked near the private room, she used her Jade Eyes to see inside.

There were 7 people in it, including Bai Lin and her agent.

Among the other 5 people, only one was a woman, while the other 4 were all men over 40.

The woman was about 25 and she was pretty.

When she talked with a middle-aged man, she seemed eager to please him.

The middle-aged man was amused, laughing out loud.

Bai Lin was talking with another man who leered at her the entire time, but Bai Lin kept a distance from him.

In fact, Bai Lin felt disgusted, because she could clearly see the mans intention.

If it was a normal meal and they talked normally, she would certainly be kind.

However, even though she was clearly aware of the mans evil thoughts, she had to be polite when she faced him, otherwise she might be in a very dangerous situation if the man was annoyed by her.

She wondered whether Gu Ning had arrived yet.

She bet Gu Ning should have arrived now.

After observing the situation inside, Gu Ning was sure that it was indeed a very dangerous meal.

However, before the man did anything to hurt Bai Lin, she wouldnt do anything, so she went to the private room she booked.

In the meanwhile, Gu Ning sent Bai Lin a message, telling her to relax.

Bai Lin finally felt relieved when she read Gu Nings message.

Once Gu Ning walked into the private room, Zi Beiying said, “Gu Ning, weve noticed nothing strange yet.”

“I know.

Even if theyre going to do something, they wont take action till the meal is over,” said Gu Ning, then sat down.

After that, they began to order.


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