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Chapter 2002: Stop Investigating Yuan Wenrui

“Did Chairman Yuan really have a deal with Shen Yanfeng Its drug-trafficking!”

“No way! Its illegal.”

“Everyone knows that, but there are still a lot of drug traffickers.

The police came to take him away, so no one can say hes completely innocent.”

“Perhaps Shen Yanfeng slandered Chairman Yuan.”

“Its possible.

After all, Shen Yanfeng is standing with the Leng family.

I cant believe that he would make a deal with the Yuan family.

Its highly likely to be slander.”

“I heard the Leng familys people arrested Shen Yanfeng this time.”

“Its not strange at all.

Its what the Leng family always does.

Even if its own people are guilty, theyll still arrest them.

Thats the reason why theyve kept a good reputation.”

“Well, I do hope its just slander, otherwise the company will be in a mess.”


In the Yuan Organization, many people trusted Yuan Wenrui not because he was a good man, but because they felt that Shen Yanfeng was protected by the Leng family.

After Yuan Wenrui was taken away by the police, Master Yuan heard the news right away.

Because it wasnt surprising, Master Yuan stayed calm.

Yuan Wenrui wasnt pushed into the interrogation room right after he was taken to the Public Security Bureau.

He was a member of the Yuan family after all.

Even if he was a suspect, the police wouldnt treat him badly before he was declared guilty.

Therefore, Yuan Wenrui was taken to an office and the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau interrogated him in person.

The deputy director was serving another senior leader.

He wasnt working for the Leng family, the superior leader, or the Yuan family.

Leng Shaoting told the deputy director to do it instead of dealing with it on his own because he thought it wasnt appropriate for him to handle it in person and he had no intention of letting Yuan Wenrui get away with it this time.

He knew that the Yuan family would play the blame game and aim to damage the Leng family if he seriously investigated Yuan Wenrui.

In addition, although Yuan Wenrui had a deal with Shen Yanfeng, it hadnt succeeded yet.

Even if he seriously investigated Yuan Wenrui, Yuan Wenrui wouldnt be seriously punished.

Anyway, it didnt mean he would let Yuan Wenrui go.

Leng Shaoting would separate Yuan Wenrui from this case, but the deal Shen Yanfeng made would become puzzling.

No one could be sure that Yuan Wenrui indeed had a deal with Shen Yanfeng.

In that case, some people would trust Yuan Wenrui, while some wouldnt and would believe that he was guilty and wasnt punished only because of his status.

Accordingly, even though Yuan Wenrui was fine, his reputation would be greatly damaged and the Yuan family would be affected too.

Yuan Wenrui was interrogated according to the rules in the Public Security Bureau and Yuan Wenrui denied all the accusations.

The deputy director took out the contract he had signed with Shen Yanfeng.

Yuan Wenrui admitted that he had signed it, but insisted that the contract had gold on it instead of drugs when he wrote his name down.

The reason was that the Yuan family wanted to open a jewelry store and needed gold.

Shen Yanfeng said he was running a gold business, so the Yuan family made the deal with him.

Although Yuan Wenruis explanation wasnt persuasive at all, the police didnt ask further about that because they intended to release him.

Before Yuan Wenrui blamed the Leng family for it, the deputy director told him to leave.

The deputy director made it clear that they hoped he would be cooperative for the following interrogation before Shen Yanfeng was sentenced.

In order to prove that he was innocent, Yuan Wenrui agreed.

However, he somehow felt he wasnt the target and thought that the Leng family might be planning to let him go, which was the only reason for that.

If so, the Leng family must be unwilling to be affected, but he didnt think that the Leng family was afraid of the Yuan family.

Perhaps the Leng family simply wanted to punish Shen Yanfeng this time.

Once Yuan Wenrui left, he reported it to Master Yuan.

Master Yuan held the same idea as him.

It wasnt a bad result, so he told Yuan Wenrui to be cooperative with the Public Security Bureau.

The news that Yuan Wenrui was soon released after being taken away by the police spread abroad.

Many people believed that Yuan Wenrui had nothing to do with the drug-trafficking case Shen Yanfeng was involved in, but some didnt believe it.

Because the Public Security Bureau in the capital was a serious place, the police must have evidence before taking action.

They believed that Yuan Wenrui was released afterwards for the sake of his family.

Even though Yuan Wenrui was still amid suspicions, Yuan Wenrui and the Yuan family didnt mind because he was safe.

If he was really arrested by the police, it would be confirmed that he was guilty and the Yuan familys reputation would be ruined.

Rong Jue paid attention to the case all the time.

He wasnt sure whether the Leng family didnt have solid proof or deliberately let Yuan Wenrui go because he didnt know whether the Leng family was aware of Yuan Wenruis drug deal with Shen Yanfeng.

He had evidence to prove that Yuan Wenrui was really making a drug deal with Shen Yanfeng, but he wouldnt take it out right now.

Yuan Wenruis deal with Shen Yanfeng didnt succeed, so the crime didnt stand, and he couldnt punish Yuan Wenrui even if he took out the evidence.

After all, the Yuan family wasnt weak at all.

Besides, it wasnt a good thing for the Rong family if they had a grudge with the Yuan family just because of that.

Because of that, Rong Jue felt that Leng Shaoting didnt lack evidence to prove that Yuan Wenrui really had a deal with Shen Yanfeng.

He believed that the Leng family was unwilling to hold a grudge against the Yuan family.

“Rong, do we need to take out the evidence now” Rong Jues teammate didnt think further about it, so he asked Rong Jue after knowing that Yuan Wenrui was safe.

“No need,” said Rong Jue, then he told his teammates his analysis, so his teammates learned that it was better not to take out the evidence.

In Country Y, the Cretan family failed to find the murderer who killed Charles.

It didnt give up its investigation, but it was in despair.

The Zi familys business went back to normal.

After the spies sent by the Dongfang family and the Jing family to Colaine were exposed, they sent another group of people over.

This time, all the people were members of their own families.

Leng Shaoting told Gu Ning that, after Jing Jining shared the news with Leng Shaoting.

The Dongfang family sent Dongfang Jinghong, Dongfang Ziyus older brother, the son of the Dongfang familys eldest son, this time.

Dongfang Jinghong wasnt as talented as Dongfang Ziyu, so he didnt receive as much attention as her in the Dongfang family.

Now the kung fu competition was right around the corner, but he was sent out to do the task.

It would waste his cultivation time.


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