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Chapter 1933: They Were Here to Win

Before Gu Ning managed to finish her sentence, Leng Shaoting interrupted her as he embraced her tightly as though he was worried she might leave him.

“Dont worry.

I am sure you stand a chance of becoming a cultivator.

Even if you didnt, I will live as long as you do.

When you, grandpa, and all my friends are gone, there is no point living out my life alone.

Although my mother and master would be upset, I am sure they can empathize,” said Leng Shaoting as he comforted Gu Ning even though he was clearly the one that needed consoling.

“Shaoting, trust me.

I will definitely become a cultivator.

Have you forgotten that I am no ordinary woman From the moment I regained consciousness after the accident, I stopped being ordinary.

With the kind of luck I have, I am bound to become a cultivator,” comforted Gu Ning.

She did not tell him about the Blood of the Phoenix.

After all, it was not something she could explain easily.

“I trust you.

You are bound to become a cultivator,” acknowledged Leng Shaoting in agreement as his dark mood gradually eased up.

Even if she could not become a cultivator, he would live as long as she did, so there was no sense in being worried about this.


Its getting late, so lets get a move on!” said Leng Shaoting.

“Okay,” acknowledged Gu Ning before they hailed a cab and headed towards a casino belonging to the Cretan family.

It was roughly 9:00 pm and there was brisk business at the casino.

The Cretan family operated a low-end casino, so they were not demanding about its patrons.

Even if they were not interested in gambling, it was perfectly fine to go in for a look.

A high-end casino would place a lot of restrictions and demand proof of its patrons bank balances before they were permitted to enter.

Gu Ning was here to get close to the casino management.

Most of these family-owned establishments were operated by someone trusted by the clan, and most of them were in the familys inner circle.

Since they were in the inner circle, they would know a lot more about the Cretan family and stood a high chance of knowing their residential address.

If Gu Ning could talk to the casino manager, she had the chance to force him to divulge the Cretan familys exact location.

Although their address was not top-secret, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were new in town and did not know who else to ask, so the only people they could ask were the familys inner circle.

Gu Ning wanted to draw the higher management out, so she had to gamble and win big if she wanted their attention.

There were no restrictions on the amount of chips their patrons could obtain, so Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting bought $10 000 Euros worth of chips each.

$1000 Euros was approximately 77,000 yuan back home.

After they got their chips, they entered the casino.

Although it was a low-end casino, it was very big.

The main hall was around 2000 square meters large and came with extravagant decoration.

After all, the Cretan were mafia and were into profiteering and had plenty of money.

Although gambling was not allowed back home, it was not illegal in other countries and people could do it openly and spend huge amounts gambling.

Regardless of the country and laws, the methods of gambling were pretty similar.

They could play Sic bo, 5 card stud, roulette, and so on.

Only the kinds of games available varied occasionally.

After Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting entered the casino, they headed straight to the Sic bo table since it was the easiest game to play.

Gu Ning was not anxious to place bets.

Instead, she stood around to see whether the rules were the same as those she knew.

Leng Shaoting followed Gu Ning.

After studying the game for a while, they were certain that the rules were the same as what she knew, so Gu Ning went on to place a bet.

The dice were five each, so Gu Ning bet everything on triples.

Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting not to bet at first.

Regardless of what he bet, he had to lose.

Also, if Leng Shaoting followed her bet, they would raise suspicion.

Everyone placed their bets before the dice cup was opened to reveal all the dice showed five and Gu Ning won.

Since the odds were 1: 24 and Gu Ning bet $1000 Euros, she walked out with $24 000 Euros worth of winnings.

Everyone turned to look at Gu Ning in envy, but it was just the beginning and the night was still long, so people quickly lost interest in her.

The dice in the following round were 3, 3, 1 small and added up to 7, so Gu Ning bet big while Leng Shaoting bet on 7.

Leng Shaoting won, but Gu Ning lost.

The dice added up to 7, so since the odds were 1: 12, Leng Shaoting won $12 000 Euros.

Most patrons bet on “Big”, “Small”, “Odd”, “Even”, or “Triples” as the odds of winning were higher.

Since the odds of getting other kinds of bets right were too slim, people preferred not to risk it.

Gamblers rarely got specific numbers right, so many of them were shocked to see Leng Shaoting win.

However, they merely felt that Leng Shaoting was having a stroke of luck.

Gambling was all about luck to the average man.

The banker looked at Leng Shaoting coldly and did not overthink it for the time being.

Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting to follow her bets from now on and stopped pretending to lose.

After all, they were here to cause trouble and were out to win!

And so, they won big every round.

The banker looked at them with a complicated expression.

However, he had no choice but to keep rolling the dice.

All the other gamblers followed suit with Gu Ning and Leng Shaotings bets and won bigtime.

The banker was starting to break out in cold sweat.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaotings gambling was incredible! They had shockingly won every round.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had won a total of over tens of millions of Euros which translated to about 80 million yuan back home.

The gamblers who followed their bets won between tens of thousands to millions.

Just as the banker was in a dilemma about whether to go on, his superior sent word, so the floor manager of the casino main hall walked out with four bodyguards behind him.

“Pardon the interruption, Sir and Miss.

I am the floor manager, Davide.

You have hit the limit for winning at the main hall.

If you want to continue, you need to head to the VIP room.

Do you mind coming with me” said the man in Italian politely even though he was up to no good.

If Gu Ning agreed to go upstairs with them, they would get their professional gamblers to recover all their money.

However, if Gu Ning refused to come, then they had to leave.

The casino would send men to follow them when they left and snatch their winnings back by force.


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