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“Lets see then.” Gu Ning said with confidence, “Tell me, how do you want to compete with us”


After a long breath, Jiang Dina did her best to calm herself down.

She didnt want to be affected by Gu Ning.

“You can send 3 people to fight against 3 of us.

Its a group fight.

The losers will apologize to the winners on their knees.

The winners dont need to take any responsibility even if they injure the losers.”


“Good idea, but we dont need to send 3 people to fight against you.

Wenxi and I are enough.

You can send 3 instead,” said Gu Ning.

Because Gu Ning knew Jiang Dina would fight against them with the help of the two ninjas.

In that case, given Tang Jiakais skills, he would definitely be beaten within a second.

She didnt disdain Tang Jiakai, but Tang Jiakai was indeed too weak for the two ninjas.

Gu Ning wouldnt allow them to hurt Tang Jiakai, but there was no need for him to get injured during the fight.

Besides, he would burden Gu Ning and Cao Wenxi.


Cao Wenxi was as strong as Jiang Dina, especially when Jiang Dina just recovered.

She wasnt as good at fighting as before, so Gu Ning believed that Cao Wenxi could defeat Jiang Dina.


Even if she couldnt, the match would last for a while, while Gu Ning was able to beat the two ninjas within a short time.

Then she could help Cao Wenxi.


“Ningning, why cant I join in the match” Tang Jiakai didnt know Gu Nings thoughts, so he asked reluctantly.

He wanted to help.


Cao Wenxi, on the other hand, thought that Gu Ning did that for a reason.


Gu Ning walked to Tang Jiakais side, then whispered in his ears, “The two people by Jiang Dinas side arent ordinary.

Youll be beaten within a second if you join the match.

You will perhaps even burden me and Wenxi.”


Hearing that, Tang Jiakai had a big frown, feeling hit by Gu Nings words, but he didnt argue with her because he knew he wasnt very strong.


He admired Gu Ning and trusted her.

Since Gu Ning decided to do that, she must be confident.


“What do you mean Do you think were weak” Jiang Dina was annoyed by Gu Nings idea.


It was not only Jiang Dina, the two ninjas also felt displeased, so they turned to stare at Gu Ning.


“So what Accept it or not, only two of us will join in the match,” said Gu Ning.

She wouldnt let them make all the decisions, and she agreed to have the match with them only because she had her own purpose.


“You…” Jiang Dina was mad, but she couldnt beat them if Gu Ning disagreed to have the match with her.

It would cause unnecessary trouble due to their status, otherwise she wouldnt have tried to ask for their permission.


She knew she shouldnt mess with them, but she just couldnt submit to the humiliation and she wanted to pay them back.


“Since theyre so confident, we should give them a chance to prove themselves,” said the female ninja fluently in the language of their country.

Others might take her as a local if they didnt know she was actually a foreigner.


Anyway, since she was able to speak the language so fluently, she must have stayed in their country for a long time.

In other words, she might be a spy from Country R!


In fact, the female ninja believed that she alone was able to defeat Gu Ning and her two friends, but they couldnt be weak since Jiang Dina wanted them all to join in the match.

Therefore, she needed to be careful now.

However, she still didnt think Gu Ning and one helper could win the match.


“Alright, since youre so confident, we agree, but dont blame us for your failure later.” Jiang Dina stopped hesitating.

After all, it was proposed by Gu Ning herself.


“Of course, but we need to sign an agreement on paper as evidence in case the losers deny it,” said Gu Ning.

Because it had happened many times before, Gu Ning demanded proof in advance.


She wasnt afraid Jiang Dina would deny it, but they needed evidence to shut some peoples mouths if it became a situation.


Jiang Dinas character was reliable.


“You…” Jiang Dina was angry again at being questioned about her honesty, but she was worried that Gu Ning might regret it too, so she agreed.

“No problem, I have the same worry!”


“I have paper and pens with me.

Where do you want to have the match We can write it afterwards,” said Gu Ning.

This was the hall of the clubhouse, so they naturally couldnt fight here.


“There is a martial art room in the clubhouse.

We can go there,” said Jiang Dina.


After that, Jiang Dina called a waiter over and told him to guide them to the martial art room.


“Wenxi, why dont you tell your friends to wait for a while longer” Gu Ning said to Cao Wenxi.

They couldnt keep them waiting for no reason.


“Sure.” Cao Wenxi agreed, then called Gao Chengyun.

She told him that she would be late for a while, but didnt tell him why.

Gao Chengyun didnt bother to ask her either.


The group of them went to the martial art room later, and Gu Ning took out pens and paper.


“Only you and me will do the punishment, or will all of the participants” asked Gu Ning.


“All…” Jiang Dina wanted both Gu Ning and Cao Wenxi to apologize to her, but felt reluctant to use her two friends to do that in case they got mad, so she changed what she was going to say.

“Only you and me of course.”


She hated Gu Ning more, because Gu Ning had seriously injured her when she was about to defeat Cao Wenxi during their conflict.


“Great,” said Gu Ning, then began to write down the agreement.


After that, she told Jiang Dina to read it.

When Jiang Dina made sure there were no problems, Gu Ning wrote down another piece before both of them signed their names and kept one copy each.


When it was done, they walked to the center.


“Wenxi, you can deal with Jiang Dina.

Ill handle the other two.” Gu Ning said to Cao Wenxi.


“Sure.” Cao Wenxi agreed.

She trusted Gu Ning, so she listened to her arrangement.


“Are you ready” Jiang Dina asked.

Even before the game began, Jiang Dina already stared at Gu Ning and Cao Wenxi as if they were losers.


“Yes, lets begin!” said Gu Ning.


After that, the battle started, and Tang Jiakai immediately took out his phone to record it.


Jiang Dina had the match in order to beat Cao Wenxi, so she reached agreement with the two ninjas just now.

She would deal with Cao Wenxi, while they would fight against Gu Ning.


The two ninjas were displeased, because it was a humiliation to them.


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