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Chapter 1998: Let Me Help You Up

A lot of people didnt know Mu Ke and Yu Mixi were dating, so their suitors would try their luck and end up rejected.

However, that did not mean they would give up when they were rejected.

After a girl got rejected by Mu Ke, she discovered he was dating Yu Mixi.

So she caused trouble for Yu Mixi, but ended up getting beaten up.

After all, Yu Mixi had been practicing martial arts with Gu Ning for over half a year.

Although she was not considered highly proficient yet, she was capable of throwing down four to five normal men, let alone a defenseless young woman! She could totally finish off girls like her in a matter of seconds.

All the girls in her dorm were terribly impressed.

Yu Mixi kept practicing martial arts as long as the weather permitted whenever she was free.

Also, she went jogging with Mu Ke every morning.

They would also practice martial arts when they were together.

Yu Mixi used to be vulnerable and meek in nature, but after hanging out with Gu Ning, she gradually became stronger.

She did not take the initiative to pick on others, but she did not stand down when people tried to bully her.

Now she would let the guy off if he offended her the first time, but attack if it was done repeatedly.

If she did not fight back, people would only think she was a pushover and encourage people to target her.

Even though the girl was beaten up by Yu Mixi, Mu Ke went to warn her when he learned of the matter.

Although Mu Ke was typically a gentleman, he was very protective of his girlfriend and was naturally furious when people tried to bully her.

He preferred giving verbal warnings and avoided hitting a woman if he could.

The girl wanted to find help and seek revenge on Yu Mixi, but gave up after Mu Ke warned her.

Since it was no big deal, they did not tell Gu Ning right away when it happened and only chatted about it when they had the time to hang out.

An hour and a half later, they arrived at the shore.

It was still early, barely 4:00 pm, so they took a walk in the park.

“Chu Peihan”

A quizzical voice shouted from behind.

The moment they heard the voice, they halted in their steps and turned to look.

It was three boys around their age.

They were all over 1.8 meters in height and looked handsome.

They were dressed trendily and looked like idols.

The boy walking right in front was the one who had just shouted for Chu Peihan.

A lot of young women turned to look as they walked over.

Some of the bolder women even turned to look infatuatedly.

The moment Chu Peihan noticed who it was, her expression changed and looked a little annoyed

The boy was delighted to see it was genuinely Chu Peihan and immediately strode over, “It really is you! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me for a moment there!”

The boy looked at Gu Ning and the others.

His eyes opened wide when he saw Gu Ning and noticed how beautiful she was! He was simply awestruck by her beauty, but he didnt intend on hitting on her.

“Chu Peihan, arent you going to introduce your friends” asked the boy.

“Why should I I dont know you that well, so stay away from me.

Otherwise…” threatened Chu Peihan fiercely as she raised her fists and waved them at the guy like she was going to pummel him.

The moment the boy saw her reaction, he retreated a few steps and was genuinely afraid.

“Stop it! I didnt mean any harm,” said the boy indignantly.

“I dont care.

I dont want to see you.

Nothing good happens when I encounter you,” said Chu Peihan angrily.

Girls had already come making trouble for her twice because of the guy.

He was Han Chenglin, a third-year student at the film academy.

He was handsome and had already acted in several idol television dramas and was quite well-known.

When Han Chenglin saw Chu Peihan practicing martial arts, he kept harassing her to be his master.

Chu Peihan couldnt be bothered with him.

Thanks to him, a couple of her classmates had made trouble with her, so Han Chenglin was the last person she wanted to see.

However, it did not go further than a slight dislike.

“Lets go.”

Chu Peihan didnt want to see Han Chenglin, so she pulled Gu Ning with Mu Ke and Yu Mixi following behind them immediately.

“Hey! Lets talk!” Han Chenglin promptly came chasing after her.

Chu Peihan turned to kick Han Chenglin in the belly.

Han Chenglin saw the kick, but it was too late for him to dodge.

He got kicked squarely in the belly and even fell onto the grass.

Since the grass was rather thick, it didnt hurt much when he fell and only his belly was in a bit of pain.

Han Chenglin also practiced martial arts and worked out often, so he was far stronger than an average man and this pain meant nothing to him.

Everyone was startled by the sight.

No one expected this young woman to be so strong that she could kick a man to the ground.

The surrounding girls promptly targeted Chu Peihan.

“That was too much! How could she beat him up”

“Uh huh! How could she bring herself to kick such a gorgeous man Shes simply terrible.”

“Thats right! Even if she is pretty, it doesnt mean she can go around beating up people!”


Chu Peihan looked annoyed when the girls reproved her.

Sure enough, Han Chenglin brought trouble for her again and even random people all felt sorry for him.

“Han Chenglin, stop following me.

Otherwise, I will personally ensure your image is ruined,” threatened Chu Peihan as she left with Gu Ning.

This time, Han Chenglin didnt chase after her since he was genuinely worried that Chu Peihan would do just that! Since he was working in the entertainment industry, his image was very important.

“Are you okay”

“Let me help you up!”

After Chu Peihan and the others walked off, some pretty girls came over to help, it was a swarm of girls to be precise.

Han Chenglin felt startled when he saw the girls.

He nimbly stood up before they could come any closer to help.

His actions were so swift that it was clear he was perfectly fine.

Han Chenglins friends knew he was perfectly fine as well, so they did not attempt to help him up or check on him.

They felt Chu Peihan was right to kick Han Chenglin.

If they were in Chu Peihans position and ended up targeted by other girls in school because Han Chenglin kept harassing her, they would want to beat him up too.


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