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Chapter 1999: Masochistic Tendency

“Its okay.” Han Chenglin immediately waved his hand and said it was okay, then patted the weeds on his body and walked away looking embarrassed.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha, Chenglin, shouldnt you give up this time”

After running away, Han Chenglins two friends laughed out loud and one of them asked Han Chenglin.

“Impossible!” Han Chenglin refused to give up.

“I do want her to be my kung fu teacher, but I think Chu Peihan is quite fun.

Im attracted to her.”

Saying that, Han Chenglin showed great interest.

He wasnt mad at Chu Peihan for hurting him at all.

Instead, he enjoyed it.

He could feel that Chu Peihan didnt use her full strength, or he would be really injured.

“What Do you like Chu Peihan”

Hearing that, Han Chenglins 2 friends were both shocked.

“Not yet.

I just think shes fun.

I dont know whether Ill change my mind in the future,” said Han Chenglin.

He was always honest about his feelings.

In his eyes, there was nothing to hide.

“Han Chenglin, do you have a masochistic tendency Chu Peihan treated you so badly.

Why are you still interested in her” Han Chenglins friend rolled eyes at him.

“Masochistic tendency” Han Chenglin squinted, then turned to his friend with a vague smile.

“Why dont you hit me to test it”

His friend immediately stepped backwards.


If he dared to hit Han Chenglin, Han Chenglin would surely hit him back.

It had happened before, so he wouldnt try again.

Besides, he only said Han Chenglin had a masochistic tendency when Han Chenglin faced Chu Peihan.

He didnt mean that Han Chenglin was masochistic with everyone.

“Alright, lets have a walk around.

Perhaps well run into them in a while,” said Han Chenglin, then walked in the direction Chu Peihan left.

Han Chenglins friends shook their heads with a resigned look.

It seemed that Han Chenglin indeed had a masochistic tendency! He wouldnt stop seeing Chu Peihan.

Wasnt he afraid that he would be embarrassed again

Because Han Chenglin insisted on doing that, they had to follow him.

After Chu Peihan and others walked away, Mu Ke asked curiously, “Peihan, is that boy your admirer Hes quite handsome.

Werent you a little cruel by giving him a heavy kick”

Chu Peihan pursed her lips.

In fact, she also realized that the heavy kick was slightly violent, but it had already happened.

She couldnt change it anyway.

“Kind of, but he admires me not because he likes me.

He just wants me to teach him kung fu.

Im not interested! He also left a bad first impression on me.”

“He wouldnt stop bothering me.

A girl who admires him misunderstood and thought that he admires me, so 2 girls came to cause me trouble afterwards, so I hate him more now,” said Chu Peihan, showing dislike on her face.

“Oh, I see!” Hearing that, Chu Peihans friends understood her mood.

Because it was a weekend, there were many visitors in the park.

In addition to boating, there were other games in the park, but there werent as many as those in amusement parks.

After all, they came here in order to enjoy the natural scenery.

Several of them went to play darts later.

At the same time, 2 men and 2 women walked to the darts field as well.

All of them were about 25 to 30.

“Yiyi, youre good at shooting, so you must be excellent at darts too.

Why dont you show us your skills” a man said to a woman.

Because they were next to Gu Ning and the others, Gu Ning heard their conversation and turned to give them a glance.

Coincidentally, Xie Yiyi met Gu Nings eyes and was displeased to see Gu Nings stunning beauty.

She didnt seem obviously jealous, but somehow disliked Gu Ning.

Gu Ning could see that she was a soldier given her air.

Anyway, Gu Ning didnt care about it.

After they met each others eyes, they moved apart and Xie Yiyi replied to the man.


The man then asked the boss for 10 darts and handed them to Xie Yiyi.

Right when Xie Yiyi was ready to throw a dart, she heard a round of exclamations from her side.

She turned and saw Gu Ning just hit the red spot with a dart.

Xie Yiyi was slightly surprised by Gu Nings good luck!

In Xie Yiyis eyes, Gu Ning was just lucky.

It was not only Xie Yiyi, her companions also held the same idea.

Only Chu Peihan and Gu Nings other friends knew that it was Gu Nings ability.

Therefore, for them, it wasnt surprising at all that Gu Ning was able to accurately hit the bulls eyes.

It would be surprising if she didnt!

Those who believed that Gu Ning was able to do that due to good luck ignored the fact that Gu Ning stayed very calm.

She wasnt excited at all because she hit the red spot, which proved her abilities.

Gu Ning didnt care about other peoples opinions about her.

They would know whether she relied on good luck or her abilities after several other throws.

After that, Xie Yiyi threw a dart, but failed to hit the red spot.

It was quite close anyway, so it wasnt a bad result.

Xie Yiyi, however, was very dissatisfied.

Normally she wouldnt mind it, but today was different.

Gu Ning just hit the red spot.

If she failed, it would make her feel that she was worse than Gu Ning, even if she believed that Gu Ning was just lucky.

She had no intention of competing against Gu Ning, but she simply hated Gu Ning and ached to win.

In addition, she was an officer with a rank in the military.

It would be humiliating if she lost to a common girl.

Right after Xie Yiyi threw a dart, Gu Ning did the same and she hit the red spot once more, which amazed everyone.

“Jesus, she did it twice! Shes quite lucky,” said someone.

Hearing that, Chu Peihan and her friends were unhappy and Chu Peihan retorted at once.


It has nothing to do with luck.

Its her ability.

Ningning can hit the red spot with 10 darts in a row.”

Her words shocked other people, especially Xie Yiyi and Xie Yiyis friends.

“What She can hit the bulls eye with 10 darts in a row Seriously” Someone questioned it, but there was no hatred in his tone.

He was merely amazed.

Some people held doubts too, but they didnt say it aloud.

Xie Yiyi refused to believe that Gu Ning could do that.

She began to observe Gu Ning and realized that Gu Ning was a kung fu lover.

However, she didnt know Gu Nings level.

“Of course!” said Chu Peihan proudly.

Gu Ning said nothing and only gave Chu Peihan a loving glance.

She wasnt annoyed at all because Chu Peihan was defending her.


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