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Chapter 1967: Appreciation Towards Zi Beiying

“Yeah, Miss Zi is Gu Nings friend,” said Xu Qinyin.

She actually wanted to say that Zi Beiying was Xu Jinchens friend, but didnt think it was appropriate, so she only mentioned Gu Ning.

After all, Xu Qinyin didnt know the Xu family was already aware that Xu Jinchen found a girl he liked and the girl was also Gu Nings friend.

If she knew that, she would realize that that girl was Zi Beiying.

In fact, even if she knew that right now, she wouldnt tell them that Zi Beiying was the girl, because she was unwilling to embarrass Zi Beiying.

Except for Master Xu, no one knew the name of the girl Xu Jinchen liked.

“Oh, shes Gu Nings friend! The girl who just rescued me in the washroom was Miss Zi as well,” said Mrs.


“Really Youre the one who rescued my aunt It must be fate which brought us together!” said Xu Qinyin meaningfully.

Zi Beiying got nervous as soon as she heard that the Mrs.

Xu she just rescued was Xu Qinyins aunt and Xu Jinchens mother.

She was always brave and outgoing and wouldnt panic in front of others, even if they had a high status, but she got really nervous when she faced the family of the man she liked.

She couldnt stop herself.

“Um, its just a coincidence,” said Zi Beiying with slight embarrassment.

She understood that Xu Qinyin was implying something, so she felt uneasy.

“No matter what, its true that youve rescued me.

Since youre Gu Nings friend and you know Qinyin as well, why dont we go have tea tonight I must thank you for your help,” said Mrs.


She wasnt just acting kind, it was a sincere invitation.

Anyway, she wouldnt force Zi Beiying to go with them, so she added right away, “Please accept if youre not occupied.”

“Well…” Zi Beiying didnt know what to do at this moment.

She was willing to do it, but felt a little uneasy.

“Miss Zi, dont be afraid.

If youre occupied, we can see each other another day.

If youre free, we can share some tea,” said Xu Qinyin.

Zi Beiying wasnt occupied and she didnt want to leave a bad impression on them by making up an excuse that she wasnt free.

Therefore, she agreed.

“Im free, but Im afraid Ill waste your time,” said Zi Beiying.

“We have nothing to do, otherwise we wouldnt be wandering around,” said Mrs.


After that, Zi Beiying and her friend followed Mrs.

Xu to a teahouse, which was at the food street as well.

They arrived in a few minutes.

On their way to the teahouse, they introduced themselves to each other.

“Miss Zi, where are you from” asked Mrs.


“Im from Country X, but my ancestors were born in this country,” said Zi Beiying.

She was very careful when she talked with Mrs.

Xu, in case she left a bad impression on Mrs.


“Do you visit the capital often, or just sometimes” asked Mrs.


“Only sometimes, because its too far.

I dont want to worry my family by going abroad so often,” replied Zi Beiying.

Mainly because she had a very special family background, she was in more danger than other people.

Knowing that, Mrs.

Xu nodded.

There were two bodyguards by Zi Beiyings side wherever she went because she was a young girl.

So her family would indeed be worried if she stayed abroad for too long.


Xu was talkative, but it wasnt easy for her to get familiar with strangers at the first meeting.

However, she talked a lot with Zi Beiying.


Xus companions noticed that she was acting a little abnormal today and Xu Qinyin also noticed her different attitude towards Zi Beiying.

Xu Qinyin couldnt help but think that Mrs.

Xu would be very happy if Jinchen could be together with Zi Beiying in the future.

They didnt stay in the teahouse for too long and separated after an hour.

On their way back home, Xu Qinyin asked Mrs.

Xu, “Aunt, what do you think of Zi Beiying”

“Shes a very good girl.

Beautiful, elegant, and well-behaved.

Shes a typical rich heiress,” said Mrs.


She didnt hesitate to compliment Zi Beiying.

Saying that, Mrs.

Xu suddenly sighed, “Although I dont know much about Zi Beiyings character, I enjoyed the time we spent with her.

Actually I wanted to ask her whether she has a boyfriend, but your grandfather told me that your cousin already found a girl he likes.

I heard hes still chasing her, so I didnt ask further about that.

Its meaningless, and shows no respect for anyone.”

“My cousin already found a girl he likes Hes still chasing her Who is she” Xu Qinyin was surprised and asked with excitement.

She thought the girl could be Zi Beiying, because she had never seen Xu Jinchen treat any other girl differently before.

“Neither your grandfather nor your cousin told me the girls name.

Your grandfather only said the girl is in her early twenties.

Shes very beautiful and elegant.

Although they dont know much about her family background, she couldnt be born in an ordinary family given her behavior.

Your cousin told me hell tell me more once he succeeds,” said Mrs.


She looked upset as she spoke about that.

Even though she didnt care much about the girls appearance and family background, she wanted to meet the girl.

“I think I know who the girl is.” Xu Qinyin laughed.

“Who Whos she” asked Mrs.

Xu in a hurry.

“A girl in her early twenties.

Beautiful, elegant, and well-behaved.

Dont you think its Zi Beiying” said Xu Qinyin.

“What” Mrs.

Xu was astonished.

She suddenly realized it was indeed very like Zi Beiying.

“Do you mean the girl your cousin likes is Zi Beiying” asked Mrs.

Xu, showing happiness.

If the girl was really Zi Beiying, it would be the best, because she had a very good impression of Zi Beiying at first glance.

“Im not sure, but I could see that Jinchen cares a lot about her.

I even joked about it with him.

I encouraged him to chase Zi Beiying, but he said its none of my business, so Im not very sure whether the girl is really Zi Beiying.” Although Xu Qinyin believed the girl must be Zi Beiying, she couldnt be hundred percent sure.

After all, it would be embarrassing if the girl wasnt Zi Beiying.

“Why dont you ask grandfather whether the girls name is Zi Beiying Since hes seen the girl, he must know her name even if he isnt sure of her family background,” said Xu Qinyin.

It was better to make sure of it.


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