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Chapter 1974: Deal with the Spies II

Ning Changkai visited the production room often, so Huang Ziwei was familiar with him.

Even if Ning Changkai was wearing a mask, he still knew it was him.

As the general manager of Colaine, Ning Changkai was walking a step behind Gu Ning at this moment.

Given his respectful attitude, he was obviously a subordinate, so Huang Ziwei was even more sure of Gu Nings position.

Huang Ziwei didnt know for sure that it was Gu Ning.

He just thought it might be her.

However, it could also be other senior executives in the head office, or Gu Nings assistant or someone like that.

After a glance at Gu Ning, Huang Ziwei withdrew his sight and continued to work.

Even if she was Gu Ning, he had nothing to be afraid of.

After all, he didnt think she would know that he was a spy.

Gu Ning didnt pay much attention to him and walked away as if nothing special had happened.

The production room was very large.

In the middle of the inspection, Gu Nings phone vibrated for a while, and she received a new message.

She thought to herself that K must have discovered something.

However, Gu Ning didnt rush to read the message.

After the inspection was over, she walked out.

Afterwards, she changed her clothes and took out her phone to read the message.

It was indeed from K.

He told her that he already learned more information about the two spies.

All the real information about them was sent to her email box.

Zhang Yongs real information and the resume sent to Colaine were somewhat consistent.

The school he graduated from was the same, because generally it wasnt easy to fake and could be easily found out.

After graduation, Zhang Yong joined the Chengfeng Group, and he was actually a relative of the deputy general manager of the Chengfeng Group.

He was also the secretary and chauffeur of the deputy general manager.

Because Zhang Yong was outstanding and reliable, he was assigned to be the spy this time.

As for Huang Ziwei, the school he graduated from wasnt fake, but the diploma was bought.

He didnt really go to school.

After all, cultivators learned their skills in the cultivation world, and spent most of their time on cultivation.

For the convenience of living in the mortals world, he bought a diploma.

It was also fake that Huang Ziwei had opened a restaurant and worked in the Yaping Group.

They had worked in Colaine for more than half a month, but still didnt get what they wanted.

They werent aware of the special ingredient in the formulas of the medicines, because every time they needed to add the magical power, Ning Changkai did it by himself.

Even the senior employees who had been in the production room for a long time werent aware of it.

After Gu Ning returned to the office, she showed Ning Changkai the results of Ks investigation.

Although the information didnt directly say that the two people were undercover agents, the information fraud could indeed confirm that there was a problem with them.

Ning Changkai was very angry, but he had to compose himself before Gu Ning.

“Boss, do we need to call the police” asked Ning Changkai.

“No need.” Gu Ning said, “Just chase them away, because we dont have solid proof to prove that theyre spies.

They havent caused any problems yet anyway, so they wont be punished even if we call the police.”

Since Gu Ning said that, Ning Changkai agreed.

“Tell someone to bring them here,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure,” said Ning Changkai, then he went to deliver the order to his secretary.

Before they came, Gu Ning printed the information about them out.

When Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei were called to go to the office, they had a premonition that they might have been exposed.

Anyway, there had to be a reason for them to be called to go to the general managers office!

Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei didnt know or think that the other was a spy, so they relaxed a little when they met.

They thought they might not have been exposed, it could be about something else.

Either way, they wouldnt panic or admit that they were spies even if the secret was exposed.

In the office, Gu Ning sat in the chair by the desk, releasing an air of power, which put great pressure on Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei.

Although they didnt think that Gu Ning would find out they were spies, they didnt dare to take her lightly.

After all, they had heard a lot about her and were aware of her unbelievable abilities.

Unfortunately, they still underestimated Gu Ning.

“Hi, general manager.” Both Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei greeted Ning Changkai once they came in.

They didnt say hi to Gu Ning because they were newcomers and had never met Gu Ning before.

Therefore, they shouldnt know who she was.

Actually, it was very normal if they knew her, but they simply thought it was better for them to pretend that they didnt know her.

Nevertheless, because Gu Ning sat in the master seat, Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei were quite respectful towards her.

“This is Chairman Gu.” Ning Changkai introduced Gu Ning to them.

“Nice to meet you, Chairman Gu.”

Hearing that, Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei greeted Gu Ning at once.

“I think we can get straight to the point.

The information on your resumes are different from what we learned.

Youve lost our basic trust, so we have decided to fire you.

Perhaps you dont know we have strict rules for recruitment.

We check the information on the staffs resumes,” said Gu Ning.

Knowing that, both Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei were greatly surprised.

They indeed had no idea that Colaine had strict rules for recruitment and would check their resume.

However, they didnt know whether Gu Ning fired them because of the problem about their resumes or because she had found out they were spies.

If their secret was exposed, how did Gu Ning find out Did she find out on her own or did someone tell her

Besides, at the same time, Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei realized another problem.

If Gu Ning fired them because she had found out they were spies, it meant both of them were doing the same secret job! As a result, Zhang Yong and Huang Ziwei became suspicious of each other.

“Chairman Gu, Im so sorry.

I dont have much work experience.

I was afraid I wouldnt be accepted because of that, so I made up the work experience on my resume, but I can promise Ive never done anything to harm the factory.

Please give me another chance.” Huang Ziwei was unwilling to give up, although he wasnt sure why Gu Ning fired him.

“No one is allowed to do that.

Well pay you the salary for half a month,” said Gu Ning.

It was impossible for her to give them a second chance after knowing they were spies.

If they were upright people, she might be kind to them.

Seeing that Huang Ziwei failed, Zhang Yong didnt bother to try again, because he knew it was useless.

Accordingly, he gave in.


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