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Chapter 1971: You Can Make the Decision

Facing Dongfang Qis words of threat, Gu Ning wasnt mad at all.

She had no intention of turning him down right away either.

Although she was able to get the spy out, Dongfang Qi knew more than just that.

Therefore, for the sake of security, she needed to know more from him.

In addition, she needed to see what Dongfang Qi wanted to decide whether to make a deal with him.

If she was able to satisfy the condition he set, she could agree to make a deal with him.

“So, whats your conditions” asked Gu Ning.

She didnt rush to find out, because she wouldnt let him take control of their agreement.

Hearing that, Dongfang Qi felt slightly relieved, because it meant Gu Ning was interested in his proposal.

“Medicines produced by Colaine have great effects.

I know there is a secret ingredient in the formula.

The condition is that I need to get the ingredient,” said Dongfang Qi.

Without surprise, he came for the ingredient.

“If I give it to you, you can build a new medicine company and steal my business,” said Gu Ning.

She actually wasnt afraid of it, because no one else owned the ingredient.

“I promise Ill never use it to make money,” said Dongfang Qi seriously.

“You can say that right now, but Im afraid youll change your mind.

Even biological brothers will compete against each other for money.

Were just acquaintances,” said Gu Ning.

It was indeed difficult for Dongfang Qi, because his promise was meaningless if Gu Ning refused to trust him.

“Alright, even if I give it to you, you cant get it from other sources.” Gu Ning stopped acting in front of Dongfang Qi.

She could accept the condition he set.

Anyway, even if she gave it to him, they couldnt make it by themselves.

Knowing that, Dongfang Qi didnt know whether he should be happy or not.

Although Gu Ning was willing to give the ingredient to him, he couldnt get more of it.

If there was only a little of it, it wouldnt be helpful for his cultivation.

Anyway, it was better than nothing! Moreover, he only needed to know what it was and would give up if he couldnt find more.

Gu Ning then took over her backpack and opened it.

From the telepathic eye space, she took out a porcelain bottle with a power crystal inside, then opened the bottle.

In an instant, Dongfang Qi smelt the pure magical power and felt really surprised.

“What is this”

The next second, Gu Ning shut the bottle.

“Its the secret ingredient.

Although there is only one pill in this bottle, its unbelievably effective.

Its useful for nearly all kinds of pains and injuries.

It can directly heal minor injuries and diseases or half of the serious ones.

It can also rescue ones life even if hes dying giving you a better chance to survive.

As for cancers, its helpful for early and middle stages, but might not be very helpful for advanced cancers.”

It was very helpful for mortals, but its effect would be reduced for cultivators.

It was only useful if they were lightly injured.

After all, there was only one pill, it would take more pills for them to enjoy its effect.

Dongfang Qi understood it was only really useful for mortals, but its unbelievable effect still shocked him.

Except for pills in the cultivation world, he didnt know any medicines which could be so effective in this world! However, how did Gu Ning get the magical power since she was merely a mortal

“I know youre curious to know how I got this medicine, but its meaningless even if I tell you, because I dont know either.

It was given to me by an old man.

He hoped I could use it to make medicines to help people.

I dont know his name.

He simply sends some of it to me regularly, so I dont have many,” said Gu Ning.

Dongfang Qi believed the old man must be a master from the cultivation world and he must be very skilled in medicines.

In fact, Dongfang Qi didnt fully believe Gu Nings words, but he thought it must have been given to her by someone else, or she wouldnt get it as a mortal.

“Now, you can make the decision.

Are we going to make a deal” said Gu Ning.

“Of course,” said Dongfang Qi.

Even if he couldnt get more of the medicine, a pill was enough.

“There are actually two spies in your factory.

One is Zhang Yong, while the other is called Huang Ziwei.

Zhang Yong doesnt have anything special.

Hes simply a common guy, but Huang Ziwei is different.

Hes quite good at martial arts.

In your company, there is another spy named Lu Dan.

Hes also excellent at martial arts.

Hes from the same force as Huang Ziwei.

All of them were accepted about a month ago.

Zhang Yong is from the Chengfeng Group.

Huang Ziwei and Lu Dan are from the Yaping Group.

Thats all I know.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning began to analyze.

Zhang Yong was a common guy, which meant he could only be a mortal.

While Huang Ziwei and Lu Dan were good at martial arts, so they could be cultivators.

As for the Chengfeng Group and the Yaping Group, they must be companies established in the mortals world by powerful families from the cultivation world.

Because Gu Ning was a mortal, Dongfang Qi couldnt tell her details about the powerful families.

He wasnt allowed to leak any information about the cultivation world.

Even if he told Gu Ning, Gu Ning couldnt understand it because nobody knew those powerful families in the mortals world.

Besides, Dongfang Qi shared the news with her because the Dongfang family wasnt involved, or because he didnt know that the Dongfang family also sent people to secretly collect information in Colaine.

It was more likely that Dongfang Qi meant to use Gu Ning to get rid of the people sent by other powerful families so that the man sent by the Dongfang family could gain all the advantages.

Unfortunately, Gu Ning was wrong.

The Yaping Group was owned by the Dongfang family, but the man was sent by the eldest son of the Dongfang family, while Dongfang Qis father was the second son of the Dongfang family.

In the Dongfang family, the eldest sons family never got along with the second sons family, so Dongfang Qi was unwilling to see the man sent by his uncle succeed.

It was the reason why he came to tell Gu Ning about it.

The Chengfeng Group belonged to the Jing family.

The Jing family also noticed that there was magical power in the medicines produced by Chengfeng Group, but didnt think other families were aware of it too, so it only sent a mortal in order to prevent other families from discovering it.

Only the Yin family was unaware of the magical power in the medicines produced by Colaine, because it seldom came to the mortals world.

However, it would soon learn about it, because they secretly paid attention to the other 3 families even though they rarely came to the mortal world.

Till now, only Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue had a good relationship with Gu Ning.


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