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Chapter 1935: They Merely Fainted

“I-if you touch me, the Cretan family wont let you off,” threatened Renzo with his voice trembling a little in fear.

“Dont worry.

If you order your men to stand down, we wont hurt you.

We dont want to make enemies of the Cretan family either!” said Gu Ning.

“However, if they refuse to put away their guns and continue to threaten us with them, then I cant make any promises.”

“Put your guns down…”

Renzo was in a dilemma, but ended up ordering his men to stand down.

Even though he felt Gu Ning would not dare to hurt him since it would only make them fallout with the Cretan family, he still had to get his men to stop pointing guns at them.

Otherwise, Gu Ning might lose her temper and shoot him.

Despite the huge humiliation he suffered from being held hostage, he had no choice but to give in to her threats for the sake of his life!

Also, Renzo had no intention of letting this man and woman off.

He merely gave in for now so as to escape their grasp.

The moment this was over, he swore to seek revenge on them.

Although he was not a man of high station, he had never suffered such humiliation before!

The bodyguards could only place their guns on the gambling table when Renzo gave the order and stood aside as Gu Ning instructed.

“Why dont you knock them out” said Gu Ning to Leng Shaoting.

Since Gu Ning was speaking in her mother tongue, Renzo did not understand what they were saying.

Leng Shaoting went towards the bodyguards swiftly.

Before they realized what was going on, they sensed a dull thud on their neck, passed out, and fell limply to the ground.

“You…” Renzo was terrified by the sight.

“Dont worry.

They merely fainted,” said Gu Ning.

Renzo knew they had merely fainted, but now that he was all alone, he could not help feeling insecure.

Even if they had not passed out, it was impossible for him to feel secure when Gu Ning had a gun pointing at his head.

However, if they had not fainted, they could still retaliate or make some noise if something happened to him to gain someone elses attention.

Now that they had fainted the woman could very well knock him out and kill him before walking out undetected.

“Can you let me off now” asked Renzo with uncertainty in his heart.

“Im not in a hurry.

I still have a few questions for you!” said Gu Ning.

She disregarded whether Renzo was willing and asked, “Have you seen Charles Cretan lately”

A quizzical look swept across Renzos eye briefly before he quickly made an assertion.

“Why do you want to know” asked Renzo.

Judging from the way Gu Ning asked him for Charles Cretans location, Renzo felt they were not friends.

If they were on friendly terms, Gu Ning ought to have Charles Cretans contact number and would have no problems getting in touch with him directly rather than asking him about it.

However, if their target was Charles Cretan, he did not mind doing them the favor.

It would be perfect if they were out to make trouble for Charles Cretan.

Renzo worked for Chas Cretan.

Charles Cretan and Chas Cretan were archenemies, so he naturally pounced on every opportunity to make Charles Cretans life hard.

“I need to find him,” replied Gu Ning.

“Lord Charles swung by the casino two days ago, but I havent seen him since.

He is into racing and there happens to be an off-road race at Mount XX tomorrow, so I think you might be able to find him there,” said Renzo.

It was clear from the look in Renzos eyes that he wanted to make trouble for Charles Cretan.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting quickly caught on to Renzos true intentions when he divulged Charles Cretans intel so readily.

From their investigations, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting already knew Charles Cretan was an avid racer.

He was a big fan of racing, so they felt Renzos words held some degree of weight.

If Renzo spoke the truth, it was clear he wanted Charles Cretan in trouble, so Renzo must be Chas Cretans subordinate.

Alternatively, Renzo might be lying to them, so Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting remained somewhat disbelieving.

“Are you lying” asked Gu Ning.

She was not expecting a reply from him.

Instead, she wanted to discern the truth judging from his reaction and his micro expressions.

After all, anyone could lie through their teeth, but not everyone was capable of controlling their physical reactions.

Renzo appeared calm.

“Its not like Lord Charles is bound to turn up.

I am simply saying there is a high chance he will go.

After all, he always turns up for races.”

Gu Ning found his words more believable when she saw his face while he reassured them he was not 100% sure.

Nevertheless, they did not stop after getting this answer out of him since they could not be certain Charles Cretan would show up.

“Where is the Cretan residence” asked Gu Ning.

“Its at XXX district in XXX street,” said Renzo without hesitation.

“If you plan on finding him in the family compound, it is impossible for you to even enter.”

Renzo had readily divulged the familys location since he was confident Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting would never be able to get in.

He also reminded them that the compound was highly guarded since they were mafia and had made plenty of enemies.

If they went to the family compound, it was impossible for them to attack Charles Cretan.

Despite seeing right through Renzos intentions, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting took what he said with a pinch of salt and headed out to test its veracity.

Gu Ning struck Renzo on his neck and made him lose consciousness before he fell onto the ground limply.

Renzos phone happened to ring, so Gu Ning picked up his phone for a look and saw it was Chas Cretan calling.

Now Gu Ning started to believe what Renzo said a little more.

Gu Ning did not answer the phone.

She checked outside the door using Jade Eyes and walked out when she confirmed no one was standing there.

They had a lot of chips, but it was impossible for them to get them exchanged without the approval of their managers.

It was impossible to exchange all their chips, but it was okay to exchange just a small sum, so Gu Ning got Leng Shaoting to exchange $1 million euros worth of chips.

As for the rest, Gu Ning was certainly not returning it to the casino.

They decided to give it to anyone who caught their eye when they got back to the main hall.

The chips could only be used in this casino, so it was useless to put them away in her storage space.

She was not staying in the country for long and she was not a gambler and would never enter a casino unless she had to.

Gu Ning spotted an ordinary-looking middle-aged man in the main hall when she arrived as he walked over dejectedly.

Since she found him pleasant to her eyes, she walked up to him and asked, “Are you having a bad streak today”

Despite his common clothes, Gu Ning could detect an unusual aura radiating from him.


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