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Chapter 1981: Xie Yiyi

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“Are there any other strange creatures” asked Wei Lingfeng.

He wanted to learn about all of them right now and digest the information together.

“Right, except for cultivators, there are monsters and ghosts in our country as well, but they arent harmful for human beings right now.

Anyway, if we encounter them, we should kill them all.

Theyre dangerous.” Leng Shaoting said, “In fact, there are strange creatures in other countries as well.

Country R has mutants and ninjas who are stronger than ordinary people.”

Hearing that, Wei Lingfeng was surprised, but much less surprised than before, because he started to get used to it.

Since vampires, cultivators, monsters and ghosts were real, it was highly likely that mutants and ninjas existed too.

“I decided to report it to you now because I noticed that people from Country R are investigating cultivators.

We dont get along with Country R.

Once Country R learned that there are unusually strong people in our country, it couldnt stay calm.

If Ive guessed correctly, Country M must be aware of it as well,” said Leng Shaoting.

He was right.

Right after Country R discovered it, it shared the news with Country M, but Country M didnt believe it very much.

Although Country R had a good relationship with Country M, it wouldnt tell Country M all the secrets.

The leaders of Country R didnt tell Country M that there were mutants and ninjas in their country, and Country M wasnt aware of the existence of vampires either.

Even in Leng Shaotings country, nobody would believe in monsters or ghosts.

Vampires didnt belong to any organization.

They were a race living in the darkness.

Mutants, however, were made by Country R, so were ninjas.

Therefore, Leng Shaotings country sometimes got in trouble because of Country Rs tricks.

Nevertheless, it wouldnt happen again.

Hearing that, Wei Lingfeng was annoyed in an instant, because it was indeed a bad thing.

“Anyway, its difficult for them to find the cultivators, because most of the cultivators stay in their own world.

They seldom come to the outside world, so its not easy to see them.

Even if they could meet cultivators, its impossible for them to recognize cultivators unless theyre strong enough to force cultivators to use magical power,” said Leng Shaoting.

In that case, Wei Lingfeng felt a little relieved.

Leng Shaotings talk with Wei Lingfeng was over by 11 am so he left.

Wei Lingfeng and his wife invited Leng Shaoting to stay for lunch, but Leng Shaoting declined, because he needed to have lunch with his girlfriend.

Therefore, Wei Lingfeng and his wife didnt insist.

Leng Shaoting said that because he couldnt expose Shangguan Yang and Jing Yunyao.

Wei Lingfeng and his wife were aware that Leng Shaotings girlfriend was Gu Ning.

They had learned some about Gu Ning from the Internet and Master Leng, so both of them had a good impression of her.

At such a young age, she had achieved a lot, which was beyond ordinary peoples abilities.

Leng Shaoting walked out of the Wei familys house to his car, then saw a young beautiful woman about 24 years old standing by it.

Obviously, she was waiting for him.

The moment the woman saw Leng Shaoting, she showed excitement before walking towards him.

“Shaoting, I knew it was you!”

Seeing the woman, Leng Shaoting stayed as cool as usual.

“Hi, Lieutenant Xie.”

Hearing the way he called her, Xie Yiyi was displeased.

“Shaoting, were outside the military base now.

You dont need to call me formally.”

It couldnt be more obvious that Xie Yiyi was Leng Shaotings admirer.

“Miss Xie,” Leng Shaoting called her.

Xie Yiyi was disappointed, because it wasnt what she wanted.

She actually wanted Leng Shaoting to call her Yiyi.

Xie Yiyis father was a lieutenant general.

Although he wasnt working for the Leng family, he was Wei Lingfengs subordinate, so Leng Shaoting was unwilling to embarrass Xie Yiyi.

Otherwise, he would ignore her and leave right away.

Xie Yiyi had admired Leng Shaoting for many years, and she joined the military for him as well.

In order to keep up with Leng Shaoting, she had been working hard these years.

She even failed to finish her education in college.

Anyway, it was very easy for her to get a diploma relying on her connections.

That was also the reason why she was able to become a lieutenant at 25.

Although she was barely comparable to Leng Shaoting, she wasnt one of the special forces.

She only made normal achievements, so she wasnt promoted as fast as Leng Shaoting.

She also knew that she wasnt as capable as Leng Shaoting, otherwise she wouldnt regard him as her idol.

“Miss Xie, Im sorry.

I have to go now.” Leng Shaoting ignored Xie Yiyi once he finished and left in his car without delay.

Xie Yiyi couldnt stop him.

Watching him driving away, she was filled with sadness.

She didnt understand why Leng Shaoting never bothered to pay attention to her.

Was the rumor true that Leng Shaoting had no interest in women

Xie Yiyi refused to believe that, so she never gave up.

However, she didnt dare to annoy Leng Shaoting in case Leng Shaoting had a bad impression of her, which would be the end of their relationship.


Seeing Xie Yiyis interaction with Leng Shaoting, Mrs.

Wei sighed, “I believed Shaoting and Yiyi could be a perfect couple, but it isnt enough for a romantic relationship.”

“Well, I think Gu Ning and Shaoting can be a perfect couple instead.

Although I havent seen Gu Ning yet, both her own abilities and family background are very outstanding.

Most importantly, Shaoting and Master Leng have a very good impression of her,” said Wei Lingfeng.

He also liked Xie Yiyi, but it wasnt helpful.

“Youre right.” Mrs.

Wei agreed with Wei Lingfeng.

Back at home, Mrs.

Wei noticed Wei Lingfengs worried face, so she asked him with concern, “Anything wrong”


Wei never asked about Wei Lingfengs work, but she cared a lot about his mood.

If Wei Lingfeng was willing to tell her, she would listen.

If not, she wouldnt keep asking him for an answer.

“Nothing special.

Just work,” said Wei Lingfeng.

He had no intention of continuing on that topic, because he couldnt share what Leng Shaoting had told him with his wife.

Since he said that, Mrs..

Wei stopped asking.


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