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Chapter 1949: I Am Not Interested in Her

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Xu Jinchen felt a little upset when he heard Zi Beiying say they were not dating.

Since it was true, he could not deny it and say otherwise to retort Zi Beiying.

“I see! My bad.

I didnt know.

Sorry for the misunderstanding,” apologized Mrs Ji to Zi Beiying.

“No worries.

If you need to talk, be my guest! I am going back to shopping,” said Zi Beiying before turning to walk away with Gu Ning, Jing Yunyao, Mengda, and Nan catching up from behind.

“Mrs Ji, Im going to join them and play a proper host.

See you around,” said Xu Jinchen before he ignored Ji Zijing and her mother and turned to leave altogether.

Even though Mrs Ji was a little upset that she was unable to introduce Ji Zijing to Xu Jinchen, she did not take it to heart.

Since the woman was his friends younger sister, he naturally had to play a good host..

“Are you happy now She isnt his girlfriend,” said Mrs Ji teasingly to Ji Zijing.

She undoubtedly knew that her daughter fancied Xu Jinchen, and considering how powerful the Xu family was, she wanted her daughter to marry into the family.

An uneasy look swept across Ji Zijings eyes, but she undoubtedly felt better.

“I will give Mrs Xu a call so that she can make arrangements for you to meet him,” said Mrs Ji.

After the incident with Mrs Ji and Ji Zijing, the atmosphere between Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying altered.

Zi Beiying ignored Xu Jinchen and kept talking to Gu Ning.

Xu Jinchen was keenly aware of Zi Beiyings anger, but he did not know what to say.

Mrs Ji and Ji Zijing did not stay in Gufan for long.

A few minutes after talking to Xu Jinchen they left.

The moment they left Gufan, Mrs Ji gave Mrs Xu a call to tell her about her encounter with Xu Jinchen at Gufan.

“Huh Is he back in town” asked Mrs Xu in surprise before she continued angrily, “That boy didnt come home after coming back to the capital.”

“Jinchen said he only just got back and was busy entertaining a friend, so he probably didnt have time to go home yet,” said Mrs Ji.

“I see.” Mrs Xus anger dissipated when she heard this.

“I will call him later and find out when he is free so that we can make plans for them to meet.

Oh yes.

How did he react when he saw your daughter earlier”

“They hadnt seen each other in ages, so he naturally did not recognize Zijing.

Since he had friends around, I felt bad about holding him up, so I didnt introduce her,” replied Mrs Ji.

“Dont worry about it.

I will get in touch with you after we nail down a date,” said Mrs Xu.

“Sure,” acknowledged Mrs Ji before hanging up the phone happily and saying to Ji Zijing, “Mrs Xu said she will call Jinchen and ask him when he is free.

She will get in touch with us after coming up with a date.”

“Okay.” Ji Zijing could not wait to see him, but she had to wait for Mrs Xu to get back to them.

After Mrs Xu stopped talking to Mrs Ji, she immediately called Xu Jinchen.

Although Mrs Ji mentioned Xu Jinchen was playing host to some friends, they were out shopping, so it ought to be fine to call him.

When she called, Xu Jinchen immediately knew that Mrs Ji must have called his mother.

He could not help feeling annoyed, but he could only answer the phone.

“Jinchen, when are you coming home” asked Mrs Xu anxiously the moment the phone got through.

“I dont know yet.

I will head home if I am free,” replied Xu Jinchen impatiently since he already knew of his mothers intentions.

“Oh yes.

I need to talk to you about something! I…” said Mrs Xu.

Before she made her point, Xu Jinchen interrupted her, “I know what you want to tell me.

Can you stay out of my love life I dont even feel like going home because you keep doing this to me.”

“I am doing this for your own good.

You are not getting any younger, but still havent found a girlfriend! Even Shaoting is seeing someone now,” said Mrs Xu as she instantly got upset.

“Thats because he met someone he liked! It only works if I meet a girl I like!!” retorted Xu Jinchen exasperatedly.

“When is that going to happen Also, whats wrong with Ji Zijing She is pretty and has a great figure.

Although her family isnt at the same level as ours, they arent that bad.

Our family doesnt care about status and only cares about your girlfriends personality.

Also, she is a highly educated woman and talented.

Its not like she isnt good enough for you!” said Mrs Xu.

“Plenty of people are better than her.

Why should I fancy her I dont like her, so stop trying to matchmake us.

Dont blame me if you end up getting embarrassed,” said Xu Jinchen.

“You…” Mrs Xu was exasperated.

She scolded him, “Since plenty of girls are better than her, then why cant you find yourself one”

Would she have to be so worried if her son could find a girlfriend on his own

Ji Zijing might not be the best girl out there and could not compare to Gu Ning, but Xu Jinchen did not even have a girlfriend to begin with! Mrs Xu felt Ji Zijing was perfectly fine.

“I will.

Just sit back and wait.


I am busy, so I have to go,” said Xu Jinchen before hanging up the phone altogether, making Mrs Xu so angry that she nearly threw her phone.

Xu Qinyin happened to come in from outside and entered the living room.

She saw Mrs Xu in a foul mood, so she asked, “Whats wrong”

“Jinchen refuses to meet a potential girlfriend that I wanted to introduce.

He kept blaming me for being a nosy parker.

He also threatened not to come home if I kept doing it.

For someone who cant find a girlfriend, he sure has quite the temper,” complained Mrs Xu indignantly.

“Erm.” Xu Qinyin did not know what to say.

She did not like getting matchmade either, so she could understand why Xu Jinchen refused to do it.

However, she was not in the position to judge Mrs Xu, so she decided to stop asking.

In the afternoon, Chen Darong got discharged from the hospital after he was cleared by the doctor.

After he left the hospital, he gave Gu Ning a call.

Gu Ning told him to make preparations before they went to the auction tomorrow.

The moment Zi Beiying heard about the auction, she promptly took interest.

After Gu Ning hung up the phone, she asked, “Can you take me to the auction with you”

“Of course! However, I think you should get Jinchen to take you there,” replied Gu Ning.

It was not that she did not want to bring Zi Beiying to the auction.

She simply wanted to give the chance to Xu Jinchen.


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