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Chapter 1930: Kill Him Altogether

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“First, we can kill Charles Cretan altogether.

He was undoubtedly behind it, and its not like we need evidence.

Im saying this with absolute confidence in finishing him off without leaving any evidence behind,” said Gu Ning.

Charles Cretan was no kind soul to begin with.

Based on his attacks on the Zi family, killing him was considered magnanimous of them.

“It would be great if we could kill Charles, but hes not easy to track,” said Zi Shaomin.

He wanted to kill Charles Cretan for his threats, but it was hard to do it secretly.

If the Cretan family found out about this, they would point their finger at the Zi family.

It would not help for either party to get involved in a conflict.

More importantly, the Zi family could not afford the distraction since they were suffering from internal problems.

Despite Charles Cretans blatant threats, they continued to argue even when he was standing right before them.


Gu Ning agreed.

Country Y was huge, so it was not easy to find him.

If they were home, they could use their authority and the police security system to investigate him.

The moment he took a flight or checked into a hotel, they could locate him right away.

“The second option is to get in touch with his Country Y business partners.

We should get them to conduct deals with Charles today or tomorrow.

Shaoting and I can pose as their subordinates.

Dont worry.

We are completely capable of ensuring that those deals fail.

After a few failed deals, Charles might lose his cool.

Even better would be if he decides to show up personally.

We can take him down then,” said Gu Ning.

“Why does it have to be you and Shaoting What about me” said Xu Jinchen unhappily.

He really wanted to finish off Charles Cretan personally.

“I have some other things for you to take care of!” said Gu Ning.

Some other mission What about killing Chas Cretan personally However, Gu Ning knew what she was doing, so it was not his place to argue her decisions.

Gu Ning continued, “If he still refuses to show his face, there is a third option.

Shaoting and I can attack the other members of the Cretan family.

We can attack Chas and frame Charles for it.

That way, Chas will take care of Charles for us and Charles wont have the time to bother the Zi family.

He might even die at the hands of Chas! I just find the second option a little long-winded and it would be more straightforward to just go with the third option.

If the second plan fails, we still have to use the third option.”

“Those are certainly great ideas, but considering how dangerous this is, I cant let you take the risk!” Zi Shaomin had to admit Gu Nings plan was brilliant, but he felt guilty at putting them in such grave danger.

What if something happened to them They did not have to get involved to begin with.

“Let me put it to you bluntly, Im helping because Beiying is my friend.

However, I dont have a death wish, so I wouldnt have come if I wasnt confident.

Im not noble enough to throw away my life because of a friend,” said Gu Ning.

“But…” Despite her assurance, Zi Shaomin felt it was wrong for her to get involved.

He also knew Gu Ning was just saying this to make him feel better.

“How about this” said Gu Ning before Zi Shaomin could finish his sentence.

Although it was a little rude, now was not the time to worry about formalities.

“Why dont we make a deal If I manage to kill Charles Cretan, you can give me 500 million dollars.

If I cant kill Charles Cretan, but end up getting Chas Cretan to take care of Charles Cretan, you can pay me 200 million dollars.

What do you think That way, you wont have to feel bad.”

Even though Gu Ning sounded like she was asking a lot, this amount of money meant nothing to the Zi family and was just an insignificant string of numbers.

The Zi family possessed far more wealth than the Shengshi Group, but most of it was gained through illegal methods.

She merely asked for the money to help give Zi Shaomin assurance.

Zi Shaomin said nothing and looked at Leng Shaoting.

He did not feel that Gu Ning was asking for too much either.

He did not have a problem with the price, but was more concerned about how dangerous the mission was.

Although Gu Ning demanded money, he knew Gu Ning was simply trying to make him feel better.

“I support whatever decision she makes,” said Leng Shaoting.

Even though he was giving Gu Ning his full support, he genuinely felt this was a good idea.

Also, this was their best way out of this.

Leng Shaoting did not feel Gu Ning was being greedy when she demanded money, because he knew she was doing it to put Zi Shaomin at ease.

Moreover, this bit of money meant nothing to the Zi family.

Zi Shaomin decided to take up their offer since he genuinely needed their help.

“In that case, I will agree to your terms.

However, I want to double it to make one billion or 500 million dollars, okay”

As Gu Ning knew, money was just numbers to the Zi family.

Regardless of how much Zi Shaomin offered, it was completely painless for him.

“Its a deal.” Since Zi Shaomin wanted to pay more, Gu Ning had no reason to turn down his offer.

Only idiots would turn down money!

“Now that we have decided on our plan, we should execute it right away.

After all, Country Y is pretty far.

Shaoting, can you check when the earliest ticket for City Wei is” said Gu Ning.

The Cretan headquarters was located in none other than City Wei in Country Y.

“Okay.” Leng Shaoting took out his phone to check the flights immediately.

“The earliest flight is this morning at 9:25 am.

Its a 17 hour flight,” said Leng Shaoting.

It was almost 7:00 am now, so there were two more hours until the flight.

If they headed back to the airport, they could probably make it.

It would take some time for them to pass the safety inspection and complete the customs check.

“Are there tickets left for it” asked Gu Ning.

“Yeah,” replied Leng Shaoting.


Buy them now.

Lets head back to the airport,” said Gu Ning.

“Jinchen, go to the Zi residence for now.

I will send you details of your mission when it is ready for you.”

Gu Ning did not want to take Xu Jinchen along for two reasons.

First, if he tagged along, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting would have trouble using their skills.

After all, they werent ordinary people, so it would be hard to explain themselves to Xu Jinchen.

So it would be best if Xu Jinchen did not join them.

Secondly, she wanted to matchmake Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying.

She wanted them to spend more time together to see if there was any chemistry between them.

Xu Jinchen was oblivious of Gu Nings intention, but Zi Shaomin had an inkling.

Although he was not entirely sure, he felt it was the most likely reason.

However, since he was happy for them to date, he did not expose Gu Nings intent.


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