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Chapter 1920: Shall We Have a Fair Fight Today

“Why would Ningning feel awkward Its not like she doesnt know them and hasnt hung out with them before,” retorted Tang Jiakai.

“Fine! Lets fight then.

Ningning will go with the winner,” said Cao Wenxin as she rolled up her sleeves.

“You…” Tang Jiakai was instantly infuriated.

He said vehemently, “You are such a bully.

You clearly know that I am no match for you.”

“So what That will teach you for not giving in to me! Since you know that you are no match for me, then dont put up a fight.

Otherwise, I might end up beating you up until you are too bedridden to go anywhere,” threatened Cao Wenxin.

“You…” Tang Jiakai was absolutely infuriated.

He looked at Cao Wenxin indignantly, but was incapable of fighting her, so he felt utterly resentful.

“Why dont we ask Ningning and let her decide who she wants to go out with”

Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxin promptly turned to look at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was caught by surprise.

She had intended on watching the drama on the sidelines, now they had thrown the question at her.

“Ningning, why dont you come with me”

“Ningning, join me instead.”

Gu Ning touched her nose.

She was in a dilemma and did not know who to choose! She would have preferred going out with Cao Wenxin if she had a choice.

Since Cao Wenxin was a girl and was hanging out with a bunch of girls, it felt more appropriate.

Although she had nothing against guys, she felt something amiss for a lone girl like her to join Tang Jiakai and his male friends.

However, if she left with one of them, the one who got left behind was bound to feel disappointed.

“You are trying to make things difficult for me.

How about I just stay put” asked Gu Ning.

She felt that this was the best choice.

“No way.” The both of them instantly rejected her suggestion.

“Then what should I do” asked Gu Ning.

“Just come with me.

If Jiakai makes any attempt to stop us, I will beat him up.” Cao Wenxin pulled Gu Ning with one hand while she clenched her fist with the other and waved it at Tang Jiakai.

If he insisted on stopping her, she did not mind pummeling him.

“Y-y-you…” Tang Jiakai stomped his foot infuriated, but he did not dare to make a move on Cao Wenxin even though he felt indignant.

“Then Im coming with you.” Tang Jiakai finally compromised.

He wanted to hang out with Gu Ning.

Since he did not make any promises to his friends, it was not like he was standing them up by not going.

“That is more like it.” Cao Wenxin was happy.

Even though she only wanted Gu Ning to hang out with her, she did not mind if Tang Jiakai joined her.

Before long, the three of them drove off.

Cao Wenxin had decided to sleepover at the Tang residence, so the three of them drove in the same car.

Gu Ning drove.

Since she had great driving skills, Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai both trusted her.

They were heading to a high-end private club.

The moment they entered the main hall, they encountered a familiar face.

To be precise, it was someone Cao Wenxin knew and it was her foe.

At the same time, she had a vendetta against Gu Ning.

It was none other than Jiang Dina.

She had previously beaten up Cao Wenxin at the amusement park, so Gu Ning also ended up breaking her rib.

Jiang Dinas lackey, Qin Zifeng was present as well along with some new faces whom Gu Ning had never seen before.

Gu Ning narrowed her eyes slightly when she saw the man and woman in their company.

She could sense an unusual aura emanating from them and it resembled that of ninjas from Country R.

That man and woman were Country R ninjas.

Jiang Dina hailed from a military family, but she was shockingly in the company of some ninjas from Country R.

Did she know who they were If she did not, it was no big deal.

Although their country was hardly on close terms with Country R, it was no big deal to have a few friends from Country R.

If Jiang Dina was aware of their identities, what could she possibly be doing with them

Gu Ning was not overreacting.

It simply did not make sense.

Ninjas were incredibly powerful martial artists, now that they were within their borders, they must be here on a mission.

Gu Ning and the others had already spotted Jiang Dina, so Jiang Dina noticed their presence here as well.

She was especially furious when she spotted Gu Ning and Cao Wenxin.

She gave Gu Ning a deadly stare the moment she spotted Gu Ning and was dying to rip her apart.

After all, Gu Ning had beaten her up and left her bedridden for over a month.

If it were any other day, she might have felt wary when she saw Gu Ning since she had gotten badly thrashed by her recently, but not today.

She came with help today.

The moment she spotted them, Jiang Dina headed right towards them and cut them off.

“Jiang Dina, what are you trying to do” asked Cao Wenxin in a nonchalant tone.

No matter what Jiang Dina was trying, she had nothing to fear since Gu Ning was present, so she was completely calm.

“What do you think Im up to Revenge of course.

You broke my rib and left me hospitalized for over a month!” said Jiang Dina as she gritted her teeth before she looked at Gu Ning and asked, “Shall we have a fair fight today”

Despite phrasing it as a question, it was clearly not a request.

“Why should I agree” asked Gu Ning rhetorically.

She did not seem taunted by Jiang Dina.

“You…” Jiang Dina did not expect Gu Ning to say no, so she was infuriated.

However, she had to fight Gu Ning today, so she attempted to trigger her, “Are you scared”

“You cant win! retorted Tang Jiakai angrily.

It was wishful thinking for Jiang Dina to even think she could surpass Gu Ning.

“Why dont you agree to the fight if you are so confident If you dont, it just means you are a coward,” said Jiang Dina provocatively with a confident look on her face.

Even if she was incapable of defeating Gu Ning, these two people beside her were masters at fighting!

Gu Ning could tell Jiang Dina clearly knew how skillful the two were.

She just was not entirely sure whether Jiang Dina knew they were ninjas.

If she did…

Even though Gu Ning was not particularly patriotic, she would not suffer the intrusion of people from Country R, Country M, and Country H.

“Its useless to use reverse psychology on me, but I have no intention of turning you down.

Since you decided to stick your neck out and put it on the chopping board, I would be doing myself an injustice if I did not thrash you,” said Gu Ning languidly as she put on an evil smile.

She clearly despised Jiang Dina through and through.

“You…” Jiang Dina felt utterly insulted by Gu Nings disrespect.

However, she got what she wanted since Gu Ning had agreed to a fight.

She allowed Gu Ning to act cockily for now.

In a minute, she would teach her a lesson.

“I hope you can still find it in you to remain cocky in a while,” said Jiang Dina angrily with a confident look on her face.


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