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Chapter 195 The Opening Ceremony I

Leng Shaoting now regretted that he had lied to Gu Ning, but he still argued, “Even if Im not here, I can still help you.”

Indeed, whether he came to City G or not, it was easy for him to arrange security guards for Gu Ning.

He only needed to make a call.

“I promise Ill come to you if I need anything the next time.

Please dont be upset,” Gu Ning comforted him.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was finally cheered up.


The most noticeable feature of this opening

ceremony was the Kings Green, so they left a large empty space in the middle of the store to place the Kings Green for people to appreciate it.

It was locked in a glass box with a guard beside it.

There were people gathering around gradually.

Some were here to have a look, while some came to congratulate Zhou Zhenghong.

Ling Xue and a cameraman had arrived earlier to find out who the guests were.

Master Yan, Master Fu and Master Bai arrived at almost the same time, because they had an agreement to set off together.

Yan Zhenglin, the mayor of City G, came along with his father, Master Yan and Bai Linwei arrived with his father Master Bai.

The arrival of these important figures immediately caused a sensation.

Nobody knew when Zhou Zhenghong had such a close relationship with those influential people in City G.

Gu Ning was only a random customer today.

She didnt show up with any title at Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Master Fu and the others were aware of that, so they only congratulated Zhou Zhenghong to protect Gu Nings real identity.

Leng Shaoting kept following behind Gu Ning.

His outstanding appearance and air of coldness and threat were hard to ignore.

Master Bai and the others were all sophisticated.

They knew that Leng Shaoting wasnt simple at the first glance, but they had no idea about his background.

They also wondered whether Gu Ning and the man were a couple.

However, they refused to believe it, because Gu Ning was too young after all.

Gu Ning behaved like a mature grown-up, so it was still possible that she fell in love earlier than others.

All in all, they wouldnt ask Gu Ning for the answer.

It was her personal affair, and they had no right to interfere.

They also believed that Gu Ning was a person of principles.

Even if she was in love, it had to be because the man was reliable.

“Grandpa Fu, Grandpa Yan, Grandpa Bai, Mayor Yan, Chairman Bai, its so nice to meet you all!” Gu Ning walked over greeting them.

“You dont need to call me Mayor Yan.

You can just call me Uncle Yan,” Yan Zhenglin said kindly.

He didnt seem like a man of authority at all.

Gu Ning had saved his life after all, and he wasnt willing to behave like an official in front of her.

“Uncle Yan, welcome!” Gu Ning called him as he wanted.

“Oh, you dont need to call me Chairman Bai either.

Call me Uncle Bai please.

We arent strangers anyway,” Bai Linwei added.

Bai Linwei was a pleasant person too.

Most importantly, he really appreciated Gu Nings ability, and wanted to make friends with her.

“Uncle Bai, youre welcomed too!” Gu Ning said.

She was of course happy to know that those significant figures were willing to have a close connection with her.

At that time, a black Jaguar stopped at the road outside the Jade Beauty Jewelry store.

Li Zhenyu was the driver, and Qin Yifan was sitting in the passenger seat, while Li Zhenzhen was in the back seat.

Even though it was a broad road and the store was six meters away, they still recognized Gu Ning at first sight.

“Why is Gu Ning here” Seeing Gu Ning, Li Zhenzhen felt terrified out of instinct.

Gu Ning had really scared her.

“She even knows the Bai Family, the Yan Family and the Fu Family! And they seem very close!” Li Zhenyu was astonished too, but he was more shocked that Gu Ning knew those masters.

Li Zhenzhen had the same feeling.

They had thought that Gu Ning was merely a poor ordinary girl who couldnt make any acquaintance of those super-rich and influential families, but they were so close now! Those masters would probably ignore Li Zhenyu directly even if he went to greet them on his own initiative.

Qin Yifan was also amazed by the scene, but his attention soon moved to the man beside Gu Ning.

Who is this man

Although he wasnt sure that they were a couple, Leng Shaotings appearance threatened Qin Yifan.

He had to admit that the man was much more handsome than him.

He didnt think that Gu Ning was a superficial girl, who would judge a man from his appearance.

Thus he believed that if Gu Ning liked this man, the man must be outstanding

Li Zhenzhen loved Qin Yifan, but she also liked to appreciate other beautiful men, especially those charming male idols and stars, but Qin Yifan was the man in her heart, while others were only in her eyes.

Therefore, when Leng Shaoting appeared in her sight, Li Zhenzhen was attracted by him instantly.

The man was even more charming than her idol! At the same time, she was jealous of Gu Ning.

No matter what the relationship between them was, even if they were only common friends, Li Zhenzhen still believed that Gu Ning didnt deserve such a handsome man.

However, to make Qin Yifan give up on Gu Ning, Li Zhenzhen complimented against her will, “The man must be Miss Gus boyfriend.

He is so handsome!”

Qin Yifan felt hurt, but he didnt say anything.

He also had no idea that Li Zhenzhen had said that on purpose, so he didnt blame her for it.

Qin Yifan thought that Gu Ning must have a connection with Jade Beauty Jewelry, but Li Zhenyu and Li Zhenzhen didnt think so They only thought that Gu Ning was here to attend the opening ceremony, even though they knew that Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong were friends.

Because of Gu Nings presence, the three stayed in the car waiting.

“Girl Gu, may I ask, who is this young man” Master Bai glanced at Leng Shaoting.

He didnt want to investigate his background, but thought that it would be impolite if he ignored the young man.

“Oh, right! This is my friend, Leng Shaoting,” Gu Ning immediately introduced.

Leng Shaoting only nodded to them because of his character, but he didnt show any disrespect.

Master Bai and the others also smiled to him.

They could tell that Leng Shaoting wasnt a talkative man, so they didnt mind.

“Lets go and see the Kings Green now! You all have seen it, but I havent yet,” Bai Linwei proposed.

Although he had less interest in jade, the Kings Green was worth looking at and taking a picture.


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