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Chapter 1950: The Incident With Rosesf

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Zi Beiying frowned slightly and looked unhappy and was clearly annoyed with Xu Jinchen.

“Why Since you can take me inside, just do it!”

She did not want Xu Jinchen to take her there.

Xu Jinchen looked upset.

“Would it kill you to come with me”

“Humph! I am worried about bumping into your potential girlfriend.

I dont want her to misunderstand,” said Zi Beiying ambiguously.

Xu Jinchen looked annoyed.

“It was not my fault.

My mother was the one who tried to match-make us.”

Zi Beiying said nothing.

She knew it had nothing to do with Xu Jinchen, but she could not help feeling upset..

“Well, I can bring someone along, but Im only entitled to bring one person.

Since I already have to take my subordinate there, I cant take you.

Jinchen can get his hands on more invitations, so he can definitely take you inside,” said Gu Ning.

It was naturally bull**.

She could bring as many people as she wanted.

“In that case, I am not going,” said Zi Beiying.

She was clearly resentful of Xu Jinchen.

“Are you really not going This is a rare major auction.

A lot of priceless antiques will be auctioned at the event.

I am there to auction my antique and it is the hottest item at the auction.

Its auction has already caused a furor in the antique and music industry!” said Gu Ning.

Even though it was unwise to get involved in their relationship, Zi Beiying clearly wanted to go and simply refused since she was angry with Xu Jinchen.

“What are you auctioning How could it cause a major commotion in the antique and music industry” asked Zi Beiying curiously.

Zi Beiying was not alone, Xu Jinchen and the others were equally curious.

Since they did not dabble in antiques, they were unaware.

“Its an entire set of bronze chimes worth at least $5 billion!” said Gu Ning

Even though Zi Beiying and the others did not know what bronze chimes were and what they meant, they were startled to hear they fetched such an astronomical figure.

“Oh god! Is it really worth that much” said Zi Beiying in shock.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

Auction items were typically sent over a day in advance, but the bronze chimes were simply too heavy and huge, so it did not make sense to bring them over and an exception was made for the bidders to view them using photos.

The successful bidder could collect the actual bronze chimes after the event.

Since the auction was held at a national auction house, people were confident they would not get swindled.

Also, they only needed to pay after seeing the antique and verifying its authenticity.

The bronze chimes would definitely go to the Palace Museum, so they were unconcerned whether these photos would raise doubts among the bidders.

After the auction, the bronze chimes would be sent to the museum.

Zi Beiying felt she had to go.

She had just refused to go to the auction with Xu Jinchen, so she felt embarrassed to change her mind.

Gu Ning glanced at Xu Jinchen when she detected Zi Beiyings concerns and gestured for him to ask again.

He was a man! If he gave in a little, the problem will be solved.

If he liked the girl, he had to deal with the occasional tantrum.

Xu Jinchen instantly caught her drift and said to Zi Beiying ingratiatingly, “Why dont you just keep me company and come with me”

“Fine! I will do you the favor.” Now that he made the offer again, Zi Beiying did not continue turning him down.

The atmosphere between Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying eased up.

Jing Yunyao could tell that Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying liked each other, but she did not say it out loud.

She could not help remembering her life with Leng Yunhan.

However, she could only keep memories of him.

Since it was almost time to eat, all of them headed to dinner, after which Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao headed back and Zi Beiying was left in Xu Jinchens care.

“Where should we go now” asked Xu Jinchen.

“Im new in town, so I dont know where to go,” replied Zi Beiying.

“Since you were born here, you ought to know where we can hang out.”

“Erm… Although I am a local, I rarely go out, so I am not sure where to go either,” said Xu Jinchen rather sheepishly.

He usually went to the clubhouse.

Since he usually hung out with men, men tended to drink when they were together.

It was not like he could go sightseeing with a bunch of blokes!

“Since you dont know where we can go, then lets just go back,” said Zi Beiying somewhat angrily.

Xu Jinchen got anxious.

He was not keen on sending her home so early! He suddenly recalled a place they could go to and said, “Why dont we go to the ancient town I heard the scenery is pretty good at night.”

“Then lets go!” Zi Beiying did not want to go back early either.

She merely said it in a fit of anger and did not mean it.

Mengda and Nan glanced at each other feeling speechless.

Zi Beiying was becoming increasingly proud and kept having mood swings.

They headed to the ancient town.

It was more like a village located in the city and looked like it was from ancient times.

Although some renovation was done to it, the basic structure and buildings were unchanged.

Even though it was not the weekend, the ancient town was packed, and all kinds of snacks and toys were available for sale.

Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying made a handsome couple, so a lot of people turned to look.

A girl holding a rose walked up to Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying and said, “Sir, why dont you buy a rose for your lovely girlfriend”


Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying automatically looked at each other before they swiftly averted their eyes uneasily.

Zi Beiying was about to deny it, but Xu Jinchen stepped forward before she knew it and asked the little girl as he smiled warmly, “Why did you think she was my girl Just because we are a man and woman doesnt make us an item! We might have been friends or even siblings!”

Zi Beiying wanted to deny they were dating, but she inexplicably felt angry at what Xu Jinchen said.

The little girl was instantly flustered and worried she might have said the wrong thing, so she said cautiously, “Then are you siblings”

“We arent siblings,” replied Zi Beiying automatically.

The little girl finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Xu Jinchen looked equally relieved.

“Why arent you dating if you are not siblings and make such a handsome couple Do you like some other girl Do you like some other guy If you were not interested in each other, you wouldnt have hung out together!” said the little girl.



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