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Chapter 1959: See How Anxious You Are

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Even though the bronze chimes did not belong to Cai Wenhong, he was the museum curator, so he was happy that such a priceless antique could become a part of the museum collection.

On a personal level, he was not interested in keeping the bronze chimes as a collectors item.

After all, it was meaningless for him to have them.

“Oh, I see!”

Everyone finally wrapped their minds around what happened.

Initially, they felt Cai Wenhong was offering too much for the bronze chimes.

They felt they could have struck an under-the-table deal with Gu Ning to buy them at a good price if Cai Wenhong wanted them so badly and pretend to auction it off later.

However, Cai Wenhong had unexpectedly already done so with Gu Ning.

In that case, things worked out for the best.

“Haha! Thats perfect.” Master Leng felt happy that Gu Ning had read his mind.


“Oh yes, Miss Gu.

When are you free” asked Cai Wenhong.

He was dying to bring the bronze chimes back to the museum so that he could set his heart at ease.

He was not worried that Gu Ning might go back on her word.

He simply wanted to check it off his list since the antique experts at the museum were waiting to study it!

“I can make arrangements for someone to go to Century City now.

After lunch, we can go straight over and deliver the bronze chimes to the museum,” replied Gu Ning.

“Thats great,” replied Cai Wenhong before he made a call and made arrangements on his end as well.

“Haha! Just look at you! Why are you so anxious” Jiang Zhongyu felt speechless, so he kept teasing Cai Wenhong.

However, he could empathize with Cai Wenhongs situation.

“Of course I am anxious.

The antique experts at the museum keep chasing me for the bronze chimes.

They are really killing me!” said Cai Wenhong.

After lunch, everyone parted ways.

“Beiying, why dont you hang out at our place when you have time” said Master Xu to Zi Beiying before they left.

Even if she was not dating Xu Jinchen yet, he really liked Zi Beiying and hoped that she could end up dating Xu Jinchen one day.

He did not ask about Zi Beiyings family background since he did not care.

The Xu family was powerful enough for both of them and did not need political marriages, so any decent girl was good enough.

“Sure thing.” Although Zi Beiying felt terribly shy, she acknowledged Master Xu courteously.

Master Xu was very warm and friendly to Zi Beiying, but he spoke sternly to Xu Jinchen, “Be nice to her.

If I hear of you bullying her, I will skin you alive.”

Xu Jinchen looked a little annoyed.

Did he seem like a bully to his grandfather However, despite how he felt, he did not dare to argue with his grandfather and simply acknowledged his wishes obediently.

Master Xu finally left with a peace of mind.

After Gu Ning got to the parking lot, she saw Harada Honichi and the others already there sitting in the car, but they had yet to leave and kept their eyes on her car.

Gu Ning watched as Master Leng left before getting into the car.

Since Cai Wenhong did not drive, he took a ride with Gu Ning.

Chen Darong also headed to Century City with Gu Ning.

He came in a car today, so he drove on his own.

Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying wanted to hang out in the city, but did not know where to go.

Gu Ning told them that she had to personally deliver the bronze chimes to the palace and asked if they were interested in coming.

Zi Beiying agreed right away.

She had yet to visit the palace here!

Although this was her homeland, she had moved over to Country J as a child.

Other than the language, she did not know much about the country.

Since the Zi family originated from here, they diligently learned their mother tongue and only spoke their mother tongue at home even though they resided in Country J

The moment Gu Ning and the others left, Harada Honichi and the others started the engine and continued following them.

By the time Gu Ning and the others arrived at Century City, Cai Wenhongs men had already reached and were waiting outside Gu Nings estate entrance.

No outsiders or vehicles were permitted entry unless they were accompanied by the property owner or possessed keys, so Cai Wenhongs men could only wait outside for Gu Ning to arrive and let them in.

For this same reason, Harada Honichi and the others were incapable of entering and could only see from outside.

Inside the car, Harada Honichi sat in the backseat along with his disciple who was in his late 20s.

“Master, are you really going to snatch the bronze chimes from them We are outnumbered…” asked Harada Honichis disciple worriedly.

“Dont worry.

I made plans.

Even if we do not succeed, nothing will happen to us.

Everyone will just think it was an accident,” replied Harada Honichi.

His disciple stopped talking the moment he heard what Harada Honichi said.

Since a lot of strong people were sent to help with the bronze chimes, the task of moving them was quickly completed before they left.

Gu Ning did not drive and took Chen Darongs car, so Cai Wenhong took his car as well.

Xu Jinchen drove Zi Beiying and the others using his car.

On the way to the museum, Xu Jinchen led the cars with the museums transport vehicle driving at the center and Gu Nings car following right behind.

Since Harada Honichi kept following them, Gu Ning was worried that they would move in on them while they were on the road.

She especially reminded Xu Jinchen and the others to be vigilant before they went on their way.

Gu Ning did not tell them directly about Harada Honichi following them.

Even without Harada Honichi tailing them, they ought to be careful and prepare for the worst!

Gu Ning contemplated while she sat in the car without driving.

Where would Harada Honichi attack them if he wanted to

Some people liked to do it with fewer people around while others might prefer doing it in a crowded place.

If Harada Honichi preferred to launch an attack in a less crowded place, a few places came to Gu Nings mind.

The southern and eastern districts were some distance apart, and there were some stretches of roads surrounded by wilderness.

No other humans could be seen as the cars drove by.

If Harada Honichi preferred to attack in a crowded place, there were countless places he could do it.

Gu Ning thought if he wanted to attack them, he would do it in the suburbs while they were on the road.

It was simply easier to make an escape after causing such a commotion while stealing the bronze chimes.

Gu Nings speculation came true when they were about 100 miles away from the bridge that was approaching.

She saw a vision of a huge truck which suddenly ran into a lorry.

The lorry got thrown off the bridge and fell into the water.

The images cut off.

The lorry that fell off the bridge happened to be the museums transport vehicle.

The culprit that ran them over was close behind them.

“Curator Cai, call your men and tell them to pull up immediately,” said Gu Ning in a firm tone.


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